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Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by blaare, Mar 23, 2017.

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  1. blaare

    blaare New Member

    Alright friends, I have some issues with this laptop, at the moment and I have about a years worth of experience with Linux.
    1. double tapping the caps lock crashes the computer. The monitor flashes colors and freezes.
    2. Screen will randomly flash black (When I first installed MATE, the screen couldnt stop flashing, i used the intel graphical upgrader tool for linux and fixed it sort of)
    3. The application Slack is virtually unusable after a few mins when horizontal lines blur up the screen.
    4. there is an error present upon Ctrl+Alt+f1: ERROR* cpu Pipe a FIFO underrun
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  2. PeteHamlin

    PeteHamlin New Member

    Hi there,

    Which distro are you using, also which kernel version (hit uname -r in a terminal window and paste the result you get).

    Also, do you know if you've set up the official nvidia biniaries for your graphics, as 99% of distros will try to use noveau (the open source version) by default, which doesn't play ball so well.
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  3. blaare

    blaare New Member

    Distro: Ubuntu MATE Yakkety 16.10
    Kernel: 4.10.5-041005-generic

    Not sure if the nvidia binaries have been set up yet, will look into this further.
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