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Get Imba with the Razer Naga Epic Chroma

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Oct 30, 2014.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    #ColorItUp and Get Imba with the Razer Naga Epic Chroma MMO gaming mouse.


    Overwhelm with fury and speed on the Razer Naga’s clicky and responsive mechanical 12-button thumb grid. Stay in control and keep the pressure going without dropping your skill rotation across 19 MMO optimized buttons programmable via Razer Synapse.

    Featuring low latency gaming-grade wireless technology, enter your battles in confidence knowing you wield the same unfair advantage whether you’re in wired or in wireless mode. Own in style by getting in on next level customization with 16.8 million color lighting option made possible with the Chroma lighting function.

    Be freed from the chain that binds you and unleash your full spell-slinging potential.

    Now available for pre-orders: http://rzr.to/GetImba

  2. starfox1o1

    starfox1o1 Member

    Last edited: Oct 30, 2014
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    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    Personally, why buy a mouse for the scroll wheel to light up?? This whole Chroma (at least on the mice) seems sort o gimmicky to me.
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  4. Nocathegoat

    Nocathegoat Member

    I'll take one :blush:
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  5. allbricks

    allbricks Member

    Thinking about returning my new unopened Naga Hexen. This mouse looks great.
  6. starfox1o1

    starfox1o1 Member

    Buttons light up as well. Mainly for people that like the aesthetics, I suppose. It would go great with a Chroma keyboard if you already have one of those. The new form of the mouse/tilt scroll wheel is also a plus on top of the old Naga Epic.
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  7. wakoquacko

    wakoquacko Active Member

    now all we need is a Blackwidow or Deathstalker to go wireless (or Epic) and we have the perfect living room setup for gaming on the big screen.
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    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    @starfox1o1 But don't the buttons normally light up?? And i did not know that they made physical changes to the mouse.
  9. rocky503

    rocky503 Member

    To some people color doesn't matter.
    I know for me it was vital. Having the keyboard and mouse change colors based on what game I am playing lets me know my synapse settings are active. I replaced my Naga 2012 with a Naga Epic 6 months ago. Unfortunately the changes between the Epic and the Chroma are not big enough to justify the upgrade (mechanical side buttons and scroll wheel). But if I hadn't upgraded prior to this release I would be upgrading now for sure.

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    NO FRICKIN WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This completely changes my Christmas plans... My dream come true!

    One question: Why does it say 19 MMO buttons? I only see 12 for the thumb grid, 2 behind the scroll wheel, 3 on the scroll wheel. That only makes 17... Where are the other buttons!!!???

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    Duh! I forgot about the 2 most important buttons: left and right click... I'm tired.
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  12. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    i don't need it, i don't need it, i don't need it....yeah i need it.
    wait, does the logo light up??
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  13. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    If it does, this mouse is as good as bought. But if not, I'm not getting it. I'll be very dissapointed if the logo doesnt light up
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  14. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    i know right, i guess if it's true they did it for the battery life but you could disable the logo in Synapse either way right?
    i buy Razer for performance but also for the amazing looks
  15. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Ah, fun!! :)
  16. tater2grand

    tater2grand New Member

    Im confused. Didn't the Naga Epic already have multi color lighting?
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  17. Yet another cool product! My Blackwidow Chroma is being delivered tomorrow, yay! Could you guys consider releasing the Chroma SDK anytime soon? I'm so ready to implement it in my custom Windows background task and #ColorItUp !
  18. sin35

    sin35 New Member

    I personally would be pleased more on a "Epic Naga Hex" !
    With the same ergonomic design + wireless
  19. Cami_3000

    Cami_3000 New Member

    I have a question...
    Can anyone tell me if the mouse has Dual mode wired/wireless functionality like the naga epic?
    I was just about to get the naga epic, but just noticed the chroma version...I checked it out and didn't notice the Dual mode wired/wireless functionality. Just wondering if it had it.

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    I have the old Naga Epic and can confirm that there is nothing special about the lighting (the old one also had spectrum cycling and static).
    For me, that's not the point, the point is that Razer completely redesigned the mouse (they made a copy of the Naga 2014 (which I don't have)) and made the Naga Epic more powerful. The old Naga Epic I have just doesn't seem to have the technology for wireless gaming, my Naga lags when it's in wireless mode. This is why I have been patiently waiting for a new one to come out since it will (hopefully) have better technology and (hopefully) not lag on me when i'm gaming in wireless mode.
    This mouse is the Naga Epic, just the Chroma version of it.
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