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Get OP with the Razer Naga Hex V2

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by technokat, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Active13245

    Active13245 Active Member

    If you don't mind the cable then why not. Naga Chroma is great mouse and I think Hex v2 will serve you well :)
  2. igonzales20

    igonzales20 Member

    That mouse is just so, A E S T H E T I C. You know?
  3. fynx123

    fynx123 New Member

    how's the left/right clicker sound? hope it's not too noisy. planning to get hex v2 or DA
  4. igonzales20

    igonzales20 Member

    It looks so much better than the regular Naga Hex.
  5. I can finally upgrade my mouse now!
  6. Pae.Comms

    Pae.Comms New Member

    Seems like I am the only one who hate this design and really liked the previous one :slightly_sad:
  7. parebot

    parebot New Member

    the price tho
  8. emanresu

    emanresu New Member

    I was waiting for a new Hex as my old one had problems with the wheel (every Razer product I ever had was either broken or worn down within 2-4 years...).
    So now here it is but... well.

    7 buttons even though the mouse is called Hex. That means the button placement is in no way symmetrical anymore which just makes it more complicated (should have made it 8 instead if they absolutely had to add buttons). The buttons don't seem to be overall smaller but they certainly feel a lot smaller (due to the shape I guess). It's more likely to accidentally hit the wrong button.

    The buttons form a circle. But your thumb isn't shaped like a circle, it's oval. The old Hex had an oval design which means that you had your thumb on all buttons all the time. You could press all of them with just a slight movement of your thumb. You didn't need to use your fingertip except for 2, which simply was directly at your fingertip.
    But on the new Hex you don't (or barely) touch 3, 4 and 5, unless you have a XL-thumb. That means you need to move your thumb more, which obviously costs time.

    The shape is also slightly different. I could simply lay my whole hand on the old Hex, now I feel like I'm slipping of the back.

    Oh, and the 123/Num switch was removed.

    I guess there isn't a chance for an actual Hex V2?

    On the bright side:
    It doesn't have a smooth, glossy surface so you don't need to scratch of the... "dirt" anymore.
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  9. wHy950419

    wHy950419 New Member

    Well at least this design is way better than the V1. Omg the first one was so freaking ugly.
  10. FilKamiKaze

    FilKamiKaze New Member

    For all the left handers out there. (including me) I was wondering if there will be a left-handed version of this epic mouse since I do play MOBA's but mostly DOTA 2. Please Razor, we left handers shouldn't be left out.

    thank you :blush:
  11. PakQiiin

    PakQiiin Member

    UHHH I JUST BOUGHT OUROBOROS.. i should wait for Naga hex D:
  12. hartman556

    hartman556 Active Member

    Better than the first one !
  13. Inferno89

    Inferno89 New Member

    will be mine soon!
  14. emanresu

    emanresu New Member

    It's much louder than the old Hex. You can probably hear it through a closed door.
  15. mrsun87

    mrsun87 Active Member

    Razer should have a trade in or lease program. They keep coming out with new stuff and I can't use that many mouse.
  16. samboni40

    samboni40 New Member

    This looks sick!
  17. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    This one starting to feel more and more like the Razer Naga >.< except with circle button set up.
  18. adromil

    adromil New Member

    I think this is so cool!
  19. arsen.adnaev

    arsen.adnaev New Member

  20. 1988fido

    1988fido Member

    not really. check this excel sheet



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