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Get the real deal - the Razer BlackWidow Chroma

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by technokat, May 6, 2015.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Note shared from our CEO, Min-Liang Tan's FB page:

    Over the past few weeks there have been press articles and Reddit posts (referenced as ‪#‎RGBGate‬) exposing RGB keyboards in the market that have been falsely advertised as 16.8M colors but are only in truth capable of 512 colors. Further, we understand that some software patch attempts to solve this have created other problems like poor response and flickering.

    As we have received numerous emails asking if our products also suffer from the same issues, we’d like to state categorically and definitively that our Chroma line has, from launch close to a year ago, been capable of the full 16.8 million color spectrum.

    The Chroma line was designed with the specific purpose of ensuring that the full spectrum of 16.8 million colors were available right out of box. A claim we could only make after countless hours of RnD, testing, prototyping and validation before we were absolutely sure about it.

    Each product had to go through extensive color inspections right from the binning and sorting of RGB LED’s, to selecting the most advanced micro processing unit so that we deliver all 16.8 million colors of the spectrum from the get go.

    At Razer we never cut corners, and if a product needs more work, we will keep iterating or send it back to the drawing board. We don’t rush to deliver incomplete products, nor do we advertise anything that hasn’t been a 100% tested and validated beforehand, we are here to pay for the real deal.

    One of our core values at Razer is to Play Hard. Play Fair, and there is a reason why keyboards like the Razer BlackWidow Chroma is the most popular one out there. Because it delivers exactly what it promises, in this case the full spectrum of 16.8 million colors.


    You just have to #ColorItUp and see for yourself the transition on the BlackWidow Chroma. Learn more here: http://rzr.to/bwtechroma

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  2. GregBGaming

    GregBGaming New Member

    I just bought new Razer Blackwidow Chroma Tournament Edition. Great keyboard don't get me wrong the problem is that I don't have the option to make my keyboard any color. I bought this keyboard to have the cool sounds and the colors. If know how to slove please contact me back.

    http://gyazo.com/e8975dc9dcb9c3bf6972404dd2942b74 Thats me showing how it looks with no color options except pulsate
  3. Endracion

    Endracion New Member

    Sorry man, but that doesn't look like a Chroma, it looks like a regular Tournament Edition from what Synapse is showing.
  4. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

    This is why I love Razer :heart:

    @Endracion is right, that looks like the original version.
    This is the one it looks like you have: http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-blackwidow-tournament-edition
    and this is the Chroma edition: http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-blackwidow-tournament-edition-chroma
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  5. Knightfang

    Knightfang New Member

    was wondering if there is any idea on getting this keyboard to interact with games (atleast the popular ones) - like for example the keyboard pulses red when u have low health or something like that. would be the best thing that could be done with this keyboard.
  6. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    Was trying to choose between this and the DeathStalker Chroma... Went with the DeathStalker in the end due to a couple of problems with the BlackWidow line...

    • There are symbols on the keyboard that are painted white instead of the transparent the majority of the keys have...
    • The material used on the front plate is a oil/fingerprint magnet... The material used on the DeathStalker line would be better...
    • Due to the placement of the LED on the key/s, only the top and sides are lit... The bottom part not being lit is noticeable on the bottom portion of the keyboard... LED strips at the top and bottom would be good...
  7. goss343

    goss343 Member

    Looking forward to buying this!!!
  8. Ownrage

    Ownrage Member

    Im picking up one soon, been saving up the entire summer to buy a ton of Razer goods :D
  9. Hopefully I can add this keyboard to my collection once I save up enough money
  10. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    Any ETA on the nordic key layout?
  11. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    I love my BW chroma. Thx Razer

    GTASANTT Member

    definitely my next keyboard #1 choice
  13. Keex_Chris

    Keex_Chris Member

    I have a question. I've seen that some keyboards have dedicated buttons for media.

    An only model, the Razer Lycosa, had it. Any chance that this will go to any future keyboards?
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