[Giveaway] Battlerite Razer Serpent Mount

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Nov 13, 2017.

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  1. funautoCardinal368

    funautoCardinal368 New Member

    ah yeah same, the joao want to trade lmao, this code is free wtf he must stay free ...
  2. If someone have a code for me too guys, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance :/
  3. urMOMdotCOM

    urMOMdotCOM Member

    dang i reckon that the keys got botted out super quick didn't make it :slightly_sad:

    any1 know if they plan on getting any more refills?
  4. they can't gift infinit key
  5. Thank you so much Razer, you guys really are the best! Keep up the good work! :D
  6. iclancy

    iclancy New Member

    I missed out again NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  7. jakarta32

    jakarta32 New Member

  8. Halliwell

    Halliwell New Member

    So stupid. Last night you were out and you said "check back when we can do more!" I check back not even 12 hours later and not only did you NOT give notice, but you were out. Guess you'd rather bots receive these than people who might visit your site, increase your ad revenue, and become a Razer customer. Whatever.
  9. Lol, anybody have a spare key? Missed it this morning! ._.
  10. NoahST

    NoahST Member

    Can't razer get some respect they tried and you were too late you their fault
  11. raigonmain

    raigonmain New Member

    the giveaway might be too early like 2-6am for other people? they could be asleep and no tbh no one checks razer forums regularly
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  12. Indeed too early for most people, also they said they would announce on their social media when they would add more keys, which they did not.
  13. freeon696

    freeon696 New Member

    Will razer restock this giveaway?
  14. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I believe so, on the first day they ran out of stock fast. Then a bunch of people posted on Insiders and within a matter of a few short hours they were in stock again. Just keep checking back on Insiders to see when they get a new batch.
  15. nexti

    nexti Active Member

    I'm always too late :slightly_sad: Anyone has some spare codes? :heart:
  16. if anyone manages to get a spare key, i would be grateful :)
  17. bitPhloxfever947

    bitPhloxfever947 New Member

  18. Maybe, but everybody can get their code. We can be late :)
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