[Giveaway] Battlerite - Razer War Mount

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Oct 27, 2016.

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  1. Blqzin_no_id

    Blqzin_no_id New Member

    Ok so that answers my question... It's no surprise they're out this fast. Hope they'll think this through next time, doesn't take a PhD to expect abuses in the absence of rules.
  2. Jakebrobac

    Jakebrobac New Member

    hopefully they dont do a thrid batch or the mounts will become more common than a holy ram
  3. hjie30

    hjie30 New Member

    Those free games from razer insider are bored
  4. Blqzin_no_id

    Blqzin_no_id New Member

    It wont. Game has not even released yet, current player base is nothing compared to what it will be once the game goes f2p.
  5. Rogtilop

    Rogtilop New Member

    Is the giveaway for the actual game done? there is no indication of when that is happening or happened
  6. Jakebrobac

    Jakebrobac New Member

    hopefully you wont do more than 3 giveaway, cause eventually the mount u giving out wont be special in game, and you want the other players thinking" how did he get that mount" and check ur website. If u continue doing these giveaways these mount will be just boring to have, it's the exclusivity we want when we support a sponsor. not a mount everyone has in the end. This is just a tip and not a harsh complain, take it with a grain of salt
  7. turtlepoweranger

    turtlepoweranger New Member

    yeah i hope so too...and it wont be so common cause the people who know the infof when the codes will come out will make 100 accounts a get 100 codes to sell
  8. OtainEtam

    OtainEtam New Member

    I signed up for the first giveaway, and have been actively using Razer Cortex for the past 3 days, did the guaranteed key that I was supposed to get expire since I didn't log in very quickly?
  9. Flamepotato

    Flamepotato New Member

    A third batch would be appreciated by most
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  10. Kass42

    Kass42 New Member

    hey ! why i cant take this code!? your link tell me that CODeS is ended ! but i want this mount ! give me code plz !
  11. DarkTracker

    DarkTracker New Member

    Yeah ! A thir batch will be really appreciated ! :D
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  12. Fraan17_no_id

    Fraan17_no_id New Member

    That mount :'(
  13. senty123

    senty123 New Member

    I want this mount so badly :/

    if someone have one to spare, im here :D

    and gl to everyone
  14. wow cool i saw this game yesterday
  15. PBnJallday

    PBnJallday New Member

    are these all gone?
  16. Adlies

    Adlies Member

    KEEN for this Giveaway! Love razer!
  17. Bolesourcebit464

    Bolesourcebit464 New Member

    gone since almost 1 week lol
  18. spoonynl

    spoonynl New Member

    when will they make more
  19. crimsonpsych

    crimsonpsych New Member

    Hmm cool Mount!
  20. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member

    Hey everyone! We've closed sign ups for now and you know what that means :)

    Yes thanks to Stunlock Studios we've gotten yet another batch of Razer War Mount codes to giveaway! They will be made available on Sunday, Nov 13th, 6:00PM (PDT). If you have any questions feel free to field them to me and I'll address them as much as I can here.
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