[Giveaway] Battlerite - Razer War Mount

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Oct 27, 2016.

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  1. gcpoywdl

    gcpoywdl New Member

    Almost there...
  2. Hiimsore

    Hiimsore New Member

    got a key thanks razer
  3. gcpoywdl

    gcpoywdl New Member

    Yay thanks!
  4. defacto

    defacto New Member

    giveaway is on
  5. GOTCHA!!!!1111
  6. OPALfrontWenge108

    OPALfrontWenge108 New Member

    It's on! Already got mine, thankfully :)
  7. flirtkiller6

    flirtkiller6 New Member

  8. Sonic1990

    Sonic1990 New Member

    Thanks razer and Stunlock
  9. Immediately out of codes when I tried :slightly_sad:
  10. Brainsurge

    Brainsurge New Member

    Got one! thx Razer! :)
  11. Finally got mine, thanks so much razer!
  12. defacto

    defacto New Member

    Try again! a friend of mine just got it
  13. Awesome, I just got mine. Thanks Razer from providing more mounts when the demand was clearly very high.
  14. Been trying the whole time still doesn't work for me :slightly_sad: Maybe its because I registered an email with a + in it?
  15. NewCarhitcar978

    NewCarhitcar978 New Member

    I got one thx
  16. NeoZealoTT

    NeoZealoTT New Member

    aughhh... i missed this giveaway. hope soon will be the third wave...
  17. will you guys be giving away more razer war hounds in the future? If so, i hope its not as many as this one, maybe giveaway 1 or 2 in competitions cause.. it would be really awesome if this mount was rare since it looks so good.
  18. Bttle

    Bttle New Member

  19. WalfordOne

    WalfordOne New Member

    i got it LEL :v
  20. JustVJ

    JustVJ New Member

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