[Giveaway] Battlerite - Razer War Mount

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Oct 27, 2016.

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  1. Wonginator88

    Wonginator88 Member

    Yea hopefully there will be more codes that mount is sick
  2. wangyunlong_no_id

    wangyunlong_no_id New Member

    i need !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. leekimanthony

    leekimanthony New Member

    Wow.. This is great!!!!
  4. gordonledg

    gordonledg New Member

    I need it!!!!!!!
  5. joselong

    joselong New Member

    i need you @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. joselong

    joselong New Member

  7. If you will have some more mount keys... WOULD BE AWESOME ! :)
  8. dylanma98

    dylanma98 New Member

    I was too late. The war mount looks damn nice. :slightly_sad:
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  9. Makizash

    Makizash New Member

    really cool mount
  10. Like the majority of people that missed out on a Razer Mount I am wondering when you will be back in stock of codes to give out. I don't quite understand why there's a limited amount of them as from what I understand in the description, the mount is exclusive to Razer users?

    Please let us know when the mounts are back in stock as i'm really butthurt that I missed out and the codes have only been out for 2 days :frown_:
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  11. rivaraleila

    rivaraleila New Member

    why ??????????? i need mont !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ABCOHEN New Member

    Any chance there will be another? I was asleep during this give away :slightly_sad: I work night shifts)

    ABCOHEN New Member

    Same, I work nigh shift and was asleep when this started :slightly_sad:
  14. Any way to get the mount? I saw this and got really hyped :slightly_sad: As someone who buys almost exclusively Razer products this kind of blows.
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  15. It really sucks that you didn't even have to own any Razer products to get the mount when I have a Razer keyboard and mouse and I bet many people who have the mount don't even own any Razer products. It's nothing against those people but I just feel a bit gypped.
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  16. fsuper1114

    fsuper1114 New Member

    oh,no! im very sad
  17. ViperishLive

    ViperishLive Active Member

    Well, shoot! I saw the giveaway earlier today for the mounts but I was at work and those durn corporate filters wouldn't load the giveaway page. Enjoy the mounts those who got them!

    That being said, oh please oh please oh please oh please let me win one of the Blackwidows!!
  18. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    We run different giveaways with different mechanics all the time, and I'd like to urge all our fans to keep checking back for them. If you managed to get the thousands of keys (we actually had), GG WP, and may the rest wish them the same. For those that missed out, there's still early access (paid) keys, and our hardware to win.
  19. No need to patronise me, I know you "actually had" keys.
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  20. shoottt

    shoottt New Member

    People who do not have the game got the key :frown_:
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