[Giveaway] Battlerite - Razer War Mount

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Oct 27, 2016.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    There are a variety of giveaways that are held frequently for our fans, and this is just one of them, so keep a lookout for more to come.

    Unfortunately while this giveaway did not have a lot of requirements to allow for more users to access the codes, the good news is we'll always look for new ways to reward our users (such for those who participate frequently on Razer Insider) so do continue to stick around our channels for more events like this.

    Edit: In fact, we're also handing out keys to access the Gigantic Beta events, so check it out as well: https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/giveaway-gigantic-closed-beta-keys.17274
  2. Shapptiron

    Shapptiron New Member

    the only thing i want is this green mount ;-;
  3. 290590

    290590 New Member

    The low amount isn't a problem, the problem is the lack of communicate to advert people of the incoming event. A other solution would have be to release of the mount few day after. In fact, the "first comes first serve" system is kinda the worst since many people gonna be angry of it.

    For you information, in most "first come first serve" giveaway, there is regular batch of key, every hour, to allow "late informed" people to grab a key. Well, it's not best but it's better than what you have done.

    Bad move, Razer.
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  4. 19534

    19534 New Member

    ahh, i really wanted the mount. It looks so good. :slightly_sad: well anyway good luck!
  5. People seeling codes... Some of them have 10...
    Sooo saaaad.....
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  6. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    There will never be a perfect time to make an announcement, and as with limited keys available, there will always be insufficient supply with a huge demand (for me the CES sale came to mind). There will be certain programs whereby we would be providing a heads-up, this one was not one of them. You have my apologies if the experience hasn't been desirable for this event.

    To fully address this giveaway:

    Razer Insider has always pride itself as an engagement platform for hardcore fans of Razer, and we run different giveaways with different mechanics to reward new and existing users. To welcome new users, and with a partnership with a new game we've opted to remove a lot of different restrictions, but on hindsight this seems to be a bad idea.

    We definitely welcome feedback like this, but looking at some of the reactions we will certainly re-look at if we should be holding free giveaways like this in the future as we revamp Insider Rewards.

    That said, we're definitely checking to see if we can stock up with a new batch of keys.

    As with any forum, there are House Rules to be observed, and I kindly seek those who're here for the first time to observe them.
  7. 57659

    57659 New Member

    @Razer Insider has always pride itself . < that's the problem try to fix that.

    I find it comedy how you guys talk about the keys are all out since it's just a damn animation sprite for a game wich has unlimited usage [Imgur](http://i.imgur.com/EFnTPr3.png)

    The fact random greedy people got 10 codes and sell those on ebay for 20€ 30€ 100€
    says actually how rigged this shit is.
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  8. centralautoBrass308

    centralautoBrass308 New Member

    Thanks for doing the giveaway !
  9. Kajusin

    Kajusin New Member

    i would be nice if there would be some sort of way to get the mount now....
  10. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    We're asking for more, and will let you guys know soon as we have a go.
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  11. 57659

    57659 New Member

    You're asking who exactly xD
  12. turpeinenc

    turpeinenc New Member

    You know that if you give another huge batch of keys out thats gonna make the ones who we're there first mad...
  13. dataBlushpoly296

    dataBlushpoly296 New Member

    so more mounts incomming?
  14. centralautoBrass308

    centralautoBrass308 New Member

    OH SHIT !
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  15. 57659

    57659 New Member

  16. no more codes... =(
  17. centralautoBrass308

    centralautoBrass308 New Member

    Why are you laughing ?
    We trust SLS to bring us more !
  18. 290590

    290590 New Member

    Well, Alienware Arena was doing the job greatly, by doing regular free giveaways. Whatever i not always got all those giveaways, i was glad to see it wasn't always obscur game. I think Razer should be same : regular batched giveaway, with random reopen weeks. But don't do as there are doing now, with levels on EACH giveaways : it just make people flooding to level up. In fact, i like them less since they do that.
  19. Guys do you have maybe any more codes? :_: I mean keys to the steam, i really would like t play that game ;_; !
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