[GIVEAWAY ENDED] Survive CES 2015 with us!

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    On the first page of this thread, there's this link:


    You are eligible to enter this Sweepstakes if you meet the following requirements at time of entry:
    You must be 18 years old or over to participate. (If you are below 18 and would like to participate, enlist the assistance of your parent, guardian or an older friend.)
    You must meet further entry requirements in the Additional Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions.
    You must be currently residing in a country in which the Razer Blade is available for sale (at the time of this sweepstakes)"

    Follow the instructions, Step 1 and Step 2.

    You need to have a FaceBook account to enter, as you need to Like Razer's FaceBook page.
  2. acousticndon1

    acousticndon1 New Member

    this is an amazing prize
  3. aLertz

    aLertz New Member

    wooo great giveaway ~
  4. aragawna

    aragawna New Member

    Well shucks, it says you have to LIKE on Facebook. I'm sorry, but I've deactivated mines eons ago and not planning on activating it again. Darn. Guess I'm gonna have to miss out on another one. It would be nice if there was a giveaway that had nothing to do with Twitter or Facebook. I understand its for promotion and getting the message out there but not everyone want these accounts. I just have nothing to say, therefore, Twitter and Facebook is deactivated. Good luck to everyone! Cheers :)
  5. acousticndon1

    acousticndon1 New Member

    Is there a confirmation email if we are entered?
  6. iTridosha

    iTridosha New Member

    Looks awesome!

    That laptop would be even better than my Desktop PC.. :#
  7. jermin

    jermin New Member

    Thanks for another giveaway!
  8. Good luck to everyone
  9. Good luck! when will the results be available?
  10. The_Eagle

    The_Eagle New Member

    Thanks for the givaway.
  11. It'd be really nice to win for my birthday ;) Good luck everyone!
  12. xxiifallenangelxx

    xxiifallenangelxx New Member

    Thanks for having these giveaways! they really are awesome and always so fun to enter :D
  13. AutumnBleed

    AutumnBleed Member

    oh my god, It would be the best Graduating present ever. Good luck everyone :eek:
  14. SongITA

    SongITA New Member

    I would like to have them.
  15. aznhippos

    aznhippos New Member

    Awesome, good luck everyone
  16. wc7718

    wc7718 New Member

    Who won?
  17. desmondlee911

    desmondlee911 New Member

    This giveaway is awesome! Razer always comes up with these great giveaways!
  18. Wow amazing giveaway , Hope i'll be the winner, Good luck all !
  19. icopiki

    icopiki New Member

    Thank You Razer for the give aways =). Love to see more cool thing like this :).
  20. wnsyazwan

    wnsyazwan New Member

    Hope to win this.
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