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Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Deleted member 368765, Jul 23, 2017.

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    On your path to victory, you’ll need all the help you can get
    redeem Imani's exclusive Razer-themed skin, and get a chance to win a Razer Ornata Chroma now:

    Hey Insiders,

    Our friends at Perfect World came up with astonishing Razer Chroma effects for Gigantic, enhancing your experience as your Razer peripherals light up in sync with your gameplay. With a quick glance at your keys, check your skill cooldowns as well as your health, stamina and Focus. Razer Chroma really takes Gigantic’s intensity up a notch!

    To celebrate this new integration, we’re giving you Imani's exclusive Razer-themed skin. With her, climb up your sniper nest and camouflage perfectly to take down your enemies—they’ll never know what hit them! Get Imani and her amazing Razer-themed skin now:

    But wait, we’ve more for you - when you redeem Imani's Razer Skin, you automatically enter our raffle and stand a chance to take home a Razer Ornata, to enjoy Gigantic’s new Chroma effects firsthand. We’ll randomly select a winner among all the participants.

    In Gigantic, fight alongside and against massive guardians in epic 5v5 battles to control the battlefield. Maneuver expansive and intricate arenas with unparalleled speed and strategize your way to victory. Try the game now on Arc Games and Steam.

    Redeem Imani's exclusive Razer-themed skin, for a chance to win a Razer Ornata Chroma:
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  2. DeviousShadows

    DeviousShadows Active Member

  3. Mizza_Party

    Mizza_Party Member

    Woah! I love Gigantic, hope mode initiated.

    Good luck everyone!
  4. Stefanonono

    Stefanonono Active Member

    That exclusive skin looks sooo slick! I'm going to be repping that black and green with pride in-game :wink_:
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  5. issouza

    issouza New Member

    Woah, I'm going to test it NOW! \o/
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  6. MissSwaggy

    MissSwaggy Active Member

    Razer doing razer things. :heart:
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  7. systemCaprithink776

    systemCaprithink776 New Member

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  8. Never heard of this game, looks quite nice, might give it a try
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  9. will this reflect on the Xbox version of Gigantic?
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  10. Chaos_21

    Chaos_21 New Member

    Thanks Perfect World
  11. MarkFull39

    MarkFull39 New Member

    A razer sempre me supreendendo !!
  12. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    Sweet! I just started playing yesterday and it's such a fun game!
  13. KenstA

    KenstA Active Member

    Thank you guys.
  14. Marmi12

    Marmi12 New Member

    Got hyped up to play Imani and everything too :slightly_sad:
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  15. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    Don't have a Razer Keyboard to check the Chroma effects, but I sure just claimed that skin as statet in the giveaway and maybe with some itty bitty luck I might be able to check out the Chroma effects with an Ornata soon. After some Overwatch and CS:GOing and installation of Gigantic/Arc I'll check out the skin and all
  16. H0PE_

    H0PE_ Member

    Cool, may the force be with everyone -and bring you luck for winning-,..
  17. dark.krad

    dark.krad New Member

    i redeemed all skins specially imani skin hope to win some razer goodies :heart: thank you razer
  18. Illogicalclown

    Illogicalclown New Member

    Best of luck everyone.
  19. matthewbayes

    matthewbayes Member

    Good luck to everyone! Not sure how i'll be notified if when it ends though. Or when it will end.
  20. Blazespot

    Blazespot Member

    Will you be able to earn zSilver by playing this game eventually?
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