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[GIVEAWAY] Insider Supply Drop #3

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Dekades, Sep 9, 2020.

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  1. DudeGamerDario

    DudeGamerDario New Member

    epics. hope I win :D
  2. Aanshu

    Aanshu Member

    Is it possible to get razer gold when we redeem physical hardware from razer silver? As physical hardware cannot be shipped to my location .
    Please help
    Wineinsiderhit380 likes this.
  3. Wineinsiderhit380

    Wineinsiderhit380 New Member

  4. hey
  5. HNick86

    HNick86 New Member

    wish everyone good luck)
  6. Erdnusskern

    Erdnusskern New Member

    Since my old mouse broke down a while ago, I could really use this :D
    Hope everyones having a great day!
  7. xer0aim

    xer0aim New Member

    Worth a shot.
  8. Athura

    Athura New Member

    Wish receive someone who really need.
  9. pvzsniper1200

    pvzsniper1200 New Member

    hope i win
  10. HooptieJ

    HooptieJ New Member

    Ooh thats the mouse i run!

    Can always use a spare (i went thru 3 Imperators before they were discontinued) - i really like the viper, stocking up is worth it!
  11. ProtoXcution

    ProtoXcution New Member

    First giveaway for me here, let's see if I get some beginner's luck!
  12. PoorOldRudy

    PoorOldRudy New Member

    Crossing fingers, throwing salt over my shoulder and doing a little dance. Good luck everyone!
  13. wrathdog

    wrathdog Member

    Good luck everyone
  14. CrazyCherry7

    CrazyCherry7 New Member

    Just bought the Razer Viper Ultimate but would love a backup!
  15. Eximius_NL

    Eximius_NL New Member

  16. Jaiyeuh

    Jaiyeuh New Member

    Fingers crossed, I need a new mouse!
  17. ForTheKillz

    ForTheKillz New Member

    OH, this looks good!
    I really have to change my 7 year old deathadder to something else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  18. RaeLilah93

    RaeLilah93 New Member

    Yes please!
  19. Nemesisam

    Nemesisam New Member

    OK let's give it a try after the kyio...
  20. garinggo20

    garinggo20 New Member

    big big help
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