[GIVEAWAY] Insider Supply Drop

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by dekades, Feb 14, 2020.

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  1. pmai7

    pmai7 Active Member

    Thanks for the giveaway! One of the many reasons why this forum and its members are awesome.
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  2. Fortexx7k

    Fortexx7k New Member

    This sounds like a fantastic way to prevent any extra equipment or items from going to waste!
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  3. KingOfTheLair

    KingOfTheLair New Member

    This would be a nice addition to my rig
  4. Lilgamer1444

    Lilgamer1444 New Member

    My girlfriend will love this! :relaxed:
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  5. sbuvelle

    sbuvelle New Member

    Oh, nice giveaway! Hope i'm lucky enough
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  6. Wolfz_ii

    Wolfz_ii New Member

    These are sick!
  7. AlternoX

    AlternoX New Member

    i'm in XD
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  8. Rainer48

    Rainer48 New Member

    noice not bad tbh
  9. ffoodfun

    ffoodfun Member

    Whoops, im a little late.... :/ Awesome stuff anyway!
  10. migsrabago

    migsrabago New Member

    dang, that color looks good on razer kraken
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  11. Kjersti2707

    Kjersti2707 New Member

    that is awsome! would be cool to win this one! :D
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  12. xKillersYikes

    xKillersYikes New Member

    Wow this is awesome ngl.
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  13. Bluzie

    Bluzie Member

    i wish i was the winner
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  14. ajaystxus

    ajaystxus New Member

    Quartz line up is amazing.
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  15. conan832

    conan832 Member

    Count me in. That's a nice idea. Those items will find a home. Hopefully they will be handled with care.
  16. therandall

    therandall New Member

    Fingers crossed!

    WHTZMBE Active Member

    What a great thing to do.
  18. Fighter25

    Fighter25 New Member

    That's a great gift! Thank you.
  19. KhaosKitty9

    KhaosKitty9 New Member

    that’s awesome! it’s nice to see gear that’s gotten left laying around being put back into use! nice job razer
  20. Mikikuma

    Mikikuma New Member

    Thank you for this! The pink is too cute:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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