[GIVEAWAY] Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Dekades, Jan 10, 2022.

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  1. OursonPlay

    OursonPlay New Member

    I just discovered this feature and it is so cool. Thanks Razer
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  2. castronicholas

    castronicholas New Member

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  3. YozenPL

    YozenPL New Member

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  4. oToastTv

    oToastTv Member

    Man what a throwback!
  5. HoolioCoolio

    HoolioCoolio New Member

    oooooo this is cool beans
  6. Razer silver is a good like uyg

    FALCOZ New Member

    Hope to be in time. I know the anime so I'm curious about the game.
  8. This is my childhood game, i really hope they will make another one some day i love it so much
  9. Ferrari_Kie

    Ferrari_Kie Member

    I LOVE that this is making a comeback! It was such a good show, just as good as Digimon.
  10. ElfRazer

    ElfRazer Member

    Finally Tecmo ported some classic masterpiece!! Ppl might not have heard about it but its quite a good monster trainer like Digimon!!!
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  11. DumpsterFire13

    DumpsterFire13 New Member

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  12. DrGLBuchanan

    DrGLBuchanan Member

    Awesome game, and good luck, have fun to everybody.
  13. cmnMitch

    cmnMitch New Member

    Good luck to all entrants! :)
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  14. flowBazaartechno379

    flowBazaartechno379 New Member

    omg this looks so cool
  15. Hamcillus

    Hamcillus New Member

    Wow, that's a welcome blast from the past.
    Good luck everyone!
  16. Nardosson

    Nardosson Member

    Hope i still make it in time
  17. Nardosson

    Nardosson Member

    i played this game since i in elementary school the days of spamming random cds to get a huge monster is so satisying those were the days broo
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