[Giveaway] Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. BlvckCvshmere

    BlvckCvshmere New Member

    Yah boy just got my key
  2. adromil

    adromil New Member

    I guess this is worth a try
  3. Looks nice and fun! Thank u!
  4. guguetz

    guguetz New Member

    the game looks funny
  5. YukiAttano

    YukiAttano Member

    please add giveaway codes for Neverwinter on Xbox One.
  6. adromil

    adromil New Member

    Is there codes for Xbox One?
  7. Hunter0905

    Hunter0905 New Member

    Neverwinter is?...
  8. 3thyr

    3thyr New Member

    Probably play it over the weekend ^^
  9. s.tkh228

    s.tkh228 New Member

    another one...
  10. SiNN94

    SiNN94 Active Member

    This game is nice. Too bad my ping is too high due to my slow internet connection. So I can't play...
  11. MrBigStuff

    MrBigStuff Member

    Soooo many giveaways :)
  12. xaviara

    xaviara New Member

    well this looks pretty nice :3
  13. SkyFox1929

    SkyFox1929 New Member

    I have the game but haven't tried it yet. I'm not the biggest fan on these styles but this one seems to catch my eye :heart:
  14. JustVJ

    JustVJ New Member

  15. Nick0ss

    Nick0ss Member

    thnx razer will try it!
  16. SpectrL

    SpectrL Member

    Is this game good
  17. monah995_no_id

    monah995_no_id New Member

    THX RAZER!!!
  18. Grycho88

    Grycho88 New Member

    I need try it, thx ;)
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