[Giveaway] Neverwinter: Strongholds 'Endurance' Starter-pack

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer|Halcyon, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. Out of stock :slightly_sad:
  2. Will you guys get more anytime soon?
  3. boAgie_f

    boAgie_f Member

  4. beststoryGrizzly069

    beststoryGrizzly069 New Member

    Damn no more keys left
  5. Rhythmfocuspulse567

    Rhythmfocuspulse567 New Member

    Things goes easy
  6. Whoopwhoop

    Whoopwhoop New Member

    Luv this pic. :)
  7. Whoopwhoop

    Whoopwhoop New Member

    Just starting this game, cant beat extras.
  8. Oh no im too late for the key.Hope that there's more ,so that i can try this game haha
  9. tom2672

    tom2672 Member

    This is AWESOME !!!!!!!
  10. Soukary

    Soukary New Member

    Sad, im late. :slightly_sad:
  11. tom2672

    tom2672 Member

    Has anyone played this game? and if you have how is it because i dont know if its worth getting?
  12. dbawsome

    dbawsome New Member

    looks cool
  13. retroammoGreenSheen022

    retroammoGreenSheen022 Active Member

    a lot of giveways but still I haven't won any :slightly_sad:
  14. MeaTbaaLLL

    MeaTbaaLLL New Member

    Thank you for the starter pack
  15. BlackjackWidow

    BlackjackWidow New Member

    @Razer|Halcyon - Is my winning code for the grand prize misplaced? :smile_:

    Seriously, will the winner of the White Owl Bear + Razer Firefly & Razer DeathAdder Chroma set be announced in this thread, or somewhere else? Could really use that with the new mod dropping tomorrow!

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
  16. Zotios

    Zotios Member

    Are the games like your sponsers or like you guys(razer) made the game, or you guys just like the game and give us codes
  17. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    For what I know, they never create the games.

    They're usually sponsored. :oops:
  18. Azotherino

    Azotherino Member

    C'mon razer, nobody has heard of these games xD

    Never even heard of this D:

    What even is neverwinter?
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  19. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    You've really never heard of the series?? Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, the new MMORPG based on it ... here's a quote from one of the Wiki pages, "adventure in the Forgotten Realms with Neverwinter, the free-to-play action MMORPG that combines fast-paced combat with over 25 years of Dungeons & Dragons lore."

    Essentially there's The Forgotten Realms and they include places such as Neverwinter, Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate and The Underdark ... all places that have both novels and game series' named after them. Anyway, that's where it comes from ... but I'm starting to think that a good part of our membership is just too young to know about this stuff. lol
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