[Giveaway] Neverwinter Vanguard Pack

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Nov 23, 2016.

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  1. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member

    Begin your Neverwinter journey with us on Razer Insider, receive your very own Neverwinter Vanguard Pack plus a Razer exclusive in-game title: Goldeye – http://rzr.to/neverwintergiveaway

    Explore and defend one of the most beloved cities from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting as it rises from the ashes of destruction. This immersive MMORPG will take you from the besieged walls of the city to subterranean passageways in search of forgotten secrets and lost treasure. Epic stories, action combat and classic roleplaying await those heroes courageous enough to enter the fantastic world of Neverwinter!

    Enjoy the new expansion Storm Kings Thunder and take the fight to the frost giants in an all-new adventure zone - Sea of Moving Ice. Search for the Ring of Winter at Svardborg, the lair of Jarl Storvald in the Sea of Moving Ice. It seems impossible, but with the fate of the world on the line, an attempt must be made to punch through the giant's defenses and recover this ancient artifact.

    Find out more about Neverwinter's latest adventure Sea of Moving Ice here!
  2. Deock

    Deock New Member

    I will try play game ... current status: downloading
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  3. Ellodrith

    Ellodrith New Member

    Still playing 4 years in, great game, tons of roleplaying, dungeon runs, winter parties :)
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  4. WilliDK312

    WilliDK312 Member

    I will check it out :)
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  5. Rarity-RDX

    Rarity-RDX New Member

    Oh boi Vanguard :D
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  6. Remamian

    Remamian Well-Known Member

    Does razer have some sort of connection directly with Neverwinter? It seems they have had a few exclusives with them however hardly any of their own peripherals available that are customized to it. (See: Overwatch, Dues Ex, SWTOR, etc)
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  7. rode_leeuw

    rode_leeuw Active Member

    Maybe I have time in the Cristmas Brake :)
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  8. DBirdDLegend

    DBirdDLegend New Member

    Will check it out
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  9. Grycho88

    Grycho88 New Member

    Maybe some Polish members? ;) pm me
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  10. I will try this game :D
  11. flaamato

    flaamato New Member

    let's check it out :wink_:
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  12. App1e

    App1e Active Member

    I will try this game before Path Of Exile . Thanks , its always better start
  13. isaLpOkidQ

    isaLpOkidQ New Member

    good one , check it out now ....
  14. Scorpos

    Scorpos New Member

    Is the pack for pc or can I use it on xbox one as well?
  15. Rarity-RDX

    Rarity-RDX New Member

    Seems like Pc Bud
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  16. CG_FirstBorn

    CG_FirstBorn New Member

    So in the process of downloading.
  17. D4rk_D3mon

    D4rk_D3mon Member

    Ohhh I remember the good old Neverwinter days... I may try it again. Thanks for the Code!
  18. thanks for the key! :)
  19. Flashspeedster

    Flashspeedster New Member

    I guess I will try it.
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