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  1. leonheart0004

    leonheart0004 New Member

    I wanna nominate my friend Pantelis Michaelidis for this computer + the H440 (he really loves this case). I choose him cause he helps me a lot when i need something with my computer, troubleshooting or upgrades, and since he haven't upgrade some parts of his computer for some time (especially his case) and i think it would be wonderful to make a surprise to him, since i asked him to build me this PC, but i didn't told him that it's for him (if we win), i just asked him what parts will he choose for himself if he had 500$ and he already had a GPU/Case. So if we win my friend you will have your own 500$ PC that you build yourself and we will be able to rock harder on the battlefield (not the game just the battlefield of ever shooter/fps/moba/survival game we play)

    Thanks Razer and NZXT for giving me the chance to help him upgrade and have a better gaming experience in future!
  2. Ming Jin_no_id

    Ming Jin_no_id New Member

    My pc part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Nqpc99

    I'd like to nominate my friend Mun Hinn
    He is my friend since last 2 year, he doesn't have a good pc and keep having lag on his old laptop that his cousin gave him after the laptop have a lot of problem.

    He wanted to set up a brand new pc , and i hope this is a perfect gaming pc for him so i can play the game with him.

    This is he facebook link :https://www.facebook.com/hongil87g?pnref=eh
  3. Kazlehoff

    Kazlehoff New Member

    PC Part picker link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/pxsGpg

    Intel Core i3-6100 3.7GHz Dual-Core Processor

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler

    MSI Z170A PC MATE ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

    Avexir Core Series 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory

    Seagate Barracuda 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

    Corsair Builder 750W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply

    LG WH14NS40 Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Writer

    The case would be the H440.

    Instead of cracking a joke about how the gpu should be a titan, the GPU should be a GTX 960 or 950. probably an MSI GPU.

    If NZXT wants to swap the cooler for a Kraken x41 im good with that too ;)

    Im entering this contest for my Best-est of friends, boon companion, and she who is known as "the lady who puts up with my crap", my girlfriend Jennifer. her computer right now is several years old, and while she doesnt do much in the way of gaming, its just unfortunate that she cant get an upgraded computer because we had to move this year.

    This woman changed my life TBH, when we met i was a smoker, was working in fast food (and eating it on a regular basis) and the most sophisticated drink i enjoyed was rum and coke.

    she helped me kick the smoking bug, helped get me motivated and realize that no, even a job as a supervisor in fast food is STILL a crumby fast food job, so i now work in computer sales, which i enjoy much more (and, no kidding, recommend NZXT and Razer as my go-to products for cases, coolers, and KB/Mice/Headset), and introdced me to so many interesting foods and drinks that i now like wine more than beer (except a good Craft beer like Muskoka Twice as mad tom IPA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

    Shes literally changed the course of my life, and if i can make her holiday season a little better, than she deserves it.

    also razer, send a rep to my store for some in house training. Cmon. plz? ;)
  4. sharetechTulip251

    sharetechTulip251 New Member

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/PKdRrH with the H440

    Giving this to my friend Matt as he has had only ever had a laptop and he can bearly play any game with us anymore. His laptop would barely run Battlefield 3 and we've been wanting to create a group to play Battlefront in and he cant play. A gift like this would definetly make his Christmas!
  5. bytesideStraw632

    bytesideStraw632 New Member

    Hiya! My name is Alex.
    Here is my parts list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/QRnDP6 with a price of $496.34.
    And for the case I choose the H440.

    I would like to nominate my friend Gary Washington who's one of the greatest humans I know. Gary works full time while being a full time father as well as a videographer, photographer and gamer. He has had a rough time trying to pursue his dreams as a photographer and videographer because he spends most of his time trying to provide for his kids and working to pay bills.
    The reason I want to nominate him is because I don't know a single person who deserves it more than him. Him and I both do video and photo and we aspire to do youtube full time. We have a youtube channel you can check out here. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a computer that can actually allow him to record or edit or really do anything and he can't afford to buy a computer that will allow him to do these things. He currently has to come to my house to edit or record anything we do. And since we also record Let's Plays and other gaming footage, he doesn't have the means to do this as since his current computer can't support or run most modern games. I would love to see him win this so he can finally have the equipment needed to pursue his dreams and finally have something he can be proud of and game on.
    Here are some of the pictures of him:
    Gary_small.jpg 12265774_1528807750773019_8127369779368326000_o.jpg

    And here's some of the work he's done:
    11194450_1418234985163630_1764143992560555416_o.jpg 12304294_1530928470560947_8125655195427033413_o.jpg 11406293_1449466452040483_765457231737424028_o.jpg 11247800_1437377389916056_4112254999532552611_o.jpg


    Attached Files:

  6. bytesideStraw632

    bytesideStraw632 New Member

    EDIT: These videos and links are not posted to illicit views or sell a product. They are merely a means to show examples of what my friend and I do and how it is relevant to his nomination.
  7. MissFlakkes

    MissFlakkes New Member

    First off i would like to thanks Razer™ for the opportunities they have giving us not only with this giveaway but with all regular giveaway they have done so far. Big thanks from the heart, keep being the company we all love and making the wonderful and stylish peripherals that we love and use on a daily basis.

    PC Part Picker List Link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/q3hN8d
    Chassis NZXT™ H440.

    I would like to nominate my boyfriend but firstly my best friend Tiago...
    His history starts around four,five years ago(2010,2011), he has always been an idealist he whats to make this world a better one like he says " if everyone of us just tried to make this world a little bit better we would have a better world! with a better life! for each one of us, without conflict and stress!." i totally agreed and he changed the life of many for better me being a example, so when i saw this i just though "now is my time to do something good for you, cause you deserve it " around 2011 he wanted to make his school a better place, happier, a unique time for everyone so he run for president and won, we had the best years that school ever saw that was when we wanted a bigger effect on a bigger number of people but he just didn't knew how, that was when he heard about the rising of gaming, youtube and making videos to other people to see he automatically fell in love with how he could communicate with the community and make the day of someone better even just by putting a smile on someone face that had a bad they or just for being there if anyone needed a friend to talk or play some game to relax and forget the problems. That was when he faced a big problem he needed a better pc to improve content and quality unfortunately his parents could not afford a better pc and his family not giving much support to that ideia (his family just wanted him to study) so he didn't give up and keep studying(he keeps being a great student), we knew that the only chance to buy a better pc was to get a job at the time he was not 18 years old (so he could not get a job, in our country is illegal to work under 18 years old). so he waited until turn 18 and started working when we had school holiday ( the time that most of us take to relax and rest from school, he was spending it working to earn some many so he could fulfill his dream) when he had finally accumulated some money he receive a really bad new about a family member that was passing by a really bad disease ( and was we all know some take a lot of many to get a treatment) so he didn't even thought twice, just decided to help and gave the many to help paying the treatment. I feel bad for saying this but at that moment i said " are you sure ? that was the many that you earn to fulfill your dream " and he just said very certainty " my dream is not worth a life of any kind" (i was really proud,and i still am).
    When many would give up and not do what he did, he just moved on and waited to the next school holiday to go back to work and earn some money, they have finally came we are on Christmas holiday and once again he is working.
    Even tough he passed trough so much he was always been there for me and everyone else that needed, even in this time of year a Christmas time that we spend around the ones we love and care the most, there are unfortunate still a lot of people living on the streets with nothing to eat and no one to spend this time with so he is gathering some special food for those in most need, and even sometimes he invites them to come home with him spend some time of under-full joy and happiness. Making a Christmas miracle for those people.
    That is why i know he deserves to win, he would be very happy and consider this a Christmas miracle, also it would give him some time to finally spend an holiday resting doing what he loves playing and make other life's happier. Help me realize this Christmas miracle.

    I leave attached images of his current setup, as you can see is only a i3 with a very weak graphics card, and he is constantly doing magic to get it to work as fast as it can to do so he uses constantly one of your software "Razer Cortex: Game Booster" it was being one of his "best friend" software. And is not only that in his current setup he does not even have enough USB ports so he had to buy some USB hub to try to make it work that resulted in a mess of cables as you can clearly start to see on the image. So this giveaway would be perfect for him and really change his life for better and consequently with help from Razer™ and NZXT™changing the life of many for better .
    It would be like the children say " thanks santa that was exactly what i wanted ❤️ "

    Of course if he win i would record his reaction and take pictures from the start of the installation to the final setup, with all installed and him using it already.

    Thanks a lot and from the bottom my heart, for the opportunity Razer™ and NZXT™, and keep being a company that doesn't focus on profit but cares about all the community.

    As Razer says "for gamers by gamers". Keep the good work, and have a good holiday with all you love.

    Good luck for everyone and have a nice holiday full of peace.
    IMG_31340D8B9291-ECB5-4BEE-8026-787F684DCCAE.JPG IMG_313668BB9610-ED30-4FA3-A74D-F2D084D120D4.JPG
  8. Aleoo

    Aleoo New Member

    It's a pretty decent entry level gaming pc, my friend Aloysius has always suffered from a poor gaming experience as he is always using the leftover products of his family, so he runs his game at very low graphics.
    I want that to change, I don't want him to experience any more lag !!!
    That and I kinda want to be able to play games with him more, you know, since he is physically less fortunate, he is not able to go out that often, i need to spend more time with him, and the only way i know how because he lives so far away from me is to play some video games with him, right now.. its not even possible .
    It would do so much for him if he was provided with something like this, the ability to truly enjoy what he loves, gaming - i rlly hope he wins this ^^
    Chassis : H440
  9. MightyInvictus

    MightyInvictus New Member


    For my bro he's struggling with money lately and has been saying to me that he wanted to upgrade his PC so bad but just couldn't because of the money.

    This would be a great oppertunity for him to finally get his upgrade! And because It's friggin awesome to get a free upgrade! Plus we are both big fans of razer! I think he would prefer the H440 razer

    Hope I can make him happy :)

    GLHF to all!
  10. Real_Masloff

    Real_Masloff Member

    mandatory link ~> http://pcpartpicker.com/p/KK2y6h
    S340 – Designed by Razer

    As someone who has been a gamer their entire life, and always had the skills to quite literary pay the bills in more ways then one, my best friend and wife definitely deserves an upgrade for once. Her name is Nicole Masloff. She is a Mother of two children and works at a teen center taking care of troubled teens. She has found her passion to be working with a non-profit, which unfortunately means she makes a 'non-profit'. She always puts herself last and would do anything to help anyone that needed it. She honestly deserves to win this. She volunteers at a local food pantry with her work, and donates regularly to local charities. She is one of the most courageous people I know (if not the most). Yes It might seem biased to pick my wife, but she really is my best friend in this whole world. Why you might ask? (oh you didn't ask why?) Well when we first met, she asked me if I wanted to play some video games. Already that was a good sign to me, but then she gets out a Super-Nintendo and starts owning at Super Mario 3. She is also the only person to ever beat me at the best game of all time, Sonic. I've been in love ever since. She knows that I am passionate about gaming (and Razer) and has sacrificed her own setup to make sure that mine is amazing. I have a youtube channel where I make awesome videos (seriously, check them out) and I really want her to join me. She can't though because her current rig is sad, and has trouble running Putt Putt games for our son. However this Christmas I want to surprise her with a new one. She deserves the best but our budget simply wont allow for that. So winning this for her would mean she would finally have the setup she deserves. Even now as I'm typing this she is in the kitchen making Christmas treats for our low income neighbors. She has an absolute heart of gold, with a love for everyone. If it were up to her, she would nominate someone else because she always puts herself last, but I'm not telling her until after I submit it.

  11. leamur

    leamur New Member

    1.) Part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/parts/partlist/
    Chasis: H440
    2.)I nominate my older sister Krishtain because we grew up playing games together. We first started with a ps1 moved up to a ps2, gameboy, ds, then we got an old computer on which we would play games on. Video games have always been the bond between her and I. 2 years ago we both got computers as a christmas present as well as minecraft. We would play other games together on them as well but last year her computer was ruined from a major spill and so we havent been able to play for a while. It would mean a lot to me and her if she were to get this because while shes been having to pay for college stuff ive been able to upgrade my computer and this would make it so both of us can play most games we want to play together. And soon im going to be moving with my parents and shes going to be staying in our current location and that will make it impossible for us to play. If you were to pick her that would be absolutely amazing especially since gaming is really the only thing we have in common.
  12. DaddY06

    DaddY06 New Member

    H440 + list

    I would like to nominate,
    my friend Jaison
    Delivers his baby in his doorway
    be’s all cool like an iceman

    Then I’m all like
    aaargh my pc
    and he’s all,
    its sweet as bro just give it to me
    He got me into this
    PC craziness
    helps us all out with
    his fixery skilllziness

    He’s gots his wife
    and 2 little kids too
    they’re his life
    but times made for you
    ask his mates
    they’ll agree
    if you’re in need
    he’ll stand by thee (what the heck is that word doing there)

    This build is for him
    because its amazing stuff
    but its a little bit thin
    so he can mod it up.

    binary solo
  13. TheFunkOverlord

    TheFunkOverlord New Member

    PC Part Picker Link: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/guitarfanman/saved/2PZYcf

    Nomination: my friend Eden Roberts
    Eden is a part of my group of friends that I play video games with on a daily basis. We primarily play league but we like to venture into other games from time to time. A big problem we run into is when she doesn't have the specs to keep up with the games we're playing. We're limited when it comes to playing new titles because her computer isn't up to par. It'd be great if she could join us on our adventures into new games! She can't afford a new computer on her own as she's a nursing student working 3 jobs just to be able to survive day-to-day life. In addition to that she's constantly babysitting/taking care of her younger brothers without pay. She wouldn't have the time to get the money for a new computer to play games with us and we think it'd be great to get her a new one!
  14. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/fcjzJx
    Chassis: H440

    I would like to nominate my closest friend Spencer. We met five years ago, when he helped me recover from crippling depression. I was studying abroad and just went through a divorce with my childhood sweetheart. With the stress of school and a total lack of a social support system, I felt that my life was spiraling out of control. In the depths of my depression, I miraculously met Spencer online, where we were randomly matched together on the same team in Dota 2. Together, we quickly formed an inseparable duo where I played the support role and he would inevitably carry us to victory. He would always be there for me, keeping me company through the middle of the night and giving me something to look forward to in my darkest hours.

    And now the hard times have fallen upon him - I've recently learned that he was laid off his job. To make matters worse, his trusty laptop has begun to fail on him and he plays Dota 2 less because of it. I'm beginning to see the same early signs of depression in him, I would love to reciprocate all the support and help he has given me by providing a constructive outlet for him.

    It would mean the world to me if I could help him out with a new computer. I meticulously optimized this build to play Dota 2, the only game that we play, in hopes that we can play together again soon. We are both big fans of Razer, and it is because of his recommendation that I use the DeathAdder 2013 and I'll be purchasing the BlackWidow shortly.
  15. Boaz Quinones_no_id

    Boaz Quinones_no_id New Member

    For Wyatt, for not being a trouble-maker when he could be and for Razer if they really read this.


    Alright, so I have this younger friend whose name happens to be Wyatt. I've known this kid almost as long as I have known my two best friends who happen to be cousins of his. He is four years younger than these two and can still wipe the floor with them in tech knowledge. This kid knows his stuff more than anybody I know, and It really shows. He might be a know-it-all sometimes and he might come off as a kind of jerky kid, but I don't blame him. He's still young and has a lot of troubles at home that I don't want to be known online at the moment. The short version is that his mom is very strict and is unfair to Wyatt in terms of his aspirations towards his PC building and gaming in general. I figured that how could someone like her say no to a company as large as you? Nobody, no company, no living person on Earth can argue with you guys and girls about anything PC related. I don't need a keyboard, headset and mouse. I have a pretty okay keyboard and mouse that does an alright job, and I just bought the HyperX Cloud Core today, but I bought the headset with no offense to you guys because it was on sale for $15 and it came with a code to get a flash-drive, which was an unexpected addition to my purchase, which was just a "thinking about the customer" moment. It was a hard deal to make. I want Wyatt to pursue his computer dreams and be happy. I have been worried about him as of late, and I don't want him to give this PC thing up this early in his life. It would just be a godsend if you people reached out and helped him. We would be forever grateful, and we might even say more cliches that sound corny if you help. Sorry if I couldn't spell cliches right. My keyboard can't use the tilde above letters to make them correct. Anyways, How can I let such a close friend, a cousin of my best friends, and someone so active in my life leave something as beautiful as the world of PC's? I know everything on the list is a luxury, not a necessity, but everything on the list would just bring a smile on Wyatt's face and then I could use some sarcasm to ruin it a bit for him, then we would all laugh, and it would be a good day for everyone. If you guys and girls at Razer see this, just please consider this fairly long paragraph and help my friend out a bit.
    I picked the 6700K because he always mentioned that he wanted to attempt being a youtuber and I feel that this would be a good place to start. He could take full advantage of the hyper threading for video-rendering and all that jazz that's part of being a youtuber. I think he could do alright if he was a bit older and more skilled at games, but maybe with your possible help you could fix that. I also pick this water cooler from corsair because of how it's small and will go nicely with this ITX build. I specifically pick 16gb of ram for video rendering and editing because he is good at that. I even asked him to make my picture on Facebook look more "hippy-dippy" because he was so great at it. I picked this motherboard because of how it has great reviews. That's about it on motherboards. I don't know what really makes a good motherboard. The best part about this build in my opinion is the monitor. 100hz at 1440p gaming is not a bad deal, especially if you're using a 970 graphics card. This card can do it with less demanding games like Counter Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends, and he plays games like that all the time. The size is also not a huge disadvantage either. I'd buy it if it wasn't $1300 on NCIX, and that was the cheapest price I could find.
    I guess that is the end of my story from here. It would be just grand if you considered us. I would just be excited just to hear that you guys read this whole article. I don't really know how to end large amounts of typing, but I guess I will end it here. Thank you for choosing to read this, and have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!
    From a first time buyer,
    Boaz Quinones
  16. Cableshonor_no_id

    Cableshonor_no_id New Member


    I would like to nominate my friend and fellow gamer, Ben. He has been a guide for me in the life of technology and is one heck of a gamer at that. Whether it's blowing the chassis of a pirate's freighter to space particles, as a legendary mercenary in a space RPG, or running through the streets of a city-in-distress, as the newest hero to rise up and save the day in a super hero RPG, Ben is the gamer of gamers.

    However, The aspect that makes Ben especially deserving of a new gaming PC, is ironically NOT his gaming credentials. What makes Ben deserving is what he does for his fellow man around him. He is a volunteer, sacrificing his time freely, to give a unique joy to those who have lost hope. He currently resides in another country, soldiering on as he kindly offers his efforts, without asking for anything in return. He will soon be retiring his humanitarian efforts to help further his daughter's education back here in the states, and when he gets back, I feel he should have a little something special waiting for him on his front porch.

    He is a friend and a true hero, and I simply hope to bring him a tiny piece of gratitude in a thankless world.

    Thanks for listening to my nomination!
  17. WblueW

    WblueW New Member

  18. MurrayB_no_id

    MurrayB_no_id New Member

    PCPARTPICKER link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mCBKzy

    Parts & Price
    CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor $309.99
    CPU cooler:
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler $24.98
    Motherboard: MSI B85-G43 GAMING ATX LGA1150 Motherboard $59.99
    Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory $29.99
    Storage: Seagate Barracuda 500GB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
    Storage: E
    VGA 500W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $38.98
    Total Price: $499.88

    Chassis: NZXT H440

    I would like to nominate my friend Bradley Montague.
    Just like the strong rivalry between the Montague and Capulets in Romeo and Juliet, my mate is not able to have the latest computer tech. Unfortunately he is struggling to play the simplest games (league of legends and counter strike) at low resolutions. He would love to be able to play triple A titles, however the wooden PC he has just cant handle it. I've been pestering him to get a new PC but he never has no money. I believe this is an amazing opportunity of a lucky winner to get a PC of their dreams. Thanks goes out to RAZER and NZXT for putting up this giveaway and best of lucky to everyone entered!

  19. RollsRoyce89

    RollsRoyce89 Member


    This is my midrange gaming rig I have built based on the popularity ratings and of course my own preference of branded goods. I wanted to dedicate this Wong Jerk Haw (Facebook) who is studying in Australia and completing his study. His my old DotA 1 team mate earlier and I wished to have this gift presented to him from afar which is our country Malaysia. He went to Australia to study and through Razer and NZXT, I hoped that both of us can get something from the PC parts I have chosen in the links above.

    Overall, Merry Christmas to everyone whose participating in this event. I really hoped to win all those PC parts as it's gonna be a tremendous upgrade to my current gaming rig so as my friends too!
  20. Pc: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/YHrhhM
    I would like to nominate Pierre more commonly known as "your mum" on steam. He never really understands what a good Pc is so I think getting this will make him slight less ignorant to the PC master race. Also legion is coming out next year of WOW and his setup can barely run Warlords. Oh mighty Razer gods smile upon this poor peasant!

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