[Giveaway Over] Chroma Suite Giveaway

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer|Halcyon, May 28, 2015.

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  1. Khe Nguyen_no_id

    Khe Nguyen_no_id New Member

    wish me luck!
  2. _hgieR

    _hgieR New Member

    hoping to win these epic lights :heart: :D
  3. MannOWar

    MannOWar New Member

    Hope i win. Been a razer fun for life!=D
  4. TheTrueTantalum

    TheTrueTantalum New Member

    Oh man, I really need this! I'm hoping to be a game designer, getting this would be a start in my career. FINGERS CROSSED!!:D
  5. greatking

    greatking Active Member

    Great giveaway :D
    Good luck to all those that sing up!!
  6. Why_mE

    Why_mE New Member

    Thanks Razer!!

    Fingers are crossed
  7. Dubstep-Man

    Dubstep-Man Member

    So many people who want to win and I have never so much hoped to win a contest in my life ^^ Thank you for this opportunity razer :) Maybe I will pay less than 580 € my setup if i win :)
  8. Carnlife

    Carnlife New Member

  9. wildannurhakim

    wildannurhakim New Member

    Hope I'll get the setup for chroma.
  10. Axellion-AX

    Axellion-AX New Member

    Hope i can win, dun have any razer products am hoping this one i can get it for free really wanna try razer products i mean use one of razer products not just try. I never gonna win but ill try this one
  11. Kostya_no_id

    Kostya_no_id New Member

    Looks cool .
  12. felheart

    felheart New Member

    Awesome company. Great giveaway.
  13. LessKa

    LessKa New Member

    hope 2 win
  14. iambobtan

    iambobtan New Member

    awesome i'm a razer fan but really i cant afford this set. i bought razer kraken last 3 month and yesterday nabu X. i hope i can get this one. ✌️
  15. rafhael132

    rafhael132 New Member

    Finally, i can see a light of hope o_O
    Thanks for the giveaway event, Razer:)
  16. namsons

    namsons Member

    Wow. Another giveaway. :) and mouse mat is awesome.
  17. najaatsabri

    najaatsabri New Member

  18. FrostyAce_no_id

    FrostyAce_no_id New Member

    Hope my chances are high ! >.<
    Really really want that Black Widow Chroma real bad..
    fingers crossed :cool:
  19. camin12345

    camin12345 New Member

    I got some razer I love these stuff,Now I need chroma suite for my setup
  20. gui710

    gui710 New Member

    I never had a razer product this can be my first time ^-^
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