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Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer|Halcyon, May 28, 2015.

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  1. CORALaeroPeru280

    CORALaeroPeru280 New Member

    how i wish
  2. WickedNite

    WickedNite New Member

    Having blackwidow chroma keyboard and the firefly pad would complete my chroma collection :D
  3. Razer fan here who isn't part of the cult since I don't own any razer products (yet). I've had this dream for the longest time of owning a Razer Blade 14" laptop or maybe building my own rig with the NZXT H440 Razer Edition as the case. I love twitch and the people who stream and I just can't stop thinking how amazing their lives are--playing games, doing what they love but still earning money at the same time, even giving some of that money to charities. The thing is, aside from being a gamer, I'm also a father to 2 children, and my salary isn't great, in fact, it's barely enough, even though I work endlessly, literally 10 hours on weekdays and 13 and a half hours on weekends, with no dayoff. I'm 25 and yes, I married young, so I guess the problem is really me. So for anyone who's out there reading this, if you're a gamer and you've got a girlfriend and you're not that well off, use condoms. This doesn't mean I don't love my wife though. I just mean that if you have a dream, don't do anything foolish like me. I just feel so miserable because I can't see how I can still achieve my dream. Sorry for venting out, just wanted to express my frustration. I'm pretty sure there are others like me who's in a similar or worse situation. Just felt like pouring out my feelings. Hopefully you guys won't think I'm an attention whore or something. Good luck to everyone for the giveaway!
  4. harvey_no_id

    harvey_no_id New Member

    Hi :) wow ang ganda yan
    its so awesome
    i from Philippines ty very much for the opportunity to have that!
    im hoping to get this! :)
  5. Sukirman_no_id

    Sukirman_no_id New Member

    i'm hoping to get this set
  6. Razer not only makes the best quality gaming gear but also good looking and the Chroma series are the cherry on top of the cake ❤️

    I dream of having them all myself and hope my dreams will come true in 44h!
  7. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    When is the draw? Love to get this!

    MIKU_REVENGE New Member

  9. I really love these Chroma peripherals!!
  10. DAYTON_no_id

    DAYTON_no_id New Member

    I've only had my computer for 7 weeks now, but i have been playing on an old old IBM keyboard and a junk mouse. I hope i win this so i can have a great setup because your products are the best!!!!!!
  11. razer is the best product, i love them all but i have only one .. wait what??

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  12. When will we know the results?
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  13. Jon Weber_no_id

    Jon Weber_no_id New Member

    Yes please!!! :D
  14. Typing this out on my Blackwidow, listening to Razer playlist from Youtube with my Tiamat 7.1 headset and pressing "Post Reply" with my 2012 Mamba. Hardcore Razer Fanboy right here! That firefly looks awesome!
  15. Well, good luck all. Minute chance of any single person winning, but, 'tis the nature of giveaways. Really need to upgrade my peripherals, using the Abyssus + Cyclossa bundle stuff, which was meant to be a stop-gap, but, it turned into a very long stop-gap. The clip that holds the top casing to the base of the mouse broke off, so it is being held together with sticky-tape, and it is hard to see the lettering on the keyboard without turning the light on. My old headphones also broke a while back, so, have been using some earbuds for a while now, but the cable is way too short :/, I probably should get an extension cord. The only thing that I would say does not need replacing is my Goliathus, which somehow has survived all the abuse it has been put through. I guess that just goes to show the quality of cloth mouse-mats and the product itself.

    Along with that, I also need to upgrade my GPU sometime, as my old 650 isn't really cutting it any more, looking at the 960, as my father got one not too long ago, and it has been working really well for him. I have the feeling that my 650 won't be able to handle Fallout 4, which I am hyped abotu beyond belief. Also, need an SSD, as my system drive is currently a 5600 RPM WD Green, which is probably the worst possible drive for a system drive (more suited to a backup drive or something similar, as it spins down when not in use).

    TL;DR, Good luck all, I have old peripherals, and I need to upgrade some PC components some time.
  16. umarmn

    umarmn New Member

  17. razer12388

    razer12388 New Member

    Thank you Razer for doing this giveaway.....:)
  18. Thanks for the chance to win this epic set! Glhf 2 all!
  19. Looking forward to this - hope I win, but if not ... gratz to you, other_person!

    MIKU_REVENGE New Member

    wow i hope i got chance to win!

    Best Razer Fan

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