[Giveaway Over] Chroma Suite Giveaway

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer|Halcyon, May 28, 2015.

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  1. Teruzond

    Teruzond New Member

    I got my entries in. Fingers crossed!
  2. Xheoujin

    Xheoujin New Member

    oh my!!! :heart: i really want to have thiss giveawaaay :heart: i wish my dreams come truee
  3. LoutrePerfide

    LoutrePerfide New Member

    Good luck guys!
  4. iDragonitto

    iDragonitto New Member

    Thank you guys. I don't have any gaming peripherals, so I hope I can win something this time :D
  5. nikaganna12

    nikaganna12 New Member

    Pick me i'm an illu(min)ati
  6. Daemee_no_id

    Daemee_no_id New Member

    Never won anything ever, but I love your products and my new razer abyssus! :D Really hope I will get this.
  7. Vecopotryx

    Vecopotryx New Member

    Thanks for the chance :)
  8. BobbyMike

    BobbyMike Member

    Very cool!
  9. VaughnSinister

    VaughnSinister New Member

    I have a keyboard that is missing about 10 keys and a fujitsu mouse neither of which make gaming more entertaining. I would quite literally give all of my competitions Right NUT to Razer to win this package!!
    1497816_795364337210439_8840695452385063310_n.jpg 1506807_695021587285293_4322561098500956421_n.png 10347493_1564553513801239_3694379128589120481_n.png 10608365_788794971215425_4352619507454182371_o.png 10633581_322266694629965_6217126151859453449_o.png 10845631_352937491570810_6787407972631125467_o.jpg 1497816_795364337210439_8840695452385063310_n.jpg 1506807_695021587285293_4322561098500956421_n.png 10347493_1564553513801239_3694379128589120481_n.png 1497816_795364337210439_8840695452385063310_n.jpg 1506807_695021587285293_4322561098500956421_n.png 10347493_1564553513801239_3694379128589120481_n.png 10608365_788794971215425_4352619507454182371_o.png

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  10. DTTan

    DTTan New Member

    Fingers Crossed :)
  11. DTTan

    DTTan New Member

  12. irfansmanaf

    irfansmanaf New Member

    can i giveaway while i'm not in the region that have razer store? i'm in indonesia, i really want many giveaway or like razer necklace (or emblem) every purchase
  13. slifertroll

    slifertroll Member

    Good luck to all! Hope I win though. So I have a question to the mods, if I win and want to get a Naga Chroma instead of the Deathadder Chroma would that be possible? I already have the deathadder chroma and loving it, but would love a Naga!
  14. Basker

    Basker Member

    Wuhuu Good luck guys'n'Girls! :D
  15. MonkeyForce9

    MonkeyForce9 New Member

    I currently have a keyboard by Corsair with red LEDs for backlighting. I spilled water on it and now my P is no longer red. Some may say thats a good thing. (Get it? My P is no longer red.) Ha! I kill me.

    Anywho... I have been wanting to upgrade to the Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma, but winning any Razer keyboard would be awesome. I think there should be more options for tenkeyless keyboards. I rarely use the numpad so its this extra area just hanging out there in the way.
  16. RAZERMAN619

    RAZERMAN619 New Member

    Its nice to see RAZER doing this so often. They make the best gear i've seen
  17. Icesis

    Icesis Member

    Good luck everyone! :)
  18. MrKingSK

    MrKingSK New Member

    Really need new peripherals =)
    My Time to shine >:D
  19. nithrix

    nithrix New Member

    Looks sweet! Hopefully i've got a shot!
  20. yuyaniv

    yuyaniv Member

    Ooooh shiny! :D
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