[Giveaway Over] Chroma Suite Giveaway

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer|Halcyon, May 28, 2015.

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  1. Gibli89_no_id

    Gibli89_no_id New Member

    Hope this!!
  2. Nice setup again, i hope to win something for once!
    If i di, ill buy a razer blade to go with it all!
  3. xxGhostKillerxx

    xxGhostKillerxx New Member

    i hope i win GG evryone! :)
  4. akusokuzan22

    akusokuzan22 Member

    So many giveaways! One of these times I'm gonna win, right? Right??? Fingers crossed anyway ;)
  5. Sanji_no_id

    Sanji_no_id New Member

    Just epic and hardcore giveaway!! :blush: good luck all :D
  6. Chevagara

    Chevagara New Member

    How do we participate? *_*
  7. help a brother out with some proper equipment...im using a4tech setup.
  8. Wow razor you always surprise me with the things you do, first very cool products then this giveaway of the new Items. Just amazing.
  9. Hellfire57

    Hellfire57 New Member

    I want it give me it now now I want it razer give me it nowwwwww!
  10. funFreshAirauto381

    funFreshAirauto381 New Member

  11. SarinaStream

    SarinaStream Member

    Hope i win *~*
  12. Rassilon2

    Rassilon2 New Member

    *fingers crossed* :)
  13. Ramiolas

    Ramiolas New Member

    I've never ever won anything out of any kind of contest, could be my luck, but I'll never give up!! :eek: lol please consider me, it would be just the thing I need.
  14. Browniez

    Browniez New Member

    I want this! I was just looking to get a new headphone and mouse. This would be perfect. :D
  15. Devinedragoon

    Devinedragoon New Member

    Count me in and my fingers crossed since i can't afford or ever seem to win the keyboards from streams etc maybe I can win direct from razer. i have a death adder chroma atm and it needs other shiny things to keep it company
  16. HuShady

    HuShady New Member

    FireFly is AWESOME ;)
  17. XxBluRxX

    XxBluRxX New Member

    ME ME ME :D
  18. Sergua622

    Sergua622 New Member

    Thanks, it is great giveaway .
  19. Such colors, Much wow!!!
  20. Sairue

    Sairue New Member

    Looks pretty good to me!
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