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[Giveaway Over] Insiders - Win a key for Ronin

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by technokat, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Aaristocrat

    Aaristocrat Member

    Blade of course, more adequate for an assassin then a gun since their loud and expensive.
  2. BlackFang0176

    BlackFang0176 New Member

    Definitely the blade
    completely quiet and fast
  3. LRufus

    LRufus New Member

    I would go with both, Solid Snake style.
  4. a6addon

    a6addon New Member

    The Blade :cool: is the weapon of true Assassin,
    :angry:- they kill deadly & silence,
    ;)- need no ammo,
    o_O- no bullet loading-fails at automatic Guns and mps
    :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:- cut body parts in extreme situations

    you have 20 enemies and just 10 bullets left in the gun..:oops:..without a blade...
    ":confused:die happy" ........ better you have blade......or a Mamba :D
  5. SirScythe

    SirScythe New Member

    I think id prefer a blade over a gun because i just looks way cooler :D
  6. Primarily Melee/Close Range, but I will use firearm based assaults if unavoidable...

    However, the simplest local tools are often much the most efficient means of assassination. A hammer, axe, wrench, screw driver or anything hard, heavy and handy will suffice. :cool:
  7. KevlarGibs

    KevlarGibs New Member

    Blade - less evidence left behind.
  8. Samwell

    Samwell New Member

    The Blade, Guns run out of ammo.
  9. Assassin needs to be silent as shadow, gun fire not fits that style. I think blade.
  10. sir_zibo

    sir_zibo New Member

    Definitely a blade, since they're double-awesome :)
  11. Definitely a blade, silence is golden.
  12. February_

    February_ Member

    Blade, its so mutch more fun than a gun (rhyme intended)
  13. Reveur

    Reveur New Member

    I would prefer gun with silencer ofc, to kill the target with blade you usually need to sneak behind them, but with gun u can come front of them and u can see the light in their eyes dead. That would be my way to assassin someone.
  14. holypinkhobo

    holypinkhobo New Member

    A blade. The gun is loud and sloppy, the Blade is quick and silent. Any true Assasin knows that the art of stealth is the dominating technique!
  15. CommanderHwthn

    CommanderHwthn New Member

    The Blade because it is more silent and a lot less messy. If it was a Razer Blade i would definently have it.:)
  16. SeriousRising

    SeriousRising New Member

    I would rather have a sword so you can come up close and kill them silent and go onto the next person without them knowing you were there.
  17. adromil

    adromil New Member

    Blade. Why? Can a gun shave?
  18. Haddad

    Haddad New Member

    the gun, as a modern assassin like Hitman ;)
  19. SnipeAHolic12

    SnipeAHolic12 Active Member

    I would use the gun. Why? Because a silencer can quite that down, and nothing is better then taking out your target from a mile away and they have no chance of catching you.
  20. Jessie

    Jessie New Member

    i would prefer the blade more its way cooler then just shooting with a gun
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