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Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by technokat, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Finalcircles

    Finalcircles New Member

    can I choose gunblade?? no ..ok Blade I guess
  2. TrapStoner

    TrapStoner New Member

    Blade because... you're an assasin not terrorist.
  3. hideo163

    hideo163 New Member

    A gun because fuck it YOLO I don't care if the bad guys hear me coming!
  4. FengZ

    FengZ New Member

    Blade is cool but I prefer guns because guns are more efficient in performing task.
  5. firstknight

    firstknight Member

    the blade... nothing beat a close up take down... deadly silent...
  6. shipzzz

    shipzzz New Member

    I would use a blade because I prefer to go stealth
  7. gary_96

    gary_96 New Member

    Blade cause we have Razer Blade to finish off enemies.
  8. Namzn0903

    Namzn0903 New Member

    Blade is my choice. Weapon number 1 for so many centuries... Real classy but also Sexy.
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  9. Meurdrak

    Meurdrak New Member

    I would use a gunblade. Ez choice ez life.
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  10. Vidalius

    Vidalius New Member

    I would choose the gun because then you can kill your target on long range and hope they don´t see you.........
  11. yasmishan

    yasmishan New Member

  12. indianSuperman

    indianSuperman New Member

    The blade because then I can pretend I'm someone from Naruto >_<
  13. Y0unG

    Y0unG Member

    A Sharp Blade, of course!
    - No 'out-of-ammo' moments
    - Cool-Looking-Look Factor !
  14. Dr.ToastyBuns

    Dr.ToastyBuns New Member

    Blade of course! It's good to get you're sneaky sneak on!, and much easier to kill your enemies in one go. :3
  15. The blade definitely. It's so much more satisfying.
  16. I would choose the blade cause the gun would make hell of a noise if it wasn't silenced. Also when you run out of bullets, trying to eliminate an enemy would be impossible. Or lets just say when you suddenly get into a fight, when you're out of ammo, you're dead meat. So that's the reason why I would choose the Blade over the Gun.
  17. jufrag

    jufrag New Member

    Blade because im 24 and virgin
  18. Avarea

    Avarea New Member

    I strongly prefer the gun. I like my style to be complete chaos everywhere :D
  19. daverong1

    daverong1 New Member

    Blade, because of stealth, needs no ammo and customizable.
  20. atphy_no_id

    atphy_no_id New Member

    Our game heroine's choice of weapon is the Blade. If you're an assassin - would you rather the blade or the gun, and why?

    Of course a blade. Just like Zeratul. Sneaky and Deadly!
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