[Giveaway Over] Insiders - Win a key for Ronin

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by technokat, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. snaiker

    snaiker New Member

    slice and dice them with blade bether for my preference schyte :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  2. haunting

    haunting New Member

    A sword of course a gun would make too much noise
  3. supirman

    supirman New Member

    Blade, because close combat less likely to be miss.
  4. hakE69

    hakE69 New Member

    Blade because c'mon.. i'm a ninja
  5. sidesmartMindaro792

    sidesmartMindaro792 New Member

    If i come near then the blade, because it's silence.
  6. The blade!!!
    Because you dont get the sort of lethal intimacy with a gun!!!!!
  7. Redzebra

    Redzebra New Member

    I would choose the gun, but with the lack of a silencer and any sort, I'd rather go in sneaky beaky with the blade.
  8. TheZoc

    TheZoc New Member

    The blade, for maximum stealthy work ;)
  9. mouse20

    mouse20 New Member

    Razer Blade always
  10. DarkiDarkkiller

    DarkiDarkkiller New Member

    I would use the blade, to be most silent and (but) still very deadly
  11. It depends on the situation for me! If it's an open area with less cover and hiding spots, I'd rather use a gun with a suppressor. If it's in-door, a blade would be perfect - silent, efficient, and doesn't require ammo.
  12. ferooxidan

    ferooxidan New Member

    Gun, as agent 47 prefer it over a sword. As Cross can bend the bullet and snipe even from home in Wanted. As ethan and his team use a good amount of bullets to take out of their enemy even though the mission seems impossible.
  13. chongzm

    chongzm New Member

    A gun, welcome to the 21st century =D As an assassin I cannot afford to compromise myself if I were to carry out the required mission. A gun can seal the deal faster. A trained assassin will carry out missions with higher accuracy and precision when given any gun, and a broad range of guns can be chosen from stash to meet the needs. Well the heroine is a blade wielder so, by default a gun suits the story line better.

    Good day everyone
  14. Blade, because it's more faster to kill with that!
  15. LessKa

    LessKa New Member

    The blade for me!
  16. NaveenVN

    NaveenVN New Member

    I'd take the blade if the gun didn't have a suppressor because a gun can be compact and easily mobile and aimable but the blade has the advantage of being stealthy
  17. Blade, silent and deadly
  18. fidzerone

    fidzerone New Member

    A Gun.
    It's used for assassinate, so must be attached some silencer.
    I really like the sound silenced gun spit out some bullet and enemy going down without knowing what happened on the last second of his life.
  19. Darkenoid

    Darkenoid New Member

    With a blade ! A real assassin kills quick and quite with a dagger/blade. :D
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