[Giveaway Over] Make your Razer zGold wishes today

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 21, 2017.

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  1. Drag0n0

    Drag0n0 New Member

  2. kakerushin

    kakerushin Well-Known Member

    It'll be awesome to pay zGold through steam and at the same time, earn zSilver for every amount of zGold spent.
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  3. Tr1ckyPlayz

    Tr1ckyPlayz Member

    Adding zGold to some games might make it more successful, such as League of Legends, CS:GO and more...
    That's my wish for 2018 :heart:
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  4. kprince007

    kprince007 Active Member

    I've always wanted to try purchasing games using zGold but it'd be better if it's directly through Steam.
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  5. RazerRamyun

    RazerRamyun Active Member

    Why not purchase games in Steam using zGold. I hope you could implement it with Valve.
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  6. diabolicsmile

    diabolicsmile New Member

    Using zGold on Steam would be a great improvement, I suppose almost all of us here play a few games associated with Steam and I think this step would draw a way lot more people to Razer Insider.
  7. legit133

    legit133 New Member

    Hope that we are able to make purchase with zGold on steam!
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  8. NebulaMask

    NebulaMask Active Member

    Being able to purchase anything off of steam with zGold would be AMAZING.
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  9. Mx-Mega

    Mx-Mega New Member

    My Razer zGold Chritmas wish is to have zGold T.T

    JK.... It would be nice if I could spend zGold on Steam as that's my main gaming platform and I can't imagine how much money I've (joyously) wasted there
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  10. Nelphael

    Nelphael New Member

    I wish I could use zGold on steam.I buy so many games each year and scoring some zSilver for them as a bonus would be great!
  11. piffzero

    piffzero New Member

    Use zGold on Steam or GOG.
    Discounts for AAA games.
  12. Baail21

    Baail21 New Member

    zGold on Steam would be epic :)
  13. xPyro

    xPyro New Member

    Guild wars 2 could use some Razer love as well..
  14. uppakk

    uppakk Member

    I am too for the idea to spend zgold on Steam!
  15. FFSAMA

    FFSAMA New Member

    I would like to see zGold support Dota 2 as every year they will be having The International and many of us will be spending hundred or thousands in the compendium so it is a good fit for zGold to be implemented, besides that Dota 2 releases new sets regularly which further encourage players to spend money in it, it would be great to see zGold to be implemented in Dota 2.
  16. saulmo18

    saulmo18 New Member

    zGold for buying games on Steam would be super nice. Happy Holidays
  17. tontonfraguer

    tontonfraguer New Member

    If it's still not over, i wish to get my hand on the Tiamat 7.1 v2 :)
  18. ChristianTan17

    ChristianTan17 New Member

    Ability to buy Steam codes would be nice
  19. MikotoAlucard

    MikotoAlucard New Member

    it would be lovely if its able to spend zGold on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    Hope CSGO will be in the list to use zGold :wink_: Merry Christmas~~
  20. Arantuil

    Arantuil New Member

    if you could use zgold in overwatch, that would be pretty cool!
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