[Giveaway Over] Make your Razer zGold wishes today

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 21, 2017.

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  1. FahimTheStrategist

    FahimTheStrategist New Member

    I just want a Razer Kraken headset, been needing a new headset for a while now.
  2. J017Rogue

    J017Rogue Well-Known Member

    I'd say any of the Blizzard games since it'd be amazing to be able to pay the way the asian regions do. I would 100% for sure use it regularly in that case.

    Happy Wintereenmas!
  3. HunErik500

    HunErik500 New Member

    Using zGold with Warframe would be amazing!
  4. Real_Masloff

    Real_Masloff Member

    zGold for Warframe would be cool, useing zGold to get the golden prime access, and maybe even a special Razer skin down the line to
  5. jadrien2014

    jadrien2014 New Member

    I'd like to spend Razer zGold on Steam Top-Up so I can buy Dota 2 items in the Market using zGold.
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  6. Bradforth

    Bradforth New Member

    I just want a razer bag to go with my razer phone and hammerheads lol xD imhappy to please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  7. hadigunawan19

    hadigunawan19 New Member

    Razer Leviathan and Steam games on Cortex
  8. graystevo

    graystevo New Member

    Razer's currency, ZGold, is an interesting beast. It is another method of converting one currency into a product with a middle man. While I trust Razer with their decisions, as they are a business and I am not, I have to wonder about where the need for a go between became needed. I get that some currency formats from certain countries are not accepted for the most part in places like Steam, or Ubisoft's marketplace. Rather than focusing on marketplaces where it could be useful, I think ZGold shines in a way such as allowing gamers who use currency standards that aren't accepted around the world to suddenly use their currency with the help of Razer's own.
  9. Metalxskull

    Metalxskull New Member

    I vote for Warframe, that would be awesome!
  10. Gajiko

    Gajiko New Member

    I vote for ZGold on Team Fortress 2. that'd be amazing.
  11. TURQUIOSEbest014

    TURQUIOSEbest014 Active Member

    Zgold in AdventureQuest 3D would be really cool!
  12. Knorre

    Knorre New Member

    I wish to keep expanding my razer gear collection. Also zgold fits perfectly for a platform such as pokémon go where the ingame purchases are an important part for most of the players.
  13. jayden1120

    jayden1120 New Member

    I want zGold for League of Legends it would definitely help me get all those skins that i uhhhhh "Research" that I do on them
  14. Midnight0114

    Midnight0114 New Member

    I would love to use some ZGold on Street Fighter V to get some of the upcoming characters and skins in the Arcade Edition.
  15. VangoBG

    VangoBG New Member

    Steam would be really really awesome!
  16. EmeraldCore

    EmeraldCore Member

    I would say Warframe would be awesome with the addition of zgold. That would be cool.

    Thanks for the giveaway Razer!
  17. Benhurry

    Benhurry New Member

    My wish for a Razer Christmas is to be able to spend zGold on Steam games (all of them since I buy my games mainly on Steam) and on Monster Hunter World as well. Merry Christmas to all!!
  18. YourAvgJoe

    YourAvgJoe New Member

    cant think of any games i play thatd be a good fit, but itd be great to get a deal w/ steam. ik people who spend all their money away on there, definitely worth looking into imo
  19. jxlew

    jxlew New Member

    i honestly would like to see zGold being accumulated and being able to use to but Garena Shells for League of Legends (MY/SG server). i’ve spent a lot on that ;-; would be nice if i could rack up some zSilver in the process! :D
  20. ClickOnMe

    ClickOnMe New Member

    During Dota TI season, it's such a hassle going through the Steam Wallet system to add funds. With that being said, I'd like to see ZGold be linked to Dota2; that way it easier to buy compendiums. :)

    Happy Holidays all! Stay warm.
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