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[Giveaway Over] What is... the Razer Firefly?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, May 14, 2015.

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  1. niisanshi

    niisanshi New Member

    a new mousepad
  2. I feel it's changing color LED "tape", that can be added in the desktop, or behind the TV or under the table etc.
  3. defau1t

    defau1t New Member

    A chroma gaming surface (mouse pad)
  4. instapro8

    instapro8 New Member

    That would be one hell of a mousepad!
  5. aaronchong04

    aaronchong04 New Member

    Wireless mouse with wireless charging mouse pad/dock
  6. Probs a mousepad.
  7. wolnavi

    wolnavi New Member

    chroma mousepad
  8. A mouse with the Joss Whedon insignia from the show firefly
  9. Nebbie

    Nebbie New Member

    Mouse pad!
  10. Tru3Arr0wKill3r

    Tru3Arr0wKill3r New Member

    Maybe a chroma mousepad with a colourfull dock or i prefer a razer blade special chroma edition with lighting edges all over it. Yeah.. it will definitely be a Razer Chroma Blade
  11. MashedTatersJonson

    MashedTatersJonson New Member

    Chroma Mouse Mat
  12. J1d22

    J1d22 New Member

    Its a laptop cooler.
    Yes, this is my final answer
  13. i like sound of led mousemat , i want 1 !!
  14. TominGreeley

    TominGreeley New Member

    A miniature Chroma mouse for laptops.
  15. Gavinrivera

    Gavinrivera New Member

    It is a color changing mousepad
  16. samdapingu

    samdapingu New Member

    I think it is going to be a laptop which can be lit up any colour.

    ...But thats partly because I want one of those :D
  17. KarmicSandwich

    KarmicSandwich Active Member

    WHat if it was a chroma razer edge, would be epic
  18. WineFIREpoly719

    WineFIREpoly719 New Member

  19. derekred6

    derekred6 New Member

    I'm going to go with some sort of tablet
  20. ZOWYN

    ZOWYN New Member

    I'm guessing it's a new mouse. The ideas on a new hard mouse pad like the manticore with colorization options I really like but the name firefly sounds more like a mouse to me.
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