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    Hey Insiders,

    Gotta go fast! Join us in The FriendZone where we’ll discuss the new Sonic Mania with Aaron Webber, community manager for the blue hedgehog himself. We’ll also take a spindash through the game, talk shop, and offer you a chance to score game keys live!

    Make sure to tune into the stream on Wednesday August 16th, 3PM PST for a chance to win:

    - Twitch:
    - Facebook Live:

    If you have questions for Aaron Webber about Sonic Mania, post them in this thread or in the comments of our Facebook Live – Razer|Hype will select a few and ask them on stream.

    Our favorite hedgehog is back, and it’s gonna be a party!

    *The contest has ended. We will have winners announced soon*
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  2. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    I'm actually pretty psyched about this. I grew up with a Sega Genesis, not a NES or SNES, so Sonic was my game. I've just disliked the modern Sonic games because they don't give the same feel, and I was super excited to see Sonic The Hedgehog 4, until I tried the demo. Sure it had all the looks but I could immediately tell the "feel" was just wrong. I understand trying modernize a game to make it better, but I was immediately turned off from it.

    This looks the look and talks the talk, but does it walk the walk? They have my attention once again.
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  3. ProfessorLewisTED

    ProfessorLewisTED New Member

    I LOVE SONIC. I entered with everything but, facebook (Because I don't have one and I don't really want one.) I have waited on the edge of my seat to find out who won. I am so curious to see if I win or to even see who wins. #SONICMANIA
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