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Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. LarryBoyG

    LarryBoyG New Member

    I would absolutely love to upgrade my Razer Lycosa to a BlackWidow Chroma V2 Green switches and a Firefly cloth edition for my Razer Mamba. A Razer Tiamat 7.1 to for complete emersion

    A Razer Blade Stealth with a Razor Core wouldn't be bad either ;-)
  2. Arezslan

    Arezslan New Member

    Razer Keyboard: Razer Ornata. I have the Blackwidow but i always wanted to try mecha-membrane for with the mid size keys.
    Mouse: Razer Ouroboros. Always wondered what full customization feels like.
    Mouse Mat: Razer Firefly Cloth. CHROMA that is all.
    Headset: Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2. For a true surround experience.
  3. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Razer Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Mat and Headset,

    Keyboard: Blackwidow Chroma V2. Nothing can beat mechanical green switches in my opinion and the USB/audio port-through is a must.

    Mouse: Razer Lancehead. It is one of the most versatile mice for all hand sizes and I've always wanted to try out a wireless mouse.

    Mouse Mat: Firefly cloth edition. Chroma and soft cloth that won't damage the mouse's pads, what's not to like?

    Headset: Kraken 7.1 V2, amazing sound and build quality.
  4. Burzik

    Burzik Active Member

    There is my sunshine setup:
    Blackwidow chroma v2 (orange switch)
    Mamba chroma
    Tiamat 7.1 V2
    and I believe that my dreams come true
  5. Rnambu

    Rnambu New Member

    Keyboard: Razer blackwidow x Mercury
    Mouse: lancehead
    Mat: Firefly cloth
    Headset: man o war
    Because I want an all white setup, but the lancehead wireless doesn't come in white and neither do the Firefly or man o war
  6. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    Hi all! so here my try to win:
    my dream set is made by the following things:

    1 Razer BlackWidow X Gun Metal Grey - I have the Chroma X black one, and i feel the gunmetal looks very great, and the illumination on the keys and the reflection on the alumium body is realy sexy. I definetely love that design.

    1 Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Gun Metal Grey - Because we must be in the same style, and the lancehead gunmetal wireless is still not here xD I love the led strips and the feel of the wheel and the clicking swicth.

    1 Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 - because style is style, but as a musician, sound is sound, and having that true 7.1 sound pumping into the ears is something magical and a lot more good than having the gunmetal kraken... so, sorry for the kraken, but hey, don't cry...

    1 Razer Firefly Cloth - 'cause we want the ligth, the chroma god that let us to find the chroma mug into the darkness to bring freshness to our body!

    that's all!
    thanks for the prize!
  7. xWrnalp13_

    xWrnalp13_ New Member

  8. Verdej707

    Verdej707 Member

    Still working on my configuration, got myself the firefly, a blackwidow, sieren pro, and the chroma mug and a razer naga. Hoping to upgrade later to get chroma on my keyboard and mouse when I have the funs.
  9. boksquare

    boksquare New Member

    I'd pick the Blackwidow Chroma V2, the Razer Mamba, Razer Firefly Cloth Edition and the Tiamat 7.1 V2.

    This is my dream setup because it's the jack of all trades setup. It can handle everything I throw at it and help me game at a higher level due to comfort and precision
  10. Trackti

    Trackti New Member

    Uhh, nice giveaway.
    I'd probably like:
    -Razer Blackwidow V2 Orange Switch because I'd just love to own the best keyboard of the world! :big_grin_:
    -Razer Firefly because it's LED \(oO)/
    -Razer Mamba Torunament Edition because I LOVE the look of the mouse wheel!
    -Razer ManO'War because it looks boss and theres no cable to annoy me!
    I hope I win!
    Good luck everyone!
  11. Viper-902

    Viper-902 New Member

    All though I already have a full razer set up and it makes me happy already, I would love the Razer Mamba. I chose this mouse because of its beautiful display when you are charging it, making it the perfect emblem of true power and gaming even if you aren't doing anything. It also did catch my eye when you all first introduced the customizable click force, with that, I know I won't have any problems with hesitation if I just randomly click the mouse. I would like to end it with a Good luck to everyone and that I am a huge Razer fan. "Now take up your weapon and find an opponent worth crushing. Happy hunting" ~Min-Liang Tan
  12. LucasBB

    LucasBB New Member

    I would have to go with the Lancehead for the mouse, since it's the only wireless mouse reliable enough for competitive online gaming.
    For the keyboard, you can't go wrong with the Blackwidow X, in the Gunmetal edition!
    I currently have a Vespula mat, but I would love to have an Invicta, that aluminum base looks incredible.

    Last but not least, the headset I'd have to go with the Kraken 7.1 V2. The successor to the first Kraken! I have a Kraken Pro (stereo), and love it to bits. I can only imagine what the V2 is like!
  13. Lr5123

    Lr5123 New Member

    I would like to preface this by saying that I have been a Razer fan for nearly 5 years now and I really like where the company has been going and the design choices in the time that I've been a fanboy have gotten better year in and year out. I would also like to note that even if I don't win this, I will more than likely end up buying this set of peripherals for myself as they compliment each other nicely, hence they are my ideal setup. Without further ado, I give you my personal choices for the best Razer peripheral suite.

    For the keyboard, the obvious choice is the Blackwidow Chroma V2 with the Razer Yellow Switches in the classic Razer black color scheme. With it, I would destroy the competition with my faster key registers, and I would be doing so quieter than ever, to boot. I came to choose this particular keyboard because my experience with Razer Keyboards has been quite good, but my main issue is how loud the green switches are, and how difficult it is to get multiple key registries without making much noise leading to the choice of the Yellow Switches. Comfort is also a main focus here, since I don't own any wrist rests for my keyboard and so most of the time my wrists sit on my wooden desk resulting in discomfort, hence the choice of the V2s since they come with a wrist rest which, from what I've heard, is indeed quite comfortable.

    My mouse of choice would be the Razer Lancehead since my Mamba is on its last legs and one of the rubberized side panels is falling off. I was planning on buying the Lancehead anyway for its superior wireless technology and Synapse 3.0 compatibility, but to be clear the Mamba is an outstanding mouse, it is just lacking in extra macro keys with only 2 extra keys on the left side of the mouse, whereas the Lancehead has a pair on either side, allowing me access to double the number of macros without taking away any of the main functionality of the mouse itself.

    Moving on to the mouse mat, I would wish to compliment the Lancehead with an equally outstanding mat, making the clear choice the Goliathus Speed Overwatch Edition for the large surface area. I play at a low DPI and in-game sensitivity in most games, so I end up picking up my mouse fairly often to continue my crosshair moving across the screen this results in large swaths of time where I cannot be setting up shots for myself so a mat with a larger surface area would equate to less times that I have to pick up my mouse, and -consequentially- more precision and higher numbers of kills against the competition. The choice for the Overwatch Edition is simply gravy on what is already a mat that far exceeds its competitors in surface area as well as precision.

    That brings me to the final piece of the puzzle: the headphones, and for that the best choice would be the Tiamat 7.1 V2 for its superior sound quality. I have given the Man O' Wars a whirl and they weren't really my speed; they were very comfortable but the earpieces would swivel on my head a bit too much. I own a pair of the Kraken Forged Editions and they are an outstanding piece of machinery, but not really a gaming headset in my opinion, and they truly are an experience to use just not particularly for gaming. Currently I use the Kraken 7.1 V2 and they are the best headphones for gaming I have owned yet, but I have been wanting to get a pair of the Tiamats to see what they bring to the table and with the release of the Tiamat V2 I have truly been itching to give them a try since it has multiple sound drivers allowing for better positional audio -making it easier to pick up on noises in game- as well as more true-to-life music media consumption which are both what I have been waiting for in a headset.

    That about wraps things up for my ideal Razer peripheral suite and I would like nothing more than to make that dream a reality by winning this giveaway.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Yours as always, LyronTheGreat
  14. xWrnalp13_

    xWrnalp13_ New Member

    My dream setup would actually be for desktop PC, but since my budget is all under $40, I'd like to win something to spiffy this laptop setup first. Right now I have an HP elitebook 8470p with an i5 at 2.5-3.1 Ghz. Because of this, I have wires all over the place! I have a monitor from my basement hooked up by VGA, a Corsair m65 rgb (laser), a steelseries apex 100 that my friend bought for me, and a Razer Goliatus XL from same friend.

    I would love any Razer Blackwidow X Chroma with blue switches because I LOVE the sound a key makes when pressed. I also like the sweet chroma effects and the simplicity with the design.
    I would also like the Razer Mamba or Mamba TE for a mouse because they NEVER go on sale and they are extremely expensive, but their Chroma is sick and the shape is perfect for me.
    I do not have a headset but I sure wish I did b/c my laptop speakers are TERRIBLE. I can hardly hear a guy jumping in CS:GO. I would like the Man o' War with its bass and true noises, but the Hammerhead is good too with its stealthy look.
    Finally, I would like the Razer Firefly hard as I have a laser corsair mouse that is REALLY heavy. The firefly has amazing Chroma lights which will praise my mouse even more.
    P.S. If you are giving a blade out, Ill take it for under ~$100!
    That will be all! Thx and GL!
  15. IDGamerLife

    IDGamerLife New Member

    Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mercury White
    Mouse: Razer Mamba
    Mouse Mat: Razer Firefly Cloth Edition
    Keypad: Razer Orb weaver Chroma
    Headset: Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Mercury White
    Mic: Razer Seiren Pro
    Speakers: Razer Leviathan
    Laptop: The New Razer Blade Pro 2TB

    Now That's My Razer Dream Setup
  16. I'm thinking the Razer Naga Epic Chroma to upgrade from my earlier model paired with a Blackwidow X Chroma Gunmetal to match my desk. A new Tiamat 7.1 to replace my older model. A Razer Seiren pro for my streaming and podcasts. And top it all off with a Leviathan. I have the NZXT H440 Razer case with all green led, even my kraken x62 is pulsing with razer green pride! I hope to have my whole office glowing green soon to show my set up off!
  17. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    OMG my favorite Razer set up woulde be the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 (yellow switches) with the Razer Lancehead TE in Gunmetalgrey + Razer ManO'war with Chroma logo effect or green edition because the green edition looks cool. And for the effect of awesomeness the Razer Firefly Cloth

    Now to the WHY:

    Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma V2 with yellow switches because I'll have more room on my desk to move the mouse than with a keyboard that includes the num pad (num pad is nice to have, but hey, don't really need it and would miss it that much) and yellow switches because they are A silent and B reactive faster than the green and orange switches

    The Razer Lancehead TE in gunmetalgrey because the gunmetal grey version looks most freshest to me and yet I trust wired mouse more for fast paced gameplay (mostly FPS for me) than wireless ones

    The Razer ManO'war is a hard dession vs. the new Tiamat 2.2 V2 or even the Kraken 7.1 V2 in gunmetalgrey

    I guess they weight and design appeals to me and the ManO'war aren't probably that bad and a fair mix inbetween the other two mentioned headsets. Never owned or had a chance to listen to a Razer headsets sound quality, so I won't be able to tell the diffrence of either one, only to the headsets that I currently own.
    And the ManO'war is not only for PC aswell for PlayStation and have a Chroma lightning effect (that yes, I won't see when wearing them) + the Tiamat has that ugly mic sticking out and for an improved mic/voice quality I extra bought the Razer Siren...i.o.w the mic isn't all that important for me on a headset, then again sound is the most important, so hard to say if I probably should have rather chosen the Tiamat 2.2 V2 over the ManO'War...aaarg it's a hard one on the headset

    Now last but not least the mousepad, I already own a king size XXL mouse pad and I don't digg plasticy micepads therefor the Razer Firefly Cloth and as written above, for THE EFFECT OF AWESOMENESS

    All these combined craft my personal perfect dream setup HADOOKEN
  18. Tokoo69

    Tokoo69 New Member

    Razer Gunmetal Edition Suite is about the only thing I need to make my setup complete.
  19. Mouse: Razer Basilik - My Diamondback is starting to give out, and it is time for an upgrade. The amount of customization on it would be great for me.
    Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 (Green switches, US layout) - I've always been a fan of custom lighting effects. This keyboard has a ton of improvements from the last one, especially the leather wrist rest.
    Mouse mat: Razer Firefly - I love the Chroma lighting and my friends have told me it's just as good as the other mats. I would LOVE this.
    Headset: Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 - I play many games in which I need to know where my enemy is coming from. This headset allows me to listen carefully for footsteps. It seems very comfortable and it would be a great addition for me.
  20. Meshiik

    Meshiik New Member

    I'll go with theBlackwidow (green switches), Deathadder elite, Firefly, and ManO'War, ofc everything in chroma, rbg lightning is life.
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