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Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. DangoRAZER

    DangoRAZER New Member

    My Dream Razer Setup would be: My Razer Kraken USB (wich a allready owne), a Razer deathadder (soon trough zSilver), a Razer blackwidow and a cool mousepad. But the most importatnt is my Wallpaperengine Razer background! :wink_:
  2. AeroBluecardaily664

    AeroBluecardaily664 New Member

    • keyborad: BlackWidow Chorma V2, orange switch
    • mouse: DeathAdder Elite
    • mouse mat: Firefly
    • karken 7.1 V2
    Most of my stuuf are razer but V1. Need some improvement ^^.
  3. greasytoad

    greasytoad New Member

    Razer Blade 14 in, lacks SDXC but its small size is ideal for carrying around
    Sphere thin mousemat, take up no space
    Lance Mouse, quality wireless response in a flat profile
    Mamba for showing he colors
    I use sports over ear pieces, small and handy, the in ear devices are uncomfortable and get dirty
  4. MrCogito

    MrCogito New Member

    I'm fascinated with the new Mercury White line, so I'd go with:
    1. Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mercury White
    2. Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Mercury White
    3. Razer Invicta Mercury White
    4.Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Mercury White
  5. Nyltje

    Nyltje Member

    It looks great and it feels great. I tested it in a shop and it was amazing. My best setup would be something with Razer.
  6. Murukki

    Murukki New Member

  7. Vansanity91_no_id

    Vansanity91_no_id New Member

    Well, I'll just share this XD. I honestly was going to go with Logitech, but my GF was determined Razer was better, I checked reviews on the headsets and the Razer Man'o'war mic was way better and I mean way better. The KB has just as many features with a nice wrist pad and it was cheaper, had me like what lol. The mouse well, I am not that big on mouses so logitechs and razers kinda had the same thing to me, Then the gameboards/pads, Razers doesn't have that annoying screen and a better pad for my wrist. So If I get them for free or not I'm still going to get these lol
    So anyway

    Razer ManO'War Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
    Razer Ornata Chroma – Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard
    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition - Professional Grade Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
    Razer Tartarus Chroma Expert RGB Gaming Keypad

    Good luck everyone
  8. Govanator

    Govanator New Member

    Where to begin? Every piece of Razer kit is always outstanding. My set-up would be substandard without what I currently have.
    Laptop: Blade Pro - 17.3” (4K)
    Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2
    Mouse: Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
    Headset: Razer ManO’War 7.1
    Mouse Mat: Razer Firefly
    And a bag to carry it all: Razer Tactical Pro Backpack 17.3"

    Would be amazing to win it. Good luck to everyone out there.
  9. Murukki

    Murukki New Member

    razor stealth laptop combined with deathrattle mice and blackwidow keyboard in usb. man o war 7.1 would be best headset.
  10. zipa1977

    zipa1977 New Member

    Hi. My RAZER dream set is
    RAZER BlackWidow X CHROMA Gunmetal Grey
    RAZER Lancehead Wireless(i have got a lots of cables)
    RAZER Kraken 7.1 V2 Gunmetal grey.
    For me this is the best set. Everything is powerfull and looks amazing.
    Its only my dream because i cant get it. Real life.
  11. Nice!
    I'd have to go with the Blackwidow Chroma V2 (green switch for the sound :) ) for my keyboard, my mouse would be the Razer Lancehead TE, the mousepad would be the Razer Firefly Cloth Edition and for the headset I'd get the Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2.
    Good luck!
  12. JawneySchulz

    JawneySchulz New Member

    My dream setup would be a Razer Blackwidow X Tournament Edition Chroma. Razer Deathadder Chroma 2016 and a Razer invicta Gunmetal Grey mouse mat :heart: :heart:
  13. nito-ryuu

    nito-ryuu New Member

    Razer Blade Pro 17.3"

    Razer ManO'War 7.1
  14. Ghostsniper5066

    Ghostsniper5066 New Member

    My dream setup includes: a razer blackwidow chroma v2, a Razer Lancehead TE, a set of razer Tiamat headphones and a razer firefly hard edition. This is my dream setup as all of the items I have chosen work together well and are unified in comfort.
  15. DustyGloop

    DustyGloop New Member

    So my dream setup is for the good of the team.
    I'd go with a Naga Epic Chroma, so that I have more ways of adding controls to the speed of my thumb.
    For a mat I'd use the Vespula for the wrist rest, as my mouse control style is with my wrist restting on the edge of my desk.
    Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Gunmetal Grey, ideally if possible with yellow switches, if not with a set of Razer Mechanical Keyboard Enhancement Kit to reduce the noise of the keys so as to not annoy my teammates with the clacking, plus this style looks wonderful.
    For that sweet audio, Tiamat 7.1 V2 so that I can get a good fix on the footsteps as they try and sneak up on me.
  16. NeonZip75

    NeonZip75 Member

    razer mamba + razer blackwidow chroma v2 + razer firefly :big_grin_:
  17. jackj0120

    jackj0120 New Member

    Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma
    Mouse: Razer Mamba
    Pad: Razer Firefly
    Headset: Razer ManO'War
    Reasons? Well, they're obviously awesome, so I don't feel the need to give reasons.
  18. Locras

    Locras New Member

    Actually im playing with my good old DeathAdder and Tarantula from 2006. When I grab an other mouse or Keybord it feels pretty weird.
    Maybe the Ornata comes near the Tarantula but I'd like to try the Blackwidow X Chroma because I love the looks. And the Ornata is klicky as hell. I'd love it but my roommate would kill me ^^

    So my dream setup will be:
    - Blackwidow X Chroma Gunmetal Grey (Orange switches would be awesome but still not available =( )
    - Deathadder Turnament Edition
    - Goliathus Speed Medium
    - Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Gunmetal Grey

    The Blade Stealth looks awesome but when it comes to gaming, a tower is the only option for me.
  19. AQUAMARINEradio466

    AQUAMARINEradio466 New Member

    my dream setup:
    Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Gunmetal Grey
    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition

    Razer Destructor 2
    Razer ManO'War (wireless)

    may the luckiest person win

  20. KZol102

    KZol102 New Member

    I would go with a Razer Blackwidow v2 (Green switch, UK Layout), a Razer Deathadder Elite, Goliathus Overwatch edition and a Kraken 7.1 v2
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