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Giveaway | Share your dream Razer configuration

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. RewzGaming

    RewzGaming New Member

    I just want :
    Razer Kraken V2
    Blackwiddow V2 with yellow switches / Ornata Chroma
    Deathadder Elite chroma of course
    and Razer Firefly

    *actually i dont have a gaming PC, just a potato laptop. i want the gear first, then i buy a R1...perhaps :/

    UNSULLlED New Member

    I would swear by the Blackwidow Chroma V2 Yellow switch for the fast response that esports would need, the Deathadder Elite the choice of esports giving you the best gaming mouse, the Tiamat 7.1 giving you the true surround sound that is needed in esports to give you positional audio & the Firefly Cloth giving you the best pair with the Deathadder Elite optical sensor since optical sensor is best used with cloth mats. With all these I can proudly say that Razer is #ForGamersByGamers
  3. As i am a big fan of overwatch, the Razer Goliathus overwatch edition would be awesome . i would prefer the Tiamat 7.1 V2 for ultimate gaming immersion, but an overwatch edition mano'war would be great aswell. i already have razer headphones, keyboard, and mouse, but i feel my headphones could be better, the razer lancehead tournament edition mercury white also looks like am amazing mouse. and i need a better mouse-pad, either the goliathus or the firefly hard edition (whatever its called) for the keyboard, i would like the razer blackwidow x chroma mercury white, as it is my favorite looking keyboard and it personally looks like my favorite one so far. the razer blade pro would have to be included for trips on the road, as i travel often, speaking of travelling, the razer rouge backpack 15.6' would be great. if i am asking for much, i apologize, but you told us our ultimate setup, and this is what i will eventually aim for (aswell as a mic stand cause im using a roll of duck tape to hold up my snowball[not asking for one btw]).

    if there is orange switched on the mercury white blackwidow x, i would like those
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  4. SimonDaBoi_no_id

    SimonDaBoi_no_id New Member

    I mean i have 3 razer gear but my dream setup would be something like this:
    Razer Blackwidow Chroma X in the middle
    Razer Firefly with a Razer Naga Chroma
    Razer Kraken Chroma to make my gaming setup pretty much complete, but that's not all
    Razer Serein because i need a microphone ( i know the headphones have them but it would look more like a studio type of thing ) A Razer Base Station would be nice to have but not really needed. (Although like i said it would be pretty nice to have) And to top it all off i would have a Razer Orbweaver Chroma just to get that touch of a multitasking studio, I mean i'm pretty sure i'm not gonna win but atleast i gave my dream setup to the people who watch this.
  5. DestinationGaming

    DestinationGaming New Member

    This is a tough one because there are so many great Razer products... I think my dream set-up would probably have the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mercury White because of its flashy RGB lighting and special white finish. I'd also pick the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Mercury White to match. As for a mat, I'd pick the Razer Firefly...I'm an RGB enthusiast as you can probably tell. If your gonna get new gear, it's gotta look as good as it performs!! (haha) As for the headset, I'd go with the Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Mercury White not only to match the special white finish of the other components, but because it's got the amazing and immersive surround sound that adds so much to the everyday gaming experience. This stuff would honestly boost my gaming experience by 1000%.

    GL Everyone!!
  6. My ideal setup would definitely be a Man O'War 7.1 headset, Black widow Chroma V2 keyboard and a Naga Epic Chroma mouse with a firefly mat.
    Being a student makes it difficult enough to get my gaming laptop repaired so getting a bundle of Razer goodies would soften the blow of spending that much! Plus, it would make all the time spent at the laptop doing work far far farrrrr better looking!
    GL all!
  7. Dqninja25

    Dqninja25 New Member

    honestly i would go with the razer naga epic chroma edition, for the mouse mat the razer gigantus, then for the keyboard the blackwidow x chroma, and finally for the headset the mano'war. but in all honesty who needs the keyboard when you can get a razer blade and have one built in
  8. patou3480

    patou3480 New Member

    I think the perfect setup would be a BlackWidow Chorma V2 Green Switch, then Deathadder Elite's , next is Firefly Cloth , and of course Tiamat 7.1 V2
  9. groy22799

    groy22799 New Member

    Ideal set up, let’s see…Currently my home machine (Dell M4600) is not suitable for any real gaming. I have played SWTOR and WarFrame on it, but the motherboard overheated and died. I have since replaced the motherboard as I need the computer for productivity tasks. That said, the first piece of the puzzle would be a Razer Blade Pro. I am trying to save for a FullHD version. A Razer Core with a decent GPU would be nice, as well, as I like to run 3+ displays. I currently have 2, plus a TV, but I would like to add an UltraWide curved display to the mix.

    Now, I currently am sporting peripherals that are old and not geared for gaming. Being an IT professional (Network Engineer), I tend to lean towards higher end gear I don’t have experience with it. Space is also not an issue, as I am working on building a desk for my “man cave” aka utility room. That said, for peripherals, my preferred setup would be...

    Keyboard = Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 with Orange Switches. Love the feel of good tactile keys!
    Mouse = Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Gunmetal Gray. I do prefer symmetry and this mouse looks amazing!
    Mat = Razer Goliathus Speed - Cosmic Edition. Love the look and speed benefits my gaming most.
    Headset = Razer ManO’War. High Quality Wireless Headset would be an amazing addition to a set up. I would also like to get a Leviathan so my kids could enjoy the experience with me!

    To round it all out, a back pack, mobile mouse and mat would be nice, plus I am going to be working on my employer to get me a Stealth for carrying with me to network closets…we’ll see how that goes. I do love Razer’s products and hope to start using some very soon!! Especially working at an engineering university…I would love to show some of these kids what Razer can do! Can’t wait to see what the mobile phone offering is going to look like!!!
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  10. LonghornPrime

    LonghornPrime New Member

    BlackWidow X Chroma (Black)
    Firefly Mouse Mat
    Thresher Ultimate for Xbox One
  11. fotiZ

    fotiZ New Member

    Blackwidow Ultimate 2016
    Deathadder Chroma
    Goliathus Extended
    and Headset
    Kraken 7.1 wireless
  12. Johanko

    Johanko New Member

    I would love to game on BlackWidow X Chroma green switch to play comfortably and precisely, also DeathAdder Elite so my headshots hurt the most, Razer Firefly chroma so the DeathAdder can feel at home and also Razer Man O' War 7.1 to complete my Black & Green setup and hear everyone coming from a far.
  13. RewzGaming

    RewzGaming New Member

    and i forget to add some gears *lol
    i want a Razer Seiren and maybe the Razer Blade.

    why Razer Blade?
    yeah because i want a laptop that can help me with my schoolwork and gaming.
    and why Razer Seiren?
    Because i have a plan to be a streamer, so i need the best mic for recording my voice.

    all the gears + Razer Laptop = Fantastic, very very nice!....in my opinion
  14. Luk4h.

    Luk4h. New Member

    Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow X - Green switch (that click sound :ok_hand:)
    Mouse: DeathAdder Elite - Perfect for a gamer who plays in tournaments and play professionally and need a top performance mouse.
    Mouse mat: goliathus Extra large control mouse pad - team razer edition. Big enough to handle people who play with low sensitivity looking for more precision.
    Headset: Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 - Need to say anything about the best razer headset?
  15. Nedjo97B3AST

    Nedjo97B3AST New Member

    My dream setup by RAZER would be exactly like this!
    Maingear R2 RAZER EDITION because let's face it it's the best looking desktop anyone could ever ask for,and i don't even need to mention those insane specs !
    Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition mouse,that is just sick collaboration of pure performance and beautiful design!
    Razer Leviathan Speaker System,i never had a chance to heard this 2.1 speaker sys. before,but considering the fact that it's maded by RAZER,it must be a badass performer
    Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 i just love that simple somehow mechanical design,and i cannot imagine how good they sound
    Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit off corse,it's 2017 who even knows about world without cool las vegas lights anymore haha
    And finnaly Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard i love that thing,there is no word that can describe that keyboard!
    So that is my perfect dream setup from RAZER!
    I have sold my whole pc setup few months ago so i can finish programming academy,I don't have money to buy new one and play my fav. games like before,i hope will winn!
    Love for RAZER's work over the years and whole team!
  16. Definitely the mamba cause sweet sweet wireless,with the firefly hohoho and gunmetal black widow x with the tiamat v2 to bring the boom
  17. FriendNick

    FriendNick New Member

    Keyboard:Razor Black Widow Chromo V2 Because That sexy clicky sound.
    Mouse:Razor Mamba because wireless make it look clean
    MousePad:Razor Firefly because rgb is 2017
    Headset:Man o War Because it works on ps4
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  18. DrxgN

    DrxgN New Member

    My Razer dream setup would consist out of following products:

    MOUSE: Because i really hate the Cable on my current mouse and because of the fact that i would just enjoy more freedom, i am picking the RAZER MAMBA! Because i prefer big mice (for obvious reasons: MY HANDS ARE KINDA BIG) i think that the Mamba would be the perfect choice. And if i want the use a cable with it then it is no problem at all.

    KEYBOARD: Its an easy choice for me. The RAZER BLACKWIDOW CHROMA V2 with Razer™ Orange Switches. I love mechanical Keyboards, it's that simple. I would only use Orange Switches because i have made only good experiences with the clicky but quiet "MX BROWN" switches. I love the tactile feel on them but don't want to annoy my friends with the noise while we are playing. The Razer™ Orange Switches provide what i need and want. Also.... I have to use a Keyboard with a wrist rest. I just can't use one without one. It would not feel complete then. The fact that it also has a Numpad is great. Its just a part of my workflow.

    MOUSE MAT: Even though I love myself some RGB, a Razer Firefly is not the mouse mat i need, even though i would love to have it. I need a BIG mouse mat. Its just how i prefer it. Thats why i have to pick the RAZER GOLIATHUS SPEED COSMIC EDITION in the EXTENDED size. (Why not the TERRA EDITION? Well.... i prefer the COSMIC design). It provides the size and performance i need to be as efficient as possible. In gaming and in my job as media designer. Also it's green, the best color ever.

    HEADSET: The Razer ManO'War 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset! It's wireless, looks awesome, has great sound and comes with Chroma lighting! What else do you need? It's just an amazing piece of tech. Its perfect for me. I would just love to include this headset in my RAZER DREAM SETUP!

    I would be the happiest person in the universe if my RAZER DREAM SETUP would not be a dream. Instead REALITY. I wish all the luck to everyone who has a dream setup to win. But obviously i hope i could be the one.

    I thank everyone at RAZER for this opportunity.

    Much love,
  19. Joshva

    Joshva New Member

    I have got a BlackWidow Chroma V2 Green Switch On the way currently!
    I have already got a Death Adder Chroma Mouse!

    So all i need to complete my Dream setup is a Razer firefly Cloth to Light up my Death Adder and a Man o War wireless to hear my enemy's 3 miles before they hear me and maybe even a Razer headset stand to put it on! ;)
  20. Hikari1503

    Hikari1503 New Member

    Hey :D,

    Firstly, thank you so much for this giveaway Razer, this is so cool !

    My razer dream setup is the Mercury White one

    - BlackWidow X Chroma Mercury White
    - Lancehead Tournament Edition Mercury White
    - Kraken 7.1 V2 Mercury White
    - Invicta Mercury White

    Because when I saw this new edition I instantly fell in love with. In addition, my boyfriend has approximately the same setup but in black and I think it could be nice if I have almost the same in white.

    Thanks again and good luck to everyone :four_leaf_clover::gift:
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