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Giveaway | Share your dream Razer configuration

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. deby galvao_no_id

    deby galvao_no_id New Member

    I'm a gamer and a EDM, Hip Hop and Orchestral producer! As you know, it is very important to have the most powerful pc as possible! The best setup would be definitely having:

    • Display: 17.3" THX Certified 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 NVIDIA® G-SYNC™;
    • Processor: Overclocked Quad-Core 7th Gen® Intel™ Core i7-7820HK Processor with Hyper-Threading 4.3GHz;
    • Graphic card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 (8GB GDDR5X VRAM)
    • Memory: 32GB dual-channel;
    • Storage: 2TB SSD;
    • silent BlackWidow Chroma V2
  2. RazerBoy2020

    RazerBoy2020 New Member

    Black widow X Chroma mercury white because it’s sexy. Lancehead tournament edition mercury white because sexyness. The Razer firefly mouse mat because rgb master race. Razer hammerhead wireless earbuds because of that rgb Razer logo on the buds. It’s all too sexy!
  3. Car_lito_no_id

    Car_lito_no_id New Member

    Razer Lancehead
    Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2
    Razer Leviathan
    Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2
    Razer Sphex V2
    Razer Rogue 17.3" backpack
  4. GradeFX

    GradeFX New Member

  5. MattyBoiii

    MattyBoiii New Member

    My dream Razer config is:
    Keyboard - BlackWidow Chroma V2 with
    orange switches
    Mouse - DeathAdder Elite
    Mouse Mat - Firefly
    Headset - Kraken 7.1 V2 (Black)

    These up-to-date peripherals would go really well with my shiny new gaming PC I recently obtained! Even if I don't win, I'm going to be getting all of these eventually but maybe, just maybe, I will be quite lucky here instead :wink_:

    The reason I have chosen these is because all of them (except the Firefly) are the upgraded version of what I currently own and use, so an upgrade would be epic!

    Good luck everyone! :smile_:
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  6. Dream setup
    • Deathadder chroma
    • Black widow x chroma-Black
    • Firefly cloth
  7. SphyreX

    SphyreX New Member

    Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Gunmetal
    Razer Lancehead Gunmetal
    Razer Gigantus
    Razer Kraken Pro V2 Black

    Chroma beauties on desk, plus the best of comfort from the Gigantus.
    and I have always wanted a Kraken Pro since its release, but have never got a headset.
    More so, everyone at home would be attracted to the sight of Chromas at my desk!
    They already admire the beauty the wave Chroma on my Lancehead.
  8. Arufied

    Arufied New Member

    • Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Mercury White
    • Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Mercury White
    • Razer Goliathus
    • Razer Thresher
    These are the slickest most durable gear!
    I enjoy the how robust the keyboard is along with the mouse and how awesome they look in white.
    The mouse pad offers a lot of room and precision
    The headset offers top notch sound and immersion!
    Can't go wrong!
  9. andrikos_no_id

    andrikos_no_id New Member

    I am trying to build a new set up so i would like for mouse a RAZER NAGA HEX V2 so i could had micro keys .For keyboard i would like a RAZER BLACKWIDOW CHROMA V2 with green switches .For mat a RAZER GOLIATHUS CONTROL-GRAVITY EDITION .For headset RAZER TIAMAT 7.1 V2 .
  10. Ambytion

    Ambytion New Member

    My dream razer combination would be the lancehead wireless, the razer firefly, the razer kraken 7.1 v2, and the classic green switch blackwidow chroma v2. Thanks for the giveaway opportunities razer fam! gl everyone
  11. Keyboard: BLACKWIDOW X CHROMA with green switches
    Headset: MANO ' WAR
    Mouse Mat: GOLIATHUS control - gravity edition - extended
    Mouse: MAMBA tournament edition
  12. I try to be as fun and also competitive as possible all while having a great time with myself and also my friends that love having me around whether it is Overwatch, Streaming, Or even World Of Warcraft, So to make my experience as well as theirs the best possible, I would have to go with the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 Keyboard, for comfort, And top notch response, The Razer Naga Epic Chroma for using the side buttons during streaming to switch scenes easily, And you can't forget to keep even more comfortable with the Razer Vespula which of course is reversible for your proper gaming needs, And last but not least, to not loose sight or... sound around you, The Razer Tiamat 2.2 V2 to make sure no one sneaks up behind you :D. Good luck everyone!
  13. tates11

    tates11 New Member

    Mouse: Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
    A gaming mouse that I can choose whether I'd go wireless or wired when playing games and the design suits to my grip.
    Mat: Razer Destructor 2
    A mouse mat for both control and speed, just at the middle range.
    Headset: Razer Tiamat 7.1v2
    Its all about the sound quality!
    Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 (Yellow switches)
    All those lights and clicky sound.​

    This should be my dream Razer config for my PC, a definite reliable and comfortable peripherals would surely enhance my gaming experience.
  14. jailecious

    jailecious New Member

    my setup will be sick with: razer blackwidow x ultimate
    razer mamba 16000
    razer firefly
    razer kraken pro (best headset)
    razer headphones stand
    and the last but not the least: razer serval gamepad
    i really really wish to win all the razor products are super awesome
  15. Tackertyp

    Tackertyp Active Member

    Deathadder Chroma, Ornata Chroma, Firefly and the Razer Titamat.
  16. Vermilioncampbiz608

    Vermilioncampbiz608 New Member

    Razer Blade Stealth
    Razer Lancehead
    Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2
    Razer Core
    And Gunnar FPS Glasses
  17. Gavin alejos_no_id

    Gavin alejos_no_id New Member

    I had dreamed about this
    Keyboard:slient blackwidow x tournament edition chroma V2 (orange switch) for the best movement and style
    Mouse:eek:verwatch razer death adder elite for the best grip for my hand
    Mouse pad:razer firefly for the amazing color and space
    Headset:razer manO' war. For the best sound and the cordless headset
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  18. My perfect set up would be:

    Keyboard: Blackwidow Chroma V2
    Mouse: Mamba tournament edition
    Headset: Man'o'war
    Mouse Pad: Firefly

    My reasons are not only that stuff amazing to have but c'mon just turn off the lights while streaming and how amazing would all of this look in the dark!

    Hmmmm too nice is what I'm thinking haha
  19. Teomaniacos

    Teomaniacos New Member

    i kinda have a nice setup from razer !
    Blackwidow v2 (green)
    kraken V2
    mamba TE
    and also the leviathan
    i would love to see the rgb from razer going inside my pc case and connect all together..i cant wait for that !
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