[Giveaway] The Fate of the Furious

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Apr 19, 2017.

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  1. Gunbust3rDX

    Gunbust3rDX New Member

    Wow, I let you know you are breaking facebooks own rules for contests and your solution is to block my account from commenting on your page there. Is that your solution to all customer support problems?
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  2. TARDIS737

    TARDIS737 New Member

    The 2 characters seen with Razer Blades in the film are Ramsey and Tej, favourite characters (coincidently) are Ramsey and Tej. The car shown in the post is the Koeningsegg Agera.
    A New Razer Blade Stealth would be a beautiful upgrade from my yucky old MacBook Pro (disgraceful)...
  3. Armydrifter

    Armydrifter Active Member

    I feel the same way for each giveaway! But I am always happy when someone who badly needs it wins and not just someone who sells it.
  4. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    These movies are so cheesy and I can't stand all the hand to hand fighting junk but the cars are sweet.
  5. Avaddov

    Avaddov Active Member

    Entered yesterday. I REEEALLY need a Blade for me to take to work, but I can't afford to invest in one.
    Not after building MEDUSA (my rig).
    Help an air force soldier out here, guys.
    I need that beautiful machine to help me get through my service! :grin:
  6. Armydrifter

    Armydrifter Active Member

    I was with you on it all if I did not win till you said Air Force, Army for the win here. But at least you are not using a Star Card to buy one of these some how! lol
  7. Avaddov

    Avaddov Active Member

    Because I'm not serving in the US.
    And yah, the Air Force is kinda lax. Even here. But that's just where they put me when I was drafted so whatever.
  8. Armydrifter

    Armydrifter Active Member

    Drafted Damn I want the blade bad but youd be a second runner up being drafted and all
  9. yjlover0112

    yjlover0112 New Member

    All procedures are done.
    Now it's time to go to church everyday and pray for the win!
  10. Bennywins

    Bennywins New Member

    The car is a Koenigsegg Agera! I hope i win. I have a good feeling. Thanks for having another amazing giveaway Razer!
  11. TARDIS737

    TARDIS737 New Member

    Razer, oh Razer. I pray to thee, LET ME HAVE THIS!
  12. manchaz

    manchaz New Member

    Six year old comp. here lol

    I was thinking it was a Lamborghini Gallardo, but not, its a Koenigsegg Agera :D
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  13. VersusPower

    VersusPower New Member

    Thanks for it!
  14. DARKKi

    DARKKi Active Member

    I did not even know about those short films. Thanks for this post! Gotta go search them right now :)

    But you are right though about the naming structure :D Someone who does not know the franchise does not know where to start (The Fast and The Furious or Fast and Furious) ;)
  15. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    I went and asked my little brother, since he went to see it xD
    I stopped watching when the 4th movie came out, and the 3rd is my fav.

    I have no idea which car it's in the picture, but I saw the name in the comments.
    Daaaamn, that's a smexy car :heart:
    I still dream about a Lamborghini, it's my fav of all cars.

    Thanks for the chance.
  16. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Now this one is a fun giveaway! I'm just happy to see Razer showing up in major media, I found that to be very exciting. :)
  17. RockEye

    RockEye New Member

    So much do want!
  18. Albertbz

    Albertbz Member

    Just be happy that you don't need Nordic layout xD
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  19. Drifterman

    Drifterman New Member

    Goodluck everybody! Thank for all this giveaways Razer :D
  20. Ultimecia

    Ultimecia New Member

    Or Italian -_-
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