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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Jangog

    Jangog New Member

    This must absolutely be the day I bought my first razer product. The Ouroboros mouse. Ever since, I've been a growing razer fan. Extending from mouse, to mousepad, macroboard, headset and keyboard.
    So keep up the good work, Razer! And thanks for the years of service.
  2. Xrough

    Xrough New Member

    Oh my..
    The best memory would have to be from when I ordered the original Razer Mamba and the Razer Megalodon 7.1 for my new Alienware laptop. I still remember when the postal service drove up to my driveway and handed me the huge box containing my goodies inside. My green setup was now complete!

    That was 8 years ago, the computers change, but the megalodon and mamba are still being used to this day - keep up the good work!
  3. jadzas

    jadzas New Member

    Saw Swifty playing warrior with razer naga, and it blew my mind. Few months later saved cash for naga and i can't imagine other mouse with all other games i play now. Not just wow, everything. pure ownage!
  4. 5ergio

    5ergio New Member

    Greatest memory: Definitely earning a Razer Naga 2012 from a give away! I was ecstatic and all the gamer colleagues in the office was going nuts. Non-gamer plebs was looking at us as if we are from space or something :)

    An extra, most intense memory: Spilling a full can of beverage onto my Goliathus. I was running rampant at home yelling at my friends like "Guys! Hey! HEY! How do we clean this? HELP ME!!" Eventually, we cleaned it just fine, it's still perfect and now I'm labeled as the over-attached-to-his-Razer-stuff guy lol
  5. First Razer product I used was the Deathadder Elite. The ergonomics and comfort really made gaming much easier on the hands.
  6. Dagonzaros

    Dagonzaros New Member

    I have to say the day that I got my Razer H440 because it was next to my Adaro on the stand, my ManO'War on the desk, BlackWidow Chroma lighting up the room and Naga Epic Chroma silently waiting.
  7. Getting my first mechanical keyboard. The razer blackwidow chroma
  8. soloWineIVORY657

    soloWineIVORY657 New Member

    Thanks cor this opportunity
  9. jason091287

    jason091287 New Member

    My roommate and I have the Chroma set ups right next to each other. Black Widow, Mamba TE, and firefly...and we like to sync up our Spotify accounts with the same song at the same time with music visualizers. Really fun!
  10. Spartanedu

    Spartanedu New Member

    Getting my first razer product which was the very first Razer Kraken :big_grin_: I still use it nowadays with my computer and I have to say they make gaming a whole new experince. Can't get tired of them
  11. yamatoguro

    yamatoguro New Member

    Back in 2013, I met a guy from Razer Brasil, played some games with him and I bought next day my first peripherals, a Razer Abyssus + Cyclosa bundle. Since then I never play witout Razer. Since that day I'm happy with Razer. That day taught me how to play with friends. Thanks Razer.
  12. just thank you. NO ONE CAN BEAT RAZER
  13. rewen_no_id

    rewen_no_id New Member

    The day my friend received his new Razr Blade after purchasing it based on my recommendation, despite me not owning one myself. One day!
  14. BEST MEMORY - Acing the crossfire ghost mode with the razer Kraken for the first time
  15. IamJemao

    IamJemao New Member

    Dear Razer

    Thank You for giving me the best gaming experience. Also my mom loves the clicking from the blackwidow keyboard :D
  16. cslance

    cslance New Member

    Its a very unique experience. Just like first love. Once you attached with Razer, you will never stay away from it until the end of your life. Like how I got myself the 1st Deathadder, its like first love, the touch, the vibe, the feeling you will never forget. Remember the the moment and enjoy the rest of life with Razer.
  17. Corw_no_id

    Corw_no_id New Member

    naga elite forever!
  18. savvas87

    savvas87 New Member

    my first razer is abyssus 2014 + blackwidow
  19. drknsurfur

    drknsurfur New Member

    Falling in love with my first Diamondback mouse until it finally fell apart many years later and buying my first pair of Razer headphones(Orcas) in lime green. Everyone talked smack until they put them on and they asked how much they were after =P
  20. Gold-Kill

    Gold-Kill New Member

    I dont have the money to buy stuff from Razer god i wish i had, But i remember to play on a Razer Blackwidow Chroma for the first time at a friends house and it felt amazing, The moment in saw it i felt overwhelmed, And the moment i put my finger on it i had an orgasm hahahahah, Thank you for having me in such an amazing community, I wish everyone the best and to have an amazing day! No even Life!
  21. Bestest

    Bestest New Member

    It was when I saw my friend's headphones in school. They were absolutely amazing and I actually bought one later!
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