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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. techImperialgeo866

    techImperialgeo866 New Member

    Has to be my Razer Lachesis... First proper gaming peripheral I ever owned, was a huge eye-opener after years of crummy freebie mice! Gave me the confidence to try my hand at online gaming for the first time... And the DPI switch helped me to countless headshot m-m-m-m-monster kills in unreal tournament!! Good times :D
  2. Gold-Kill

    Gold-Kill New Member

    Iam sorry for my bad English, I tried my best.
  3. Eluzionz

    Eluzionz New Member

    Finishing my first PC build, connecting my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate and my Razer Deathadder, and seeing that beautiful blue glow.
  4. Jnavacar

    Jnavacar New Member

    The first Razer product I acquired was the Razer Naga Chroma, and I must admit it was an amazing experience to enjoy that amount of programmable keys for an MMO, plus it is BEAUTYFUL because of the impressive amount of colours it has with it... Totally recommendable.
  5. theohly663

    theohly663 New Member

    First item ever bought was the Razer mouse Lachesis and instantly fell in love with it. Still using that mouse to do day. 4 additional Razer products were purchased after that mouse.
  6. Nordskog

    Nordskog New Member

    My life changed when I got the first headset of my life, the razer kraken 7.1 made me feel the games differently. Razer, never stop been you!!
  7. autoCopperTOPAZ534

    autoCopperTOPAZ534 New Member

    I always saw streamers and youtubers getting razer goodies and i was always so jealous of them, until i decided to buy the razer naga. I was playing wow and this mouse changed everything for me, made my life a whole lot easier and happier. Since then i have bought pretty much every razer product,
  8. cools22

    cools22 New Member

    Had a great experience when i bought my first copperhead and upgraded form the classic microsoft mouse. Definitely made playing Counter Strike, and Unreal Tournament much more fun.
  9. Iron_Wolf

    Iron_Wolf New Member

    My greatest memory would be when I first got into gaming, and bought myself my very first gaming mouse, the Razer Taipan. Man oh man did it feel nice, and last as long as thought! Razer has game!
  10. My greatest memory with Razer would have to be eagerly waiting to pre-order the Nabu X. It was so exciting when it finally came and it was my first experience with a smart band/watch.
  11. YoussofZayed

    YoussofZayed New Member

    My first ever Razer product was the Razer Carcharias Headset for the Pc and Xbox... which I remember I had to save for like 4-5 month like 3 or 4 years ago when my parents used to give me pocket money monthly, I also remember getting in trouble for buying it since it was "TOO expensive" for a headset but I didn't care tbh, because it was my first ever tech product I actually bought for myself and it is still working perfectly. I have created some kind of bond with it is freaking amazing. I absolutely love it. :heart:

    My second Razer product was the Razer Hammerhead v1 . It was the longest working headphones with me (I have a bad history with headphones,they usually do not last 2 month with me), it lasted for almost a freaking year. I got really mad when it started to breakdown, even tho I took huge care about it, it was like my baby. But oh well, good things will have to come to an end at some point. Until now I can not find a more comfortable + Good Quality Headphones with amazing base and great price that is extremely unique in the colour and desgin. I am very excited to try the V2. (I am saving for it, but do not tell my parents XD XD).

    Thank you Razer for the unique products you have provided us. My link with you as customer has been very little, but it will diffidently thicken as time goes on :D
  12. KazeLimVincent

    KazeLimVincent New Member

    Well the day I bought my 1st gaming mouse. The razer death adder with only blue light,
    it was freakin epic.Haha. fast forward to today. I've tried countless mice. And i ended up with the Razer Mamba wireless 5g as my daily driver. That rainbow wave. Ugh Love it
  13. geoPineGreenpark350

    geoPineGreenpark350 New Member

    My first razer product was the Kraken Pro. It felt so good that one year later I bought the Kraken 7.1. Now I'm with the Kraken Pro v2 and I have never regreted my purshase. I decided to make my gaming experience fully Razer and I bought the Blackwidow Chroma, the Mamba and the Firefly mat. I have now Razer stickers everywhere o_O The best memory? Can't choose, too many...
  14. JJ728

    JJ728 New Member

    I thought I was doing great, until I found the Naga - then I was a goddess in RBGs. Binding things to the keys has made slinging heals so much faster!
  15. Namorence

    Namorence New Member

    Back in the days when I got my first Naga 2014! Then the new Naga, the Blackwidow TKL Stealth, love em all!
  16. Prince

    Prince New Member

    My best razer moment was the time I got my razer blade in the mail. Was one of the best moments of my life seeing the sleek packaging and finding my blade inside! Love it so much, I have used it everyday in college for gaming and taking notes in class!!
  17. Jolthammer

    Jolthammer New Member

    My daughter came home from college and saw my Razer Mouse I used for playing Warcraft. When she went back to college, she sneakily took it as her Warcraft Mouse, and plugged her old one into my PC. Rotten, no-good, but smart kid.

    My other daughter still uses the Tron Mouse and Mousepad.
  18. Mrfox82

    Mrfox82 New Member

    I was really in awe when I was watching a video about the razer revelation at CES and protect Valerie came by. A new laptop by razer wow... Wait a min.. 3 freaking screens :eek: incredible. How impressive is that.
    Something interrupted me so I quit watching.
    The next day I watched the rest and my amazement grew while seeing project ariana
    Incredible, they topped themselves. A pc with the whole wall as a screen w/o the need for a projector screen or clearing furniture.
    Realizing dreams people didn't know they had
  19. PooziSlayur

    PooziSlayur New Member

    I really enjoyed the first time I used Razer Cortex years ago, it was simply amazing to try something from the exciting to be trying an app entirely made from my favourite company Razer! All those black and dark green colors fascinated me and I still use it to this day. Keep up the great work, Razer! :)
  20. Arinelle

    Arinelle New Member

    Had to be when I bought my razer deathadder. It was the first mouse I had that lasted years, and was such an amazing mouse compared to the cheap ones I had used previously. I've since added quite a few razor products for my computer but it was the one that changed my game, literally.
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