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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Sociopathicsolja

    Sociopathicsolja New Member

    Use the black widow ultimate currently, used to have a wireless death adder too but broke it..Loved that mouse
  2. SlayerX65

    SlayerX65 New Member

    I remember buying the first Mamba mouse and being awed by the amount of control it had compared to the other mice i had used. I have since upgrade to another Mamba TA, and added 2 more death adders to the other PCs at my place. The Razers have always been a step above.
  3. I have a Razer headset I am very pleased with them,do not provide any game without this high-quality sound.
  4. eggTulipventure311

    eggTulipventure311 New Member

    Damn, my best moment was when I got my first razer, the first deathadder, incredible ! At the begining, I remember using one random mouse for office works and switching to my new razer for gaming because I wanted that the mouse last forever. I renew it 3 years latter for a new deathadder all black (pure love).
  5. My very first Razer was the Razer Mamba, the most memorable thing about this mouse was that I spent all of my lucky money to get and got scold pretty badly by my parents about, since they consider every mouse to be the same. Fun happy old memory.
  6. Guilherme07

    Guilherme07 New Member

    My first device i bought from razer was the mouse diamondback and i fell in love right from the moment i saw it!
  7. Spit2n

    Spit2n New Member

    My first Razer product was the collaboration with Microsoft the Razer Reclusa
  8. lussierd16

    lussierd16 New Member

    I don't have any experiences yet because I haven't purchased any products yet but I really like what I see. I'd like to make some memories someday. Pick me!
  9. Magik.Cali

    Magik.Cali New Member

    I once carried around a bulky asus g53 to school and work. The back pains from walking with it were horrible. Then I got my razer blade and now I can make models, renderings, and play games on the go without carrying a giant brick. Thanks Razer
  10. triade

    triade New Member

    My first razer product were the medalodon headphones. The most innovative headphones of the era....
  11. Danjoft

    Danjoft New Member

    So i was a little kid back in 2009 around 15 y.o and currency here in Argentina makes it hard to buy Razer merchandise. I saved money out from many christmases and birthday presents to buy out my first gaming mouse since i've been playing CS 1.6 for a while. Everyone recommended me to buy a good mouse to help me improve my aim ingame but as i said, money is scarce here.
    Once i had a good amount of money on my budget i decided to buy some big flashy mouse and i stumbled upon this mouse that caught my eye: the Razer Lachesis Legacy (4000dpi) which gave me so many experiences in LAN events and so on i can't remember them all, the eager to achieve something, to become someone...
    So life has passed by and that eager diminished but not my gaming ways. I got my old Razer Lachesis still with me fully working and well preserved! maybe the rubber got a bit rotten due to continued usage over 8 years but works like a charm! Here's proof of my old buddy still working as i write this attached to my post. GL to all and congrats Razer!
  12. Eamon_Ftw

    Eamon_Ftw New Member

    First congratulations for hitting this huge mile stone. Greatest memory, soo many to choose from. From the razer McFly xD to the Breadwarmer. It has to be the project Valerie. One of the best projects taken on by only the best company. Hopefully this comes out soon.

    Ps still waiting for a Razer Store in London...
  13. IBM.5100

    IBM.5100 New Member

    First product that I had bought was the Razer Naga Epic (2012 version) and still love it to this day!
  14. That first time opening the Razer Blade box ... so black, so sexy!
  15. eXtreMeXz

    eXtreMeXz New Member

    Winner I am, Razer to give. Stealth is mine.
  16. SuijinZero

    SuijinZero Active Member

    I have to say the greatest memory I have with Razer is when I was deciding to buy my first Razer product, which was the Naga Epic :rolleyes:. I heard from many people about Razer and their products but never got a chance to try it out or own one. So one day I was really in need of a new mouse and was fed up with replacing low end mouse every so often. I was intimidated by the Naga Epic by the amount of buttons it has and the learning curve it may takes to get use to. However, after purchasing it, its now my favorite class of mouse in Razer's arsenal of mice :heart:. I use it for work, editing, gaming and all the buttons are hotkey to all my shortcuts. It's now my work horse mouse and its irritating when I have to use another mouse without all the buttons that Im so used to. After my first Naga, I continued to upgrade to the newer one, and Im still digging it. Best mouse ever for me, it changed how I work and how I play with mouse. :heart::heart::heart:
  17. When I was playing Diablo II in 2001 there was an add for the Razer Diamondback in the game and I used diamondback in my first email address that i still use today!, I also have a Razer megaladon, a Razer SWTOR keyboard, Razer Ouroboros, Razer naga epic, and a razer Vespula!, none of them are even broken and they all look almost just as good as when i first bought them new!, I've had them since they first came out!!!!
    Top notch unboxing experience!
  18. Fissnix

    Fissnix New Member

    The best thing I like about Razer is that they always have an amazing design, anything from their keyboards to their computers. Big Razer fan and looking forward to who wins this new Razer stealth.
  19. Pixelation

    Pixelation New Member

    The day I order my Hammerhead BT before it got sold out again.
  20. 4857221

    4857221 New Member

    The day I first used my blackwidow was a better feeling than graduating high school. The mechanical click and satisfying feedback that touches my finger tips never seizes to put a smile on my face while typing. (Even right now typing this 3 years after having this keyboard) :relaxed:
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