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  1. LukeTheBrave

    LukeTheBrave Active Member

    Got the firefly and Blackwidow Chroma. Can't use other equipment. Thanks Razer!

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  2. D3daMilan

    D3daMilan New Member

    I couldnt want to get the mechanical keyboard, and now that im using it every other keyboard just sucks :D
  3. jake2fs

    jake2fs New Member

    I was so excited when I got a Razer Blackwidow X Chroma for my birthday! It's an amazing product and I'm really happy with it!
  4. chaosdraco

    chaosdraco New Member

    Got myself a Razer Tiamat and Ouroboros + razer mouse mat on my very first payday. 4 years later, I am still using them. It has become a part of my gaming life. It is as if every journey through every game I play, they are there together with me.
  5. Contmanest

    Contmanest New Member

    My favorite moment is seeing the creation of the KittyKrakens.
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  6. Druuski

    Druuski New Member

    My friends and I grew up on late night gaming, LAN parties and Mountain Dew. Some of our favorites were Diablo and Diablo II. We grew older, parted ways, some of us married and life moved on. Then Diablo III approached release day and I got a phone call.

    The boys were getting back together for one more adventure.

    Plane tickets were bought, the originals were re-run-through, PC's were carefully packed, release day plans were made, and a wave of nostalgia washed over all of us. Finally the clock hit midnight and, surrounded by pizza, we all dove into the world of Sanctuary!

    Or...tried to.

    A little message popped up and Error 37 promptly replaced our dreams with nightmares. We stayed up all night, nothing. Over the next day or two, one or two of us might get to log in, only to get kicked off again. Even if they hadn't, they couldn't exactly go playing without the rest of the group, not after everything we went through to play it together. Real life began to cast it's shadow. We would have to go home soon, and we were looking at a complete loss. It didn't matter that people started talking about the game not living up to the hype, this was about our last chance to be together and game together.

    Finally, with a day or two left of our stay, the servers began to let up. There was a glimmer of hope! We were online! We began clicking our way through loot and monsters: and then...my mouse died. It was horrifying. I didn't have the heart to ask the guys to wait for me, but they did anyway. We were in this together. Having arrived by plane, I didn't have my car. One of them drove me to the nearest Best Buy. We went to their mice section, but there was nothing remotely acceptable; nothing for gamers. I had some generic, embarrassingly-tan two-button excuse of a mouse in hand when, on the way to the register, there was an end-cap stand that had a ray of light from heaven beaming down on it: Razer. Angels were singing.

    I had never bought a Razer, I knew they were good but couldn't afford to spend such a premium for a mouse. My buddy looked at me, looked at the tan mouse I was clutching, and knew what had to be done. Tan-two-button ended up on the nearest shelf and I walked out of there with my first Razer DeathAdder, basking in all it's many-thousand dpi glory.

    Razer saved gaming that day.
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  7. qyuburt

    qyuburt Active Member

    I grew up pretty poor and couldn't afford much of anything. Once I got old enough I started working and when I went to university I got a lot of money in from loans and I decided to upgrade my hardware but didn't have a clue about much of anything PC related at the time (was a console gamer)

    I built my computer and was looking for some really nice keyboards and mice and stumbled upon Razer and I instantly loved the aesthetic, everything looked so bad ass. It was expensive at the time but I got myself a Razer Mamba, a Lycosa, and an Orbweaver I think it was called at the time, and ever since then Ive been hooked on Razer peripherals. I just love the look and the feel of them. A lot of gamer oriented gear is garish in comparison.

    currently sitting with a Razer Ornata Chroma and a Mamba TE Chroma and I absolutely adore them. Keep it up Razer, and if I were to win a Stealth to compliment my current set up I would be completely over the moon, but I would probably let my girlfriend use it to play more game with me =)

    Thanks for all your work.
  8. ViperishLive

    ViperishLive Active Member

    So happy to be part of the Razer faithful. I certainly wished I lived closer to a Razerstore but I spread the word where I can.

    My first great experience with Razer was my faithful Tartarus. It transformed my MMO playing by opening up a world of key remapping. I was so much faster without having to reach all over my keyboard. I had almost everything I needed in reach on one hand! When I finally coupled it with a Naga (12 button) I hardly had need for my keyboard. And heck, with either the Tartarus or Naga, some games I can play with only one hand!

    Thank you so much to the Insider Mods who keep this community up and running! I imagine it can be a fairly thankless job. So indeed, a heartfelt thank you to @kajira, @Lafar, @Destrok, and @Firebat246 for working so hard!
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  9. 8239

    8239 New Member

    The first time i found out about razor was when you had an Archeage pet giveaway. After that i just started to buy more and more of your stuff, and i have to say i'm not disappointed.
  10. arianna.deldotto

    arianna.deldotto New Member

    Thanks for this beautiful idea :) I discovered this forum 2 months ago (with plaisure) and i think it's a good opportunity and incentive for people who love Razer!
    The best memory i want to share it's when i knew about razer for first time: my brother gifted me Razer Naga 2014 on Christmas 2015. I used to play World of Warcraft but with no equip for gaming play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So that helped a lot and from there i started loving Razer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Now i have my Kraken 7.1 Chroma and i'm waiting for more stuff to buy :D
  11. KryoKurse

    KryoKurse New Member

    Probably getting Adaro Wireless headphones for half off after Razer won big at CES.
  12. cryptofee

    cryptofee New Member

    When I was at the local store with a friend and he showed me the razer black widow. So I tried it and then there was this *click* when pressing a key. *~* One month later I bought it and I'm still in love with this keyboard.
  13. My first razor product was the razor Naga. I had my best gaming experience with a mouse.
  14. MrNeradar

    MrNeradar New Member

    Mine was the first time i used a Deathadder. It was the first mouse that had more than 2 buttons!
  15. Dragonator03

    Dragonator03 Member

    So my greatest Razer memory is when I won the Razer Mamba TE in a Razer giveaway. I won it while I was in my computer science class and everyone was confused when I started freaking out. So when I got it in the mail I brought it school and my friends really wanted to use it, so I did what any normal person would do, I put it away because it was a distraction for the other students. Is that something normal people do?
  16. xezashi

    xezashi New Member

    My first Razer product was a Black Widow Stealth, it lasted for years and the build quality was amazing. I finally retired it this year when I upgraded to a Black Widow Chroma V2 Orange.
  17. Mattyboy702

    Mattyboy702 New Member

    Mine would have to be where it all started I bought my first Razer product the Razer vespula mouse pad. After that it became a collection than I bought my Razer deathadder, Razer leviathan, black widow x te chroma, deathadder elite and eventually my blade 14 I need help lol


    I first bought the carcharias as a gift for my brother and he bought a different set like the day before I was gonna give him them and then decided I would try them out and I have been a Razer fan ever since infact 5 or so years later now they are still working and I gave them to a good friend to try and he says I have converted him over to team razer I tell anyone looking to get in PC gaming or looking at elite controllers to look at Razer first cause I have almost everything Razer the only thing I don't is my laptop and I really want to finish and continue my collection
  19. Meads5

    Meads5 New Member

    My Greatest Razer moment would have to be when i went to my first gaming event (Insomnia 59) and played Battlerite on your bus :)

    After i also purchased my first Razer product, the Deathadder Chroma Overwatch Edition.

    Razer Bus insomnia 59.jpg
  20. CapitainD

    CapitainD Active Member

    Ok, this is my story...
    I started my Razer journey with the Deathadder 2013. I used it for a while before replacing it with a Mamba TE not long ago. My second Razer product was a Goliathus, quickly followed by a Deathstalker. Now I own a Goliathus, a Deathadder, an Armadillo, a Mamba TE, a Firefly, two Deathstalkers, Ferox speakers, a Sabertooth, Hammerheads...

    But none of these products can compare with the experience I had with the Razer Blackshark headset.

    I remember like it was yesterday. I believe it was in January 2015, I had been into the Razer Cult for two years at this moment, and it was the first time I could participate in a CES appreciation sale. The concept had amazed me, and since I needed a headset, I decided to get the Razer Blackshark. Only problem was that, living in France, the sale would begin in the middle of the night, I think it was 3 am. I knew I had to place the order as soon as the sale would begin; if I missed, I would have to face the saturation of servers and, later, the "out-of-stock" disaster. So be it : I stayed up until 3 am in the morning, refreshing the screen until it was time. At 3:01, I was validating my cart; at 3:02, I realized that the two discount codes for the sale had been mixed up; at 3:04, my order was completed and placed. I stayed up a few more hours, waiting for the confirmation e-mail which never came... I went to bed disappointed, and the next day, I was fulminating, believing that my order had been cancelled and that I had stayed up for nothing. But in the evening, I had the idea to go directly to the Razer website and look at my orders : there, I saw that even though I had not received a confirmation e-mail, my order had been accepted and dispatched.
    You have to understand that I was a poor student at that time, and I really wanted a headset but I could not have afforded it at full price, which is why I was really happy when I saw that I had succeeded.
    I spent the next three days furiously refreshing the parcel tracking page. The morning when the parcel was supposed to arrive, I woke up early, left my bedroom and went to sleep downstairs, in the hall of my building, next to the door, so I wouldn't miss the delivery man. I didn't miss him and received my headset only 4 days after the order.
    To this day, I still use the headset everyday. It has a particular value to me. I used the Blackshark to play COD with a friend who, unfortunately, is not in this world anymore to play with me. I used it to play DayZ Mod with the love of my life; I used it to spend numerous Skype interviews for student jobs; and the first words that my now best friend has adressed to me when we first met were compliments on my headset.
    One day, I will probably replace it with another headset, when it stops working. But even if it stops working, to me, it will never be only a useless piece of plastic and metal, and I'll never throw it away.
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