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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Tpox97

    Tpox97 New Member

    I want to be honest, i have never use the razer product but i want to win this
  2. Jovan_A_W

    Jovan_A_W New Member

    When I wanted to build a setup I asked recommendations from my friends
    They reccommended me razer so I bought a razer deathadder elite and a kraken 7.1 v2 since then I kept on using it.
  3. My first Razer product is Deathadder 3.5G, I bought it when I was 15 and I treated it as my most precious thing, I think DA3.5g is also better than the current version of it. Then I bought a Goliathus control mat then another and another. I had an Imperator and I still prefer it among other mices. I also bought DA2013 along with Blackwidow ultimate and DA Chroma but as I said I still prefer the older version. Recently I got the Lancehead TE and Blackwidow chroma X, the lancehead looks nice and I decide to use it once Synapse Pro is available.
  4. blockman243

    blockman243 New Member

    Probably the day that I found a Razer Blackwidow, tested the keys, and decided there and then that it was the keyboard I needed. Easily the most satisfying typing experience I've ever had.
  5. MrZackF32

    MrZackF32 New Member

    The very first time I ordered my Razer Electra headphones I literally cried I was so happy. I worked so hard and finally was able to afford them. Then when they arrived I didn't take them off for three days. Only took them off to shower. After that I bout the Hammerhead Pro, Hammerhead pro v2, Deathstalker and I plan on buying a new mouse but not sure which one yet!
  6. Dragonator03

    Dragonator03 Member

    buy the new lancehead, or a deathadder of course.
  7. Ramrunner

    Ramrunner New Member

    For me it has to be not only the Razer products I now own (2017 Razer Blade + Deathadder Chroma Mouse) which are simply exemplary products and easily the best notebook/mouse I've ever owned, but the SERVICE I received from Razer to get me there. I will not go into detail but I've had some issue with another Razer notebook, and Razer has gone through extraordinary lengths to satisfy me as a customer, to the point I now have these amazing Razer products that I'm not only proud to own, but look forward to using every day, and will happily recommend to anyone and everyone.

    So, yes, even though I'd LOVE to win the Stealth for another family member who's been begging me for a Razer notebook (but I cannot afford right now he'll have to wait), I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Razer for providing compact, yet high quality and powerful devices that deserve places on A-Lists everywhere, and their excellent service to make me rave about them so much.

    Great work Razer and good luck to EVERYONE entering this competition. It's a fantastic prize.
  8. Avonbogs121

    Avonbogs121 New Member

    gotta be the great quality of the kraken headphones, 10/10
  9. VividRedheatbyte819

    VividRedheatbyte819 New Member

    My favourite memory is really quite recent - this morning in fact! I was playing around on my brand new Razer Blade Stealth, in utter awe of its sleek lines, wicked colours and brilliant speed and performance, only to wake up and realise it was all just a dream and there was an empty Razer Blade Stealth sized hole on my desk! When I close my eyes I can still feel it though - please make this dream a reality and help me form new memories of this awesome ultrabook!
  10. DangerParticles

    DangerParticles New Member

    Many years ago I bought a Razer Blackwidow mechanical keyboard and it worked a treat for a quite few years. One day it started having problems so I contacted Razer support who told me that the model I had was no longer supported by Razer Synapse. Thankfully they offered to send me the latest model of the Blackwidow for free as a replacement! The new one still works great to this day and I couldn't be happier!
  11. fatxiong

    fatxiong New Member

    Purchased a Razer deathadder mouse while walking in the mall, tried using it for the first time and it looked so much more classy, beautiful, sleek compared to my previous SS mouse. Then i decided why not try their keyboard as well? So went to shop immediately and got my blackwidow TE, the clicking feels so much better compared to my logitech $20 keyboard.

    Impressed with the design, functions of Razer, but i felt skeptical about Razer headphones so got myself a steel series Siberia, it was alright, didn't last longer than 3 months, the muffs were peeling off by itself after 2 months and USB doesn't work at all after 3 months. So i borrowed Kraken 7.1 from my friend (yeah don't have G to get it myself) and felt that the sound quality from Razer audio was top notch like their gaming products, which eventually leads to me getting myself a leviathan when my edifier speaker was broken. This sound bar is a gold and solid, especially the switch of audio preference between music, movie, and gaming.

    So i got my Razer keyboard, Razer mouse, Razer soundbar, also a Razer mousepad, and recently got my Razer headphone ordered, i believe i am slowly, not knowing it, getting sucked into becoming a big fan of Razer, not by knowing the product first, but by trying out their products one by one, impressed once after another, and really acknowledged the existence of Razer.

    Razer doesn't stop me from getting impressed by their current products, they tailor the need of gamer, who could've thought that multi screen can be applied to laptop in Project Valerie? and your game to be projected to the wall for bigger display, but still keep your gaming focus in Project Ariana?

    I believe they are a team of enthusiastic people (Gamer of course), who are really considering the needs for gamer, and made all these possibilities, to other gamers.

    For Gamers, by Gamers.
  12. Javmohd7

    Javmohd7 New Member

    I'm a very casual gamer and my first purchase was a Microsoft Comfort Sculpt Bluetooth mouse. I loved it a lot and refused to use any other product. One day, I dropped the same said mouse while I was at university and it completely shattered into pieces. My first reaction was to cry then one of my classmates laughed at me and said: "Dude forget that thing and get yourself a Razer mouse."

    I was skeptical and put off by the price, but same said dude showed me his mouse (the Razer Naga Chroma) and let me use it. I was amazed by the response time and how well it felt in my hand. I reluctantly decided to buy the Razer Orochi, I say reluctantly because the price put me off, but I thought why not and purchased it.

    In the first week of using the Razer Orochi, I am absolutely sold on this mouse. nothing comes close to it when you want a wireless gaming mouse and even for the everyday mundane mousing around on the interwebs. it feels well in my hand, I have fairly large hands and needed the arch of this mouse to prevent the cramping smaller mice gave me. So far I have bought two more, one as a backup and another to give as a gift. it is well worth the money and holds up well to my butterfingers (i.e having dropped it twice before). Razer has definitely given me a mouse worth my time and money.
  13. Yaku73

    Yaku73 New Member

    The day I got my first Razer Blade! Loved it soo much that I said a forever goodbye to Alienware!
  14. Valehal

    Valehal New Member

    lets see maybe when the first time i got a razer naga mouse for playing world of warcraft! having all those extra buttons to use for spells and what not really made a difference!
  15. Ben61694

    Ben61694 New Member

    The first time I bought a Razer product was the Razer Mamba. I had it when I was 13 and used it for about 7 years. The only reason I stopped was because the matte finish was rubbing off terribly and the golden contacts on the bottom had been rusted for a long time and didn't charge anymore. Was still a great mouse.
  16. Not a memory of one occasion, but of years... Got the 2013 Razer Blade for grad school because I needed something lightweight and powerful. This handled not only every game I threw at it (BF4 was my most played game then) but everything I needed for engineering (CAD, FEA, and programming). Couldn't have survived grad school without it! One of the best laptops I ever used, only surpassed by the 2016 Blade that I bought years later :D
  17. RainbowLove

    RainbowLove New Member

    Humbled by the service Razer gives it's users. Bought a USB Razer Kraken 7.1 and the ear cups material cracked. I requested for a replacement and was ready to pay for it but instead it was shipped to me for free . Thanks Razer
  18. Gracias por todos sus productos! Son los mejores!
  19. Sahal_

    Sahal_ New Member

    The very first Razer product that I bought, the original Razer Naga. Took my gaming to a whole new level in whatever game i played, being able to access things with my right hand thumb made my game play much smoother in that I never had to take my fingers away from the all important WASD. I have been a Razer fan ever since and all my peripherals are Razer.
  20. alif_j

    alif_j New Member

    Bought my first razer mouse from a friend and ive started to fall in love with razer's equipments. My gaming experiences have never felt any better, unfortunately the mouse just recetly stopped working on me but it only means something new is coming soon :wink_:.Been using razer cortex to enhance my gaming experience as well with razer surround audio controller. :smile_: thanks for the awesome stuff youve provided
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