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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. BlueThroat

    BlueThroat New Member

    I remember buying my first set of peripherals from Razer, the 2012 Deathadder and the Megalodon 5.1 Headset from my first set of paychecks so that I could sit back and away from my laptop to play for longer hours.
  2. george.af

    george.af New Member

    My greatest Razer memory is from when I gave a Razer Mamba (mouse) as a present to a friend who is ill, and
    his excitement on getting it was incredible and memorable. Needless to say he loved getting it.
  3. bitVanilladepot447

    bitVanilladepot447 New Member

    For me, Razer is not just a get-together of a great community of people, but more importantly, how a product - and a dream, that of Min-Liang - has come to symbolise success, from a tiny red dot in Singapore to all around the world.

    That sense of pride somehow, when I stepped into their Chai Chee office earlier this year to get my battery replaced (hats off to the staff who attended to me as well 'cause he's uber-cool), and saw the infographics of Razer users mapped out on a global map.

    Here's to the three snakes forever!
  4. m4GGi.w

    m4GGi.w New Member

    I remember when i got my Belkin n52te (powered by razer) was when my Razer addiction startet, now a few lachesis, keyboards and an orbweaver later i am still a big fan of Razer.
  5. AedinStark

    AedinStark New Member

    My first (and best) experience with razer was when I had ordered my Kraken Pro headphones, and when they came, I used them to play the witcher. After the start scene, I just sat there, because the sound quality was so amazing. Great Product.
  6. SixRO

    SixRO New Member

    razer30percent.jpg My first razer keyboard was marauder it came with the spectre (Mouse). that was almost 6 years ago and played a lot of starcraft 2 back then and reached gold even if im a noob which have only been playing the game for 2 months I think. After a couple of years I decided to try the DeathAdder mouse and gave my mouse away to my brother and up until now its still working well.

    PS I am using razer blade stealth 1st gen. on the train to university at 7 am here in the UK.
    Yes, gaming do not affect your studies if you have self discipline.

    Thank you for reading
  7. My Razer journey started with the Razer Diamondback Plasma LE for my gaming PC. Liked it so much I followed it up with a white Razer Pro Solution mouse for my Mac. Following that was a BlackWidow (because mechanical), a DeathAdder, an Orochi to carry with my laptop and Electra headphones. Though it may be time to update the keyboard.
  8. SirRobbster

    SirRobbster New Member

    I saved my money for my Razer DeathStalker bought in in your shop :D. Thank you Razer! You do such a good job!
  9. Erethorn

    Erethorn New Member

    My favorite experience would be unboxing my Razer Blade Pro when I bought it about 4-5 years ago. I was able to purchase it with the insurance money from a head-on collision I was in (my laptop got destroyed in the wreck) paired with the awesome student discount offered at the time. That laptop was perfect, not only for my gaming needs, but also for my photoshop and lighroom needs.

    Sadly my laptop and accompanying peripherals are starting to come to the end of their lives, but I have appreciated everything they have done for me, and I hope to replace them as need comes to continue to live Razer Strong. Thank you, Min-Liang Tan and everyone else at Razer, for providing and supporting such a fantastic and extensive community.
  10. adromil

    adromil New Member

    Thank you for making Razer Insider a great place. Shoutout to @kajira, @Lafar, @njbmartin, @Destrok, @Vaypron and @Firebat246.

    A couple of years ago, when I decided to buy a Headset which I can bring to work, I choose Razer Kraken Pro Neon Yellow. Then suddenly, a week after, my teammates in the company's Development Team bought their own variants of Razer Kraken Pro Neon and brought them to office. While our IT-Head (standing in the middle) is still waiting for the delivery of his Razer Kraken Pro Neon Orange, we took this picture.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  11. Callrecal

    Callrecal New Member

    I've purchased my first razer product; the deathadder elite, not long ago and im looking foward to purchase the blackwidow v2 soon.
    Keep it up
  12. I remember me and my wife walking at the electronics store where I saw Black Widow Chroma keyboard which was very expensive! I went to it ant started clicking it since I never had a mechanical keyboard before, while I was there my wife came up to me and asked what I am doing, so I basically started explaining her everything I know about those keyboards. At the end I said "well, don't think I will afford to buy it in near future" and we walked away. After one month my wife bought it for me as an anniversary present!) I really can't describe how happy I was!) I went out and bought Deathadder mouse and Goliathus control mat!)
  13. nodnarb119

    nodnarb119 New Member

    My first mech keyboard was a razer blackwidow and it felt like typing had gone to a whole new level. Still rocking this bad boy to the day
  14. PootsOfficial

    PootsOfficial New Member

    I remember when I got my first ever Razer Deathadder, made me do awesome trickshots :D
  15. Smileynator_no_id

    Smileynator_no_id New Member

    The reveal of the Razer Core meant that mobility and performance are achievable in a ultrabook. Definitely a worthy buy on my list!
  16. yoiupi

    yoiupi New Member

    now when i have Razer Mamba my younger brother cant win against me i csgo
  17. DarTasGaming

    DarTasGaming New Member

    my most memorable moment was when i bought a razer abyssus 2014 mouse. sadly it broke for some reason and because i had a tournament in 3 days it wouldn't be fixed until then. so i bought another one. and one that got fixed i gifted to my brother for his birthday :)
  18. Freshfellow3.0

    Freshfellow3.0 New Member

    I think there is no real best Razer memory but when I got my chroma keyboard that was Nice
  19. Musicholist_no_id

    Musicholist_no_id New Member

    I've always been admired by razer products. Since the razer stealth was released (and all the updates to it), it has been my ultimate goal for gameing gear.
  20. lunalicrichard

    lunalicrichard New Member

    My greatest memory is ongoing ! I am at aw with what Razer is bringing to us gamers in new products and way's to keep the comunity vibrent . I love Razer products but unfortunatly they are out of my league to get them . Nonetheless is do support Razer and am an Insider and i love to see what's comming up next . i read the opinions of others on the products i like and would buy if i where so lucky . I did get a Razer mousemat and it is simply the best i ever had and it makes a huge difference with the cheap stuff i normally buy . So i'm a happy camper !
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