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[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. harleyangel2405

    harleyangel2405 New Member

    Thank you for creating such an awesome community and products! My first Razer product was one I'd been eyeing for a few years that I finally caved and bought; the Mamba. I couldn't understand spending so much on "just a mouse" but was definitely curious to see what the hype was all about so when my latest of several over this course of time broke I went for it and haven't looked back. Totally worth every single penny! Then I discovered the world of Razer... never a single negative comment or review, which says a lot about a company and their products.
    I am a music junkie as well as a gamer, and sound quality is incredibly important and after downloading synapse I discovered the surround sound settings and was blown away by what the software could do with my half-hearted pc speakers on my laptop and then my outdated SkullCandy, which are still good, but I had a feeling with your headphones would be just blow my mind and I was right! While I don't have the top of the line newest, I did buy the Kraken Pro V2 (as well as other items) and anxiously awaited their arrival. By far the most incredible sound quality I've ever experienced from a headset/headphones on a variety of devices and separating me from them is nearly impossible, they're so comfortable I've even fallen asleep wearing them (haha!).
    While I love every product I've purchased so far, this is by far my most favorite and mind blowing experience I've had and expect to have more in the future. Definitely a company worth investing my money into for all my gaming and music needs. Currently I have a semi-decent HP, I can run what I need to but it's certainly not a gaming/PhotoShop/AutoCad laptop, not like anything most of the community has, but one day I will.
    Thank you Razer, for being so great to your fans and creating such top notch products!
  2. Dfliang

    Dfliang New Member

    I was in a gaming session once, and I was playing csgo and it was a 15/14 situation and my team wanted to win, and I was the last one alive with all the enemy's alive and (I was playing on dust2) and I was in upper tunnels going to B. I had picked up a smoke grenade and I had heard someone walking from T spawn to me so I kill the T, then I proceed to go to B site where the bomb was planted at B so I through the smoke grenade at the bomb and I could pretty much hear where all the enemy terrorists were and I started to defuse the bomb but I didn't have a kit, so I held E and hoped that nobody could see me through the smoke. 6...5...4... at this point some of the T's were trying to look for me to kill me in other parts of the map so it was just me and 1 other T. 3...2...1... Then I had successfully defused the bomb without a kit in a 1 v 5 situation, all thanks to my Razer Kraken Pro V2's. Thanks Razer! I'm a huge fan of you're company and I will continue buying Razer products!
  3. groy22799

    groy22799 New Member

    I have yet to be able to procure a Razer Product, though I keep a running spreadsheet of what I would like to procure and how I would like to set it up in my home office, so, I am working on it. That said, I guess I don't have a specific Razer story to share. Honestly, I was not aware of your products until late last year.

    You see, I have been working as an IT professional for 19 years and every shop that I have worked in standardized their PC's with HP or Dell. Recently, I moved to a Network Engineering position with a University here in Colorado. Since my superiors had MacBooks and they told me that they had a budget for a new computer for my position, I went ahead and had them order me a new MacBook Pro (Touchbar). I was excited to get this puppy in, as I was raised Mac,however, as the time got closer for the order to be placed and/or the machine to arrive, I started doing some more research into my new computer that was coming. Every time I looked up a review for the MacBook, I saw comparisons to Razer. Razer always came up on top and it looked sexy as Hell! Personally, I prefer Windows as my operating system so I started to dig into Razer more to see what you guys had to offer. Needless to say, I was and am quite impressed. Your computers and peripherals have re-sparked my interest into gaming and technology in general. I have not had the time or funding to build or purchase a gaming PC of my own for a very long time. I have 6 kids and unfortunately, they are quite expensive but totally worth it. Once I saw your products, I instantly had a level of regret for having my employer buy me a $3600+ MacBook when I could have had them purchase a Razer Blade Pro. SMH. Maybe when I am due for a refresh. Adding to my interest, some students here have some Razer products and they are Bad Ass!!

    So, due to my lack of funding, at the moment, I have been entering every giveaway I possibly can to try and score a Razer. I have also been dropping hints to my wife and my oldest son. ;) . I personally would prefer a Razer Blade, as it seems to be the best balance of performance and portability, but the Stealth is a very attractive offering, as well...especially if I can procure a Core and a decent GPU. I would like to use it when working in Network Closets, not only for configuration of network equipment, but maybe for a little gaming while waiting in the closet. Shhhhhhh...don't tell my boss!

    A Razer would also replace my old Dell M4600 at home as my main computer (which is currently sporting a Razer Background on my 2x24" monitors and my 50" TV...I have pics if interested), what I use to play a couple of games through Steam like WarFrame. I have also used it to play a little SWOR...though it can't handle much more than that. In fact, I have recently had to replace the Motherboard due to overheating. :slightly_sad:

    Once I am due for a refresh here at work, I am planning on requesting a Pro. ;)

    So, that's my Razer story to this point...I would love to join the Razer Echo system and appreciate the opportunities you guys offer to everyone, all the time. I love your products and hope to get some soon!!
  4. MrEggie

    MrEggie New Member

    probably when i got my first fully customizable RGB/Chroma Product, the BlackWidow V2 and it was my first mechanichal keyboard and it's so satisfying to type on and of course game on.
  5. RavensTemplar

    RavensTemplar New Member

    Loved getting my first razer items when I built my first pc.
    Got my first naga and lycosa stealth I believe. They were so good to use and really good response time with the mouse.
    Now I have upgraded to full chroma and am always enjoying the lighting effects and its great seeing all the effects while on overwatch. Just wish had chroma on Heroes of the storm
  6. TrampledUnderFoot

    TrampledUnderFoot New Member

    Thanks @kajira, @Lafar, @Destrok, and @Firebat246 for your hard work!

    My first experience with a Razer product (and their support staff): I bought a Kraken off of Razerzone and it was an excellent headset all around. One day fairly soon after I purchased it, it just wouldn't work anymore. No sound, no lights (non Chroma version). I emailed Razer support to relate my discontent, and instead of an RMA they said they would just send me a new Kraken. I was satisfied with that so I waited patiently, expecting a 3-4 day shipping window.

    They ended up overnighting me a Chroma Kraken! (that was a pretty new product at the time). I was super pumped because I had been looking at them in the store, but didn't really want to spend the extra amount just for some lights I won't even be able to see (silly me). It made it better that they just sent it and didn't tell me they were upgrading me. :)
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  7. Vueeyle244

    Vueeyle244 New Member

    I had always been in love with Razer Products, however when I was in year 8 back in 2010 - the first Razer Blade ever been released made me go "ahhhhhhh - I HAVE TO GET THAT BEAST!".

    Ever since then I saved and saved - every single cent and dollar I had received went into my "Fart Jar - Money Jar".
    In 2014 I ended up cheap'ing out on my first car to get the 2014 Razer Blade Pro and bought a cheapy car instead of my teenage dream Toyota 1998 Supra car! :wink_:

    boy oh boy - I have to admit, it was well worth it and I love the heck out of that laptop even now in 2017!

    Just hope one day I would have the chance to have a light portable green snake laptop for my Uni and Creative Freelance work!
  8. Zehtfel

    Zehtfel New Member

    I had a really old mouse from logitech that had been worn down pretty good. Friend of mine bought a Razer Death Adder for my b-day and it feels so much smoother when I play L4D and LoL.
  9. hipo5PL

    hipo5PL New Member

    I remember getting Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth for christmas :) It works amazing ever since. Just recently took off all the keys to wash it up, and it looks like new.
  10. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    Not sure if I can mention it, but those who know, know :).
    But to be on topic - my greatest memory is when I "won" a 200eur gift card. Thanks Razer :heart:
  11. xxAP3X_Orderxx

    xxAP3X_Orderxx New Member

    My best memory with razer well if I'm being honest that's kinda hard because I've had so many good memorys, but if I had to chose well I would have to say the first time I used my razer Leviathan the sound quality made me love razer a hundred times over and for that price it was truly amazing
  12. FunkySkill

    FunkySkill Member

    My best Razer moment was when I came back from holiday and tiped on my Blackwidow Chroma. So satisfying xD
  13. freshMaizesite434

    freshMaizesite434 New Member

    Started with the first Razer Blade, sadly it broke just a little over a year after I got it, not due to any fault of the company fortunately, I had the foresight to leave it on a table next to a bowl of candy, my dog threw it off while stealing the sweets while I was away. Since then for gaming systems and mice I have always chosen razer, As for my best memory, a Witcher 3 marathon in 4k on a lan party this winter. On the new Pro.
  14. benjubby

    benjubby New Member

    I simply can't afford a Razer, being in debt with my study loan. But just a month ago, I visited the Challenger flagship store launch at Bugis, where they were selling Blackwidow Ultimate (2014) at $99. They said it was previously $200. I just paid with everything in my bank account (I had $140) but I have no regrets till today. I would like to with the Razer Blade Stealth because my laptop always crashes when I play games like OW or Maplestory. Good luck to everyone else!
  15. cretauk

    cretauk New Member

    My first razer product and I still have it was a Razer Naga Epic a co-worker gave me when my mouse finally died. He had just bought a new one and the one he has was one of the first out he said. It still works pretty good.
  16. _Savatage_

    _Savatage_ New Member

    It was over 2 years ago, I was immersed into a MMORPG, leading an alliance as the underdogs, to crush the "oppressor" as I framed it. Long story short I fell in love with a woman from this alliance (yes, the enemy), and she with me, so we decided to get on skype and talk. I researched the internet for the best microphone on a headset, and I found a video comparing the mics of Razer Kraken Pro and Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1. The Latter had the better sound, so I spent what was a fortune in my country's currency for me at the time, to get it. To this day, I still have my Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma, which aside from making this woman wet with its clarity it gave to my voice, it also helped me get countless kills in FPS' just by hearing the enemy steps. Best money spent ever. :heart:
  17. MarkVin

    MarkVin New Member

    My best razer moment was when I bought my chimaera mass effect limited edition.. It is still one of the best headsets I've ever seen.. And still have it.
  18. noob4life83_no_id

    noob4life83_no_id New Member

    Razer adaro in ears were the first earbuds that I'd ever bought with my own money and they were amazing because before then the only earbuds that I had were always 5 dollar pairs from the dollar store so when I got them it was like all the music I liked before sounded totally different and so much better
  19. I received my first Razer product from a friend, a Razer Mamba TE Chroma. Still using it till this day.
  20. dyomarz

    dyomarz New Member

    The day i created my account on insider and set my goal to 100k zsilver for the chroma MUG, currently halfway there. Using cortex and checking out insider has been a daily habit since then.
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