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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. MichaelWeston1207

    MichaelWeston1207 New Member

    Thank you for making quality gaming equipment for everyone to enjoy. Bought a razer kraken pro (old verison) and it still works perfectly after 2 years, very pleased.
  2. Alex_Araujo

    Alex_Araujo New Member

    My best razer moment is when I bought my first ever razer mouse the naga chroma still have it best gaming mouse I have and will ever use! Keep up the good work fellas love you guys
  3. todaytechFulvous729

    todaytechFulvous729 New Member

    the day I found out about razer blade was just amazing. I couldnt get my head around how thin it was! Or maybe Tom "Syndicate" stealing razer blade laptops or even just typing endlessly when I got my blackwidow keyboard just to hear the click clack sound that it makes. There are so many more memories but those are my fondest
  4. Rajivk16

    Rajivk16 New Member

    My greatest memory with Razer was when I first ordered my DeathAdder Chroma, the amount of excitement I had while ordering it was too much which was soon followed by the Goliathus Speed Edition mouse mat, I still use both of them, work perfectly. Love you loads Razer, thank you for existing. Making the gaming world better since ever.

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  5. Gogits

    Gogits New Member

    I really like this idea. Spreading some Razer love and winning stuff in the meantime!!
    I remember when I bought my first Razer mouse, Razer Ouroboros back Christmas of 2012. It has been and still is the best gaming mouse for me!! Since then i've been evangelizing Razer all around in Greece, where nobody knew the brand back then, and I am very proud to see how much the brand has expanded up to this day.

    With my mouse offer, I received my Razer messenger back for free which has traveled with me in crazy adventures such as hitchhiking from North to South Europe, as well as everyday life and even comes around with me today in my business life. I've always felt proud to carry the Razer mark with me, and for the people recognizing it :cool:
  6. YinyangPayne

    YinyangPayne New Member

    Hi my name is Alton. I'm writing in hope's of winning this gaming laptop of hopes of taking my gaming to next level, plus getting involve E-Sports and tournaments to win money in hopes to help the family out.
  7. XxGLHFxX

    XxGLHFxX New Member

    The day my Razer mamba came in the mail to replace my crappy mouse and I climbed from B3 to G4 in 3 weeks in league cause my wireless mouse sucked. That is why I am a Razer fan!
  8. DemanH

    DemanH New Member

    best memory had to be when my keyboard broke and my roommate let me borrow his
    Blackwidow X, needless to say I bought one for myself as soon as I could and will never turn back
  9. Frostbiter

    Frostbiter New Member

    I'd have to say using my Razer Naga Hex in League, makes things so much easier in some cases. I still use it and for a variety of games.
  10. Razorstorm

    Razorstorm New Member

    2011 when I got myself the razer naga molten(red) for my WOW game,was my first gameing mouse and my introduction to Razer products.Since then I got a whole Razer game set(Kraken pro,Blackwidow Ultimate stealth edition,Naga epic chroma(2014),Goliath game mat),and the brand new edition,the Razer Nabu watch,which is superb btw.The old Naga is now in the ownership of my girlfriend who got into gameing a few years back and wanted a gameing mouse to get a better perfomanse in LOL.I was emotionally tied to the Naga so I gave her my favorite mouse as a gift for her 23birthday and allso bought her the pink Kraken pro(she is a girl after all) XD
  11. rodya

    rodya New Member

    Для старта приобрел коврик razer speed, ну а потом понеслась, naga, razer lycosa, nostromo, orbweawer и еще куча девайсов, не могу сказать что все идеально, много чего барахлит, но от привычки пользоваться razer отвыкнуть не могу и да, реально все равно на ваш ноут у него все равно через месяц кнопки по выпадают.
  12. jldevezas

    jldevezas New Member

    Just discovering this brand was one hell of an awesome day for me. I ended up buying my first mouse, a Razer Abyssus, with a special offer for League of Legends, which, back then for me, was a big deal! Great mouse and my first high DPI mouse! Now give me some more stuff! xD
  13. satanasov

    satanasov New Member

    I was in a friends office (they have online store) and someone put a Razer Electra connected to my phone with the words - "Hear this ..."

    On pay day I got them!
  14. thomasrich12

    thomasrich12 New Member

    Hi Razer,
    Thank you so much for creating such incredible, quality gaming products. I cannot afford a fancy keyboard from you however my brother owns a Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition which I have tried and loved the look and feel of. I own a Razer Sphex mouse mat which is my greatest Razer memory (owning my first ever Razer product). A Razer Blade Stealth would mean the world to me as I am currently using a damaged Lenovo Ideapad which is very slow, especially to work on. It would mean so much to me if I won this contest as my favourite brand is Razer but I do not have as much money as others. I also really need a new laptop for work and gaming but I really cannot afford one. It would literally mean the world to me to win this contest. Thank you for reading my message.

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  15. WickedOperator

    WickedOperator New Member

    My best moment must have been, when I called my parents with the Razer Naga Phone, telling them I have things to do...
  16. mrrobot22

    mrrobot22 New Member

    My favorite Razer memory would have to be loving the products so much that I made my computer (3 years ago now) all green and black to match my peripherals.
  17. When i got my Razer Blackwidow X Chroma keyboard, there is just something about it that screams BAD ASS. the keyboard seemed awesome so why not get a mouse too, I instanly fell in love with both of them and still am. Thank you razer for making my life more enjoyable
  18. Gladiatorbunny

    Gladiatorbunny New Member

    My best memory would be the first time I opened my Razer Blade Stealth. I had wanted a Blade forever, saved up my money, and was waiting on the Razer Blade refresh. When the Stealth was announced instead, I pre-ordered it immediately! When it finally got to my house, I was in awe at the beautiful laptop inside.
  19. SamuelRoni_no_id

    SamuelRoni_no_id New Member

    1st time im used razer is when i got my razer mamba, and i feel really amazing, and its worth with the price, and now im always using the razer it's include the mouse, keyboard, mouspet, etc. When the item named razer, i will glad to use it haha. Good work Razer
  20. AkaOni

    AkaOni New Member

    I run a pretty basic PC that luckily plays most current games at their minimum settings.
    And there were tons of games I'd wanted to try out. One of those, was Overwatch.

    Last year I gave the open beta a shot and fell in love with the game instantly. I made it my mission to save up as much as I could just to get it come launch day. Unfortunately, my college tuition fees ate up most of my savings and I was set back.

    But as my birthday in June came around, my younger brother gave me one hell of a gift. A copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition and my very first legit gaming headset, the Razer Kraken Pro! I was so freaking excited and I didn't know how to thank him. The Kraken has been an awesome headset, and it hasn't let me down since. :)
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