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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. First Razer product was the Razer Naga after which I started getting better at LoL and it became kinda an inside joke with my friends every time I made a good play they'd say ''Must be that Razer Naga retail price 99.99.''
  2. crosbyblue

    crosbyblue New Member

    Bought a used razer deathadder off a friend, from that day on I knew Razer was the only company I could buy from.
  3. Deadkid_hk

    Deadkid_hk New Member

    My first Razer product was the DeathAdder 2013, it is extremely useful and I 'm still using it. Thx Razer for building such high quality product and I 'm looking forward for more of them to come out .
  4. jay21317

    jay21317 New Member

    I don't have an amazing story to tell about my first razer product, but here it goes.

    I bought my first razer product in june of 2015, I had bought the razer naga 2014. Was quite excited to actually get it. Must say the day it arrived and I had it all set up, was perfect made quite the change to how I play my games. to the point I can't play with out it now.

    point in fact my naga was just sent off for repair other day(scroll wheel broken). I have not turned my razer blade laptop on since I sent it off. I just can't play with out it.
  5. szeraf

    szeraf New Member

    Since I bought my Tartarus keypad, I barely use my keyboard, only to type my password.

  6. Well I gotta say I've got too many tazer products to mention all the stuff I pride owning then for. So I'll throw m
    With the many Razer product I've owned many pre-owned. I've claimed warranty for a key cap that was missing on my Razer Orbweaver. No hassle was given I expected to pay then it just showed up in the mail one day. My desk has a 2015 Blackwidow Ultimate, a 2013 Naga the full keyboard mouse mouse pad as well as the aforementioned Orbweaver.My favourite moment with Razer was my old old old Lycossa keyboard. It lasted me four years until my buddy poured mountain dew all down the face. The WASD keys gave out so after I couldn't figure out a home brewed way to fix the membrane keys I did this.
  7. thinkvoiceZaffre129

    thinkvoiceZaffre129 New Member

    Hey, i got my first keyboard from you , the ornata chroma and its awesome ;) I want this laptop to pair them and i`ll buy a mouse to complete it ;)
  8. acehigh7777777

    acehigh7777777 New Member

    The best moment I had with Razer was when I bought my first mouse and keyboard being the Razer Cyclosa Keyboard and the Abyssus Mouse. The number of hours I spent gaming because of these two is unhealthy XD
  9. Hello RAZER team!

    I would like to tell you a story that happened to me and my Taipan last year.

    About my Taipan in short. After I've changed many mice (not RAZER), reasons: some of them had sensivity issues, some problems with buttons... I've even tried to play my games using the wireless mouse (worst xp ever). So, after that, I've decided to open my wallet wide and buy one of the Razer mice. My choice was Taipan. High quality, looks good, RAZER logo glimmering, 9 buttons, fits my hand perfectly. It's just what I wanted! BTW I've made my purchase in 2014 and it still works like a clock! Previous mice didn't even make it to a year! Makes sense!

    Back to my story. As my laptop failed tests by Dota2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I've started visiting game-clubs of course with my Taipan:cool:. Once, during the ordinary game-club night session, after a gg wp, I went outside to make some smoke-WC brake. On my return I realize that my mouse has gone. That was unbelievable! 10 mins and the only PRO device I've ever had was stolen by an @$$#ole. Anyway. I said to the administration of the club quickly check the cameras and find out who stole my mouse. They've found the guy and said that there is nothing to worry about. They knew this guy and told me to go home and wait for the tomorrow's call. Next day they called me with good news. Mouse was brought back. Stealer was no longer allowed to play in this club. Administration apologized for such disgusting incident and I went home with my lovely Taipan:pray:

    That's my story, guys!

    Anything happens! All you gotta do is keep calm, pray and hope for the best!

    Thanks again for making such a good products for gamers! My Taipan is with me right now and about to send you this letter with it's left button:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_hand::thumbsup:

    GL HF, your microbber!
  10. khal_raku

    khal_raku New Member

    i met my first gf (and the chosen one) playing lol, so decided to gift her the razer naga hex lol edition (still playing with it). Was a good day if you know what i mean...
  11. lapras147

    lapras147 New Member

    The first Razer product i bought were the kraken headset, soon after it i got addicted and bought the blackwidow and the firefly mat so to finish it of my girlfriend gifted me a diamondback to match all that chroma. Thanks Razer for all the wonderful moments i'll cherish them forever and i hope you continue to have the best gear in the market
  12. jadedhermit

    jadedhermit New Member

    My most thrilling experience with a Razer product was a very recent one. A friend got his Razer Blade Pro. Simply put, it is one of the most impressive laptops I have ever seen. I now dream to own one!
  13. DatOneSpartaGuy

    DatOneSpartaGuy New Member

    My greatest memory is seeing tge reveal for project valkyrie. I was completely shocked when I saw the single screen suddenly give birth to two more screens. That computer looks just amazing, and I have been looking at Razer products ever since. You guys have done such a great job for your fans, and I cannot wait to see what you guys do in the future, win or lose this giveaway.
  14. I can't go past CES every year where Razer continuously drop bombs on the industry doing things that everyone else thinks are impossible or impractical but Razer makes them work.
  15. midnytebeast

    midnytebeast New Member

    that would be the first Razer memory. When i purchased and received my first Razer product, my Ouroboros best mouse i have ever owned. all other mice have never felt comfortable in my hand like this does. It has sent me into the best/worst collecting spiral ever. while my favorite color will always be blue, i now bleed green. (and no i do not wish to chroma all of the things, chroma gives me the option for green so im ok with that)
  16. mohming

    mohming New Member

    The day I received my first gaming mouse (Razer Naga Hex V2) and fall in love with it.
  17. My greatest memory is using the Razer Kraken Chroma to hear four people through a wall in CSGO and win a 1v4 clutch with a spray transfer. Thank you RAZER.
  18. Kreyah

    Kreyah New Member

    When I first used a Naga and Black Widow while Playing Dota 2. Such precision!
  19. Back then, I use common mouse and keyboard.. In my opinion, it does what any other mouse, why should i buy an expensive one.. And my friend ask me to use his PC for gaming, i like "wooohhhh" this is amazing, i just sit there and play for 5 hours non-stop..

    From that moment, i bought my Razer Anansi, I use it at home and work.. from that moment, i never look back. keep it up Razer, really awesome gaming products you have there :)
  20. TheDoctor10

    TheDoctor10 New Member

    The day I began using the Razer Nostoromo and Naga. It revolutionized the way I play PC games!
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