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  1. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    I must say that it was the Mamba 2012 4G, still in love and still the best mouse I have owned. The quality of the product and the packaging made me buy other amazing products like the Electra, the Kraken, an Orochi, a Goliathus, a Serval, a Sabertooth, and the awesome Leviathan!
  2. ElibroFTW

    ElibroFTW New Member

    Damn I think the most memorable moment would be when I came across razer and I think everyone can agree with me on that one. Razer is the reason I can say "why buy a macbook" without actually owning either but knowing the razer blade not only performs better, it just looks 10 times more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Striou

    Striou New Member

    Best razer moment so far was the moment i got my hands on my precious Blackwidow Chroma v2 when almost everyone else had just barely seen it being advertised. I had the chance to preach about the gospel of Min-Liang Tan and the Razer faith once again, while having as proof of green light its marvelous new wonder.
  4. Cptkoviubi

    Cptkoviubi New Member

    First came the Electra, then the Taipan (which i'm stilll using after 3 years),after that i brought a Kraken Pro, and i'm still in love with the brand. Razer is the best.
  5. My first and only [for now ;)] Razer product is the Deathadder Elite. Prior to using this product i was using my laptop's touchpad to play Over Watch. My aim significantly improved, and with it i climbed the competitive ladder by 1000 SR. I ranked to gold [i know i'm a pleb, but whatevers OW was my first pseudo-fps] because of my nutty aim, feelsgoodman.
  6. Spectral13z

    Spectral13z New Member

    Getting the Razer Blackwidow Chroma and the sound it makes

    BULZANMARCO New Member

    I buyed a Razer Kraken Headset. LOVE IT. Best headphone i used.
  8. I'm in love with my Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 headset. It works perfectly in every game, every time i use it. Also a great experience listening to music o talking with my friends!
  9. virgilz92

    virgilz92 New Member

    I am so glad to recive my first mouse Razer in 2010. That was my best day ever, finaly I can play CS GO.
  10. hartman556

    hartman556 Active Member

    My greatest Razer Memory is also my nightmare.
    The Razer Nabu. It was the first Razer product I bought in my life. Now, my bedroom look like a Razerstore, without the Blade lmao.

    This Nabu was the perfect sport gear for me.
    He motivated me so much that I started running every night, in addition to my soccer training. It was incredible. I was already in good physical condition, but running is the best cure for stress when playing games online. Unfortunately, the product broke all alone after 4 months. The seller sent me one in return. But this one did not even turn on. In the end I always run, but less and without the Nabu.

    However, I still keep buying Razer products because besides the Nabu (an exception), the products of this brand are always beautiful and powerful, with a high quality that makes it famous.
    My next purchase will surely be the Razer Raiju.

    Thanks for reading me !
  11. Leonkiler

    Leonkiler New Member

    My older cousing was a big fan of razer, that's how I became one my own. Sadly he passed away 2 years ago, I remember him everytime I use and buy my Razer stuff.
  12. afwk2

    afwk2 New Member

    Jeez, where do I begin with, first working a part-time job and buying my very first razer mouse taipan, plugged it in, set my buttons, macros, set the speed to max, it took a while for my fingers to get used to the mouse but now I can say it has severely improve my performance. Thank you razer :heart:
  13. Silas18301

    Silas18301 Active Member

    Well, while it's stupidly unlikely I'll ever win, why not give it a shot anyway, could very much do with the Blade Stealth after my old laptop's (soldered to the mainboard) CPU died xD

    Anyway, I had to think quite a bit about this, and honestly I'm not even sure if this qualifies as a Razer memory, but I still wanted to share it.
    About 3 months ago I got assigned an art project where I had to build a Lamp or clock.
    This was also around the time before my birthday when (after more than half a year of working and saving) I was about to have the money together for my first own rig (which is awesome btw!), so I couldnt think of anything else. So in class I started drawing up plans (pictures attached, because I keep stuff like that) for a wooden thing with my old Laptops Optical Drive (had replaced it with an extra SSD a while back) inside that I'd use as my main Optical Drive and a nice Logo ontop we all know oh so well (which was a pain to cut out with a saw!) with some LEDs behind it. So I told my dad about it and documented the entire journey of building it together with him as a father-son project with my phone by taking a ton of pictures of every step. I had the intension of uploading it to here but simply never got around to it, so I guess this is my way of finally sharing it! So for about a month we spent every weekend working on it for hours on end until it was finally done, after about 20-30h of work. (I got an A btw :3)
    So I guess my best Razer memory I have is those 20-30h really connecting with my dad and him teaching me whatever he could about woodworking. I'm gonna attached some of the 260+ pictures I took :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Note: Damn... Apparently you can only add 10 pictures per message... I handpicked 21. Well then, sorry if the process now doesn't make quite as much sense anymore.

    Hope you guys like it!

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  14. Kane100574_no_id

    Kane100574_no_id New Member

    My Razer Leviathan. I love these speakers!! I watch movies, play games, listen to music! They are amazing!
  15. For me it has to be my purchase two weeks ago of my own Razer Blade Stealth. I had went to my local Microsoft store to purchase the Surface Book and while I was testing out the Surface Book I conducted a google search to make sure I was making the right choice. I searched for best ultrabooks and an article appeared comparing the stealth to the upcoming surface laptop and the MacBook pro. I immediately went over to the stealth display and it was like a match made in heaven. It was my first exposure to what I thought was a gaming only company (not true at all) and it was my first ever Razer purchase. Immediately after I purchased the Razer Ornata Chroma (typing with it now), the Firefly Chroma and even the Orochi for my work desktop. Razer has completely transformed the way I work. I am proud to be a part of the Razer Community and I don't think I can ever go back to apple. I plan on purchasing my wife a Razer Blade for home.

    Congratulations on 500K subscribers and thank you for making wonderful products.
  16. LupusMAL-40k

    LupusMAL-40k Member

    My very first Razer products were a mouse and a keyboard, Razer Lachesis and Razer Lycosa, respectively, as I got them as birthday presents. They worked very well for a long time, but once the mouse started getting old and (ab)used, it started spazzing around towards the top right sometimes (not very good for gaming purposes).
    Then later, I bought a Razer Sabertooth when it was released, and since then I have been getting better than my friends whenever we play Mario Party together on an N64 emulator :cool_:

    Right now I own that Lachesis mouse, although I don't recall where I put it, the Lycosa keyboard (still using), Razer Sabertooth (duh), a Razer Deathadder and a Razer Naga Epic Chroma (currently using).
  17. HN1519087B02451

    HN1519087B02451 New Member

    My very first razer was the Razer Kraken 7.1 surround sound, after I bought that gaming brought me to a whole new level. Like seriously, when playing multiplayer games like Rainbow Six Siege, I could literally hear where they are. After that I really got into razer so much that I also recently bought a Razer Man O War Limited Green Edition and the whole new Razer Hammerhead BT!!! Both of them are so fricking awesomee! So it's like I upgraded my Kraken to Man O war and so with the available speaker I can voice chat easily! and Hammerhead BT, omg where ever I go while bringing that thing it makes me feel stylish. Before I knew what razer is, I bought a vector gun keychain that has a razer symbol on it, I was wondering what it was until a few years later that its a gaming company. My love to you razers, thank you for making my gaming experiences awesome! If I win this giveaway, I would literally give my lenovo Y700 to my younger brother because I pity him that he cant play high end games. Thank you razer!
  18. MrCoon

    MrCoon New Member

    I brought a deathstalker a few years back and when it arrived in the post the space bar was broken..... had to use super flue to fiz it and it still works. Super glue 1 razor 0
  19. PensiveDolphin

    PensiveDolphin New Member

    I bought a Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 and it has been the best purchase i have ever made. Thank you Razer!
  20. Grifter48

    Grifter48 New Member

    Best moment was when wanting a razer Naga for years and that moment I got to open my one and finally have it in my hands was a dream come true
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