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  1. My first razer product was the deathadder chroma. Shootergames are going a lot better now, because of my new mouse. I also bought the razer kraken pro, now i can hear every footstep. They wont kill me from behind anymore!
  2. first razer product i got is a Mamba TE. got it for christmas last year from my sister cuz she knew needed a new mouse (previous mouse right click wouldnt read sometimes). customization is pretty dope nd ive been babying that thing ever since
  3. miraharada_no_id

    miraharada_no_id New Member

    Thx Razer!
  4. joskadjereck

    joskadjereck New Member

    When i discovered Razer it was love at firt sight. My first useful headset with a useful mic was a Kraken 7.1, my first mechanical keyboard was a blackwidow ultimate (it's the best feeling ever when you first use a mech keyboard). I never used a single mouse pad but i bought a goliathus just because i want one more Razer product and that's the reason because a changed my previous mouse to a mamba. So thank you Razer for these awesome things!
  5. ImShadowFox

    ImShadowFox New Member

    For me it was when I purchased my first Razer Product the Razer BlackShark. Audio quality-wise it was a game changer for me, literally. I've been using it to play CS:GO and I can now clearly hear footsteps that I was struggling to hear using my old headset. It's been almost 3 years with me and the quality was the same since the first day I used it. I know most people use the Kraken line of headsets but this one is my favourite. 10/10 will buy again once it finally reaches its limits. Hopefully they will still be available by then as I can see my BlackShark last for at least a couple more years. :heart:
    2015-03-15 17.50.13.jpg
  6. Joshfantc

    Joshfantc New Member

    My first 7.1 headphone.. The Razer Tiamat 7.1, the thing that got me into gaming.. And nothing ever got my trust and loyalty to a brand like it did.
  7. After 10 years on a mac I knew I wanted a more serious gaming computer that was sexy and capable. When the rumors started that I would be able to get a Razer with a 1080 card inside I started a few months of very emotional countdown. I missed the very first batch by about 10 minutes when they sold out, but I managed to score a unit on the second batch and have never looked back. Even after I got the unit I would still sit here and watch more reviews and videos while my husband laughed "you already have one!" and I'd say "I know but I'm watching other people enjoying theirs." There isn't another laptop on the market I would even consider after this. Great job Razer!
  8. I got all my razer setup when I built my rig, got everything that i could for a rig that had Razer on it even the RGB mouse mat and everything looks epic!

    Once you go Razer you never go back!
  9. FlexBravo

    FlexBravo New Member

    The release of the Razor blade, what an awesome machine!
  10. stef21

    stef21 New Member

    I was totally bored one day, i was at home. What i did was turning all the lights off and watch the razer mamba on its base changing its colors beautifully. felt so good for some reason :)
  11. -EvilJester-

    -EvilJester- New Member

    Actually, my best Razer memory is from back when I had to RMA a faulty Razer Naga Chroma. Sure, getting a pricey mouse that doesn't work as intendended might not leave the best first impression, but my experience with the customer support soon made up for that. I ended up with a brand new mouse and everything in just a few days. I've been a Razer fan since then.
  12. Mizuiru

    Mizuiru New Member

    Dear Razer Team,

    First I want to give you a big "Thank you" for your hard work that allows us Gamers to have as much fun as we can have the way we want to have it. Also, thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such an amazing Ultrabook!

    So about my biggest experience: I've been playing video games for a long time. Got used to handheld but wanted to enjoy PC games as well since I always watched my dad play. So I started playing a certain action combat game (an MMORPG) and was screwed over by my mouse all the time. Some classes were literally unplayable even though I enjoyed playing my warrior so much. When I searched Amazon for a better mouse my eyes were glittering with excitement and hope the moment they saw your Razer Naga. I begged my parents so they get it for my birthday - even told them I pay a part of the price. At last, I got my Razer Naga - I still use it. That day was like a completely new world opened up for me. I finally didn't have to do any weird acrobatics on my keyboard - no pain in my fingers anymore. It was genius! Finally able to enjoy my warrior. Now only if my PC didn't suck that much... (it's better now) Also, playing my priest is way more enjoyable as well. So that's my "Razer-experience".

    Lastly, I want to tell you how awesome your trailer for the Razer Blade Stealth is. At first, I thought it's like... a normal trailer but then!!! The idea is so good! Having a laptop and that PC-thingy so you can enjoy top graphics. Didn't even think that was possible. Please continue to innovate!

    Have a great day and bye ~

    P. s.: I didn't want to write THAT much... It always ends this way...
  13. Hamcillus

    Hamcillus New Member

    I was in a best buy one day and saw the Kraken pro Headset and just had to have them so I bought them.
    I have used then to the point where the the ear cups look like they are made out of velvet rather than the pu leather and the razer logo is coming off the head band but they still run like champs!
  14. antoshq

    antoshq New Member

    My greatest memory is of my first set of Razer headphones, namely the Razer Kraken Pro. They served me for almost 4 years until they were ruined. Of course, the artificial leather was very worn-out at the end, and people could constantly hear in-game sounds through the mic, but the sound quality was great, the free Razer Synapse software was very handy and the price was justified in the end.
  15. Rummi

    Rummi New Member

    I guess my best moment was with my first mouse (DeathAdder) at a LAN-party
  16. Team_Densmore

    Team_Densmore New Member

    The Christmas I got the Razer Mamba

    It was, and still is, great!
  17. cafetechSandyTan995

    cafetechSandyTan995 New Member

    People thinking i was mental for spending so much money on a mouse and then they came, they saw, they used and they all bowed down before the majesty of my boomslang.
  18. ItsWillyG

    ItsWillyG New Member

    The day my Deathadder 2013 arrived was the day that changed pc gaming for me forever.
  19. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    When I went to visit my father in the US from Brazil and when I arrived I saw the beautiful for the Razer Blade.
  20. TrizairX

    TrizairX New Member

    The reason I got into Razer products is because my older brother had a Razer Naga Hex (Red), eventually he bought the Razer Blackwidow. I played League of Legends and Starcraft using his gear and I fell in love with the click as I typed and played games. Today I own my very own Blackwidow Chroma and Diamondback. :) Good luck everyone! Thanks Razer for the giveaway!
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