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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. TheDisturbed50

    TheDisturbed50 New Member

    Unboxing my Blade this past Christmas, was so exhilarating!

    To put it into perspective, every pc system I have owned to this point was the textbook definition of "budget". Starting with an old Toshiba laptop (integrated graphics only), then a 2012 mid range Sager (GTX660M) I bought off Craigslist.

    Buying a top-tier machine brand new was so fulfilling, and I haven't regretted it yet. Thank you Razer!
  2. For me it was the over the top 3 screen laptop concept. Ridiculous, over the top and absolutely awesome.
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  3. Sundog247

    Sundog247 New Member

    My favorite Razer memory has to be buying my awesome razer mouse! It looked so sleek and just slid right onto my mouse pad.
  4. raytheperson

    raytheperson New Member

    Got the razer deathadder chroma deus ex edition since it was free with the keyboard I got and I needed an upgrade anyways. Got the razer blackwidow ultimate 2016, really wanted cherry mx blue switches, but they were out of stock. The razer switches are still really good though, only regret is not getting a chroma. Love the deathadder, super comfortable and looks classy.
  5. Himself

    Himself Member

    I've been using Razer since 07 and it got me to be one of the top Cod4 players in my community in Malaysia which was really nice since random people in public seemed to know my nickname. At that point, gaming was really looked down at by my community in general and especially by my family who felt I was just wasting away my life trying to make it big in gaming, so it was really humbling for something like that to happen to me. It validated my desire to keep playing despite the negativity. Thank you, really, not just for the products but the supportive community that believed so hard in gaming that now nobody can deny us our right to play. The future will never know how hard it really was to get where it is now. WP
  6. YoungNewt

    YoungNewt New Member

    The moment razer released the ornata chroma. Actually my favorite keyboard of all time since I love the mid height chicklet styled keycaps.
  7. MagicWizMC

    MagicWizMC New Member

    I really loved the reveal of the razer blade pro with multiple monitors (I believe it was project valarie?) Been big on razer since the launch of the blackwidow X chroma
  8. manoamano

    manoamano New Member

    I've been having wrist problems, so I decided to buy the super-flat mouse pad Razer Sphex and it significantly improved my gaming performance because its surface is so much smoother than my previous mouse pad. It's a cheap purchase compared to some of my other Razer gear but it's much more impactful and memorable for me, personally. And combined with regular wrist exercises, I wouldn't have to worry too much about wrist problems.
  9. Edown

    Edown Member

    I believe it is the first time I got my Razer Naga which made me OP in WoW ;)
  10. RealPotatoSalad

    RealPotatoSalad New Member

    I received my first gaming mouse, a Razer Naga, last year, and I've been using it ever since. Feels great, macros/numpad are fun and convenient, and just works really well. I won a Corsair mouse from an online giveaway a month or two ago, but it hasn't replaced my Naga.

    Thinking about getting a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate...

    Thanks for your quality (and nice looking) products, keep making them.
  11. dotfrost

    dotfrost New Member

    my best moment with Razer gear was when I had a 12 hour flight and I played skyrim the whole time on my newly bought RAZER Blade (luckly they had power outlets inside the plane). Best flight ever hhahaha
  12. First Razer accessory was a set of green Razer Kraken Pro's, that model I would give a 4/5 stars. Best Razer accessory I've owned to this day is Naga Hex, I give this a 5/5. Unlike some of the other mice the buttons are very nicely spaced and the fact that your thumb rests on a grip as opposed to buttons is also nice as I no longer click them when shifting the position of the mouse.It also has just enough buttons to be able to hit the buttons in my rotation for WoW.
  13. Ilmarinen_Seppo

    Ilmarinen_Seppo New Member

    The first mouse I ever had was given to me in my freshman year of college by someone who'd just upgraded to a newer razer gaming mouse, and their generosity was how I first was introduced to your brand, and the world of PC gaming as a whole. A cast-off razer mouse, and a swift installation of razercortex later, and here I am some 4 years later tearing through the Witcher games.

    Thank you, Razer. And thank you, Brett, wherever you may be now, for the gift of that mouse.
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  14. Royfa12

    Royfa12 New Member

    My first keyboard is Razer Blackwidow 2016, and it's still rocking till now. Best keyboard I've ever used
    Keep it up
  15. Tibialedson

    Tibialedson New Member

    Oh man, the Razer Ouroboros without a doubt. Could find it in a retailer store just sitting there, waiting to be bought, It has served a well duty on my hands, my cousin, my friend, and currently my friend´s friend. What a best way to preach the green than with the product itself through the hands of new members of the gaming community.
  16. Xtothe1_no_id

    Xtothe1_no_id New Member

    How I Was Introduced to Razer, It All Started With Quake in Maybe 2011-2012 My Mom Was Playing Tournaments With The Clan PMS and would always Bring Back Gear, Like Beanies And Such, Stickers, Key Chains, It Was The Dope Sauce. Then The Razer Onza Came Out And I just Had to Have It For the 360 Best Controller I Ever Had.
    Adjustable Thumbsticks, Well Resistance wise, The Logo Braided Cable, The Company Cared About Quality and Thats What Ive Always Loved, since The Time Has Passed Dont Have Much Of the Gear Left....
    One Thing I Do Have Is The Razer Seiren Which Makes People Jealous, Not only Does It Melt the Yeti, It Has 24bit 192kHz Quality... Much Love Razer Hopefully We Meet Again

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  17. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    I felt that it was fated, my father getting me a razer deathadder mouse. Never did I saw and feel another mouse as beautiful, lovely and comfortable as the Razer deathadder. It was the mice that followed me throughout 5 years of gaming life. A journey of eternity and infinity, death and resurrection, creation and destruction.
  18. Ryuyoko

    Ryuyoko New Member

    Winning a razer mamba chroma using my razer lachesis that I had also previously won playing Heroes of Gaia.
  19. Robcio87

    Robcio87 New Member

    When I first bought my DeathAdder omg it felt so good in my hand. It made a huge difference between winning and losing. Thanks Razer Team keep the great work. Forever with you. FTW :)
  20. madram

    madram New Member

    probably the razer bus at MGW2015 and the first seen of the delightful chroma *-*
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