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  1. alpholocoo

    alpholocoo New Member

    I have three razer products (but still planning to add that number). But my most favorite peripheral that I bought is the Razer Ornata Chroma. The day that I bought it, I had a text from my classmate that our professor will show up so I have no choice but to bring it to the university (and yes, with the box) and everyone was staring at me thinking that I am crazy for bringing a keyboard in a box LOL. Every morning when I wake up I always click the keys of my keyboard because the click sound is VERY satisfying, and I also do that routine before I go to bed HAHAAHAHA. Thank you Razer! I am and will always be a fan! :heart:
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  2. swiftshadow666

    swiftshadow666 New Member

    I have a few really memorable moments. The first one was after upgrading my first razer keyboard (I forget what I had) to a black widow chroma I then decided to sell the old one. After my wife offered it to her father he said he couldn't justify that much money on a keyboard. One day while visiting he needed yo use the computer and got to try the keyboard. About a week later he bought the old one off us. Absolutely loved the mechanical keys.

    My favorite moment was testing the leviathan mini for the first time. The feel of it at full volume was just fantastic and shocking for something so small.
  3. danlim549_no_id

    danlim549_no_id New Member

    My first Razer product was Razer Kraken Pro VII Stereo Headset. It truly delivers very clear bass and audio clarity, thanks to its 50mm Neodymium Driver, and I also love several different color schemes to choose whether it's green, black, or white. But I really like green color because green is personally my favorite color. All in all, Kraken Pro VII Stereo Headset is fantastic!
  4. k9l712_no_id

    k9l712_no_id New Member

    I found Razer through tom syndicate and his vlogs and i'm hopping to get my self a mouse maybe, i have a small new obsession with having lots of mouses two or three broke in the time of last and this year so maybe i'll get a good nice one for my birthday! (I need a new keyboard too not the laptop one, but mines just, it just has a crack down the middle ha so ya i guess i break a lot of stuff hu lol)
  5. My story is simple. I was also one of the MMO people that wanted to have a mouse that had everything I would need on it. A keyboard is great, but a mouse, that is where a lot of quick actions can happen. And a mouse that has extra buttons all over the place would be great. So when the first Razer Naga came out, after reading all the reviews, I decided to snatch it up. It wasn't my first razer product, but it was my most memorable.

    Since then, almost all my products are Razer and I really love it! Thanks for all the great products!
  6. Rocksmith777

    Rocksmith777 New Member

    My best memory of my Razor gear has to be when i got a paycheck, and spent most of it on a Blackwidow Chrome and Naga,it's the best gear i've ever used.
  7. zakiitiz

    zakiitiz New Member

    I still remember the day when I got my first Razer product- Razer Nostromo. It was love from the first sight! It's still like brand new even after years and years of gaming. :wink_:
  8. zcr07

    zcr07 Well-Known Member

    Thank you @kajira , @Lafar , @Destrok , and @Firebat246 for modding one of the most awesome communities ever!
    With that being said, since I've joined this community, I've only reaffirmed my love and loyalty for the cult. I almost have a full armory of Razer products, although I'm still working towards a Blade. This community is helping me work towards my end goal of an awesome Razer setup and streaming/gaming channel.
    I can't recall a single "best" memory, I can only think back to any of the times when I'm recording with my Stargazer and Seiren and wearing my Kraken Pros, while gaming it out on my Blackwidow OR my Orbweaver with my Razer Naga Epic. And for those times when I need to be pulled out of those intense moments, my Razer watch will always chime in with any phone calls or texts. It's like being wrapped in a Razer cocoon; and by cocoon, I mean a precision-machined, gaming tank control station.
  9. carRot3

    carRot3 New Member

    Haha, my first gaming mouse was a Razer, it was a DiamondBack 3G, it was a top notch mouse back in the day. I simply loved it, since then I remain trully loyal to Razer products. Love you guys!
  10. TamaoSerizawa

    TamaoSerizawa New Member

    My first Naga Hex :heart:
  11. cyxres

    cyxres New Member

    Really old times, but got my first Razer Goliathus speed edition gaming mouse pad(had the plastic ones before or the synthetic that you changed quite often), that was the best day of my gaming life! Still have it by this day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  12. XtremeAero426

    XtremeAero426 New Member

    When I first bought my Razer Kraken headset it sounded so much better than my old generic brand ones. Thanks for the giveaway.
  13. Secrets7771

    Secrets7771 New Member

    Hello, my name is Jan and I am a Chroma addict. It started innocently enough with a mouse, and although clearly identifiable as a Razer product I couldn't have known the colorful effect the Chroma would have on me. "I need more," I thought, "I can't stop with just this." And I did not stop but accelerated my habit and even prevailed upon my family to furnish my supply. "It's Mother's Day, dammit, I want the Chroma Black Widow!" Christmas and Birthdays and paydays came and went bringing more Chroma to my desk, including the NZXT H440 case, complete with water cooled CPU cooler in Razer Green (that can be changed to any color to match my whim and Chroma theme).

    But wait! Is there more? Dare I hope? If only I had the toaster.....or the phone.....
  14. Zakrajsk

    Zakrajsk New Member

    When i bought my first Razer Naga mouse World of Warcraft became completely different game! And the combinations of colors are amazing! Thank you Razer!
  15. Tacoboy.14

    Tacoboy.14 New Member

    Been using a Razer mouse ever since I started gaming last year. The naga Hex V2 is the best mouse I have ever felt in my hands and Razer has enough dpi to handle my stupid high sensitivity . Thanks Razer for making great products
  16. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    The very must and beautifull moment in Razer loving Life was when in the Middle of the Dolomiti mountains i received One mail, the mail that tell me I was selected for be One of the first 500 tester of the Nabu.
    I was tremendous happy and was very near to fall down from the Mountain for the happyness!!!
    Love Razer.

    P.s.: can't afford the Blade, so Will be a glorious birthday gift for my 34 years @17th /06!!
  17. Mr.Happygoboom

    Mr.Happygoboom New Member

    Unfortunately I don't have any Razor gear :frown_: But my friends are always telling me how great it all is...o_O I need to earn more money so I can buy Razor gear.
  18. OriginX

    OriginX New Member

    Greatest Razor memory is using Razer Cortex for the first time realizing that gaming can actually buy you Razer equipment for more gaming. Awesome guys thank you
  19. Used my buddies Naga mouse a few times. Favorite time had to be around when Diablo 3 launched and he and I stayed up all night playing through the entire game. I was a barbarian and he was a wizard, and together we smited the minions and lords of darkness.
  20. protato117

    protato117 New Member

    My best memory would definitely be the moment I bought my first and only Razer product to date. The Razer Krakens. Since then, it's just epic moments one after the other. I still use them faithfully today!

    Also all those moments when my parents would get mad cuz I can't hear them calling for me :3
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