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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. manhj19

    manhj19 New Member

    My favorite Razer memory was most likely getting the supply package containing the Mamba T.E, Man O War Wireless, Blackwidow Chroma, and the Firefly Cloth. The only Razer product that I still long for is the Blade 2017. Looks like an incredible machine for absolutely everything!
  2. GoldenOrc

    GoldenOrc New Member

    My memory has to be when I bought a whole bunch of equipment.I got a Kraken,a black widow and a goliathus.I was the first of my friends to get any razer equipment so that was cool.Congrats guys!
  3. jalescanor

    jalescanor New Member

    It would definetly be when my in-law lent me his razer mouse... can't remember which model it was, it was a looooooong time ago.... but totally got me hooked.... Best periferials i have ever tried...
  4. BooGeekFreak

    BooGeekFreak New Member

    Oh razer, I am also a fan
    United under the razer clan
    I have never owned a razer before
    Cortex being the only, nothing more
    Hopefully this will be the first for me
    Gaming is my life when I am free
    A gaming laptop I really want
    Wait can you change the font
    Anyways congrats insider for this milestone
    I love razer and razerzone
  5. JVlonarch

    JVlonarch New Member

    got my red naga hex almost 3 years ago and cant imagine gaming with my old crappy 10$ brandless mouse. convinced all my friends to get them too so we can look like a pro team (even though were not that good)
  6. I have three very distinct Razer memories. I'll explain all three of them, but the first one definitely had to be when I got my first ever Razer product. I received my Razer Deathadder Chroma and Blackwidow Chroma in the mail. The sleek design of the box, the satisfaction of everything having it's place, and then plugging it in? Too much awesomeness in one day.

    The second memory would definitely have to be when I received my Razer Ripsaw. This allowed me to capture my Destiny gameplay and show it to my audience. It has helped me build my channel to where it is now, and I am forever grateful.

    The third happened this past month, when I was invited to the Destiny 2 Worldwide Gameplay Premiere Event. I was able to play Destiny 2 on PC, and Razer had their Deathadder mouse and the Ornata keyboard. It all felt so smooth, definitely the best way to play the game.

    Razer has made my gaming experience exponentially better!
  7. basicaneer

    basicaneer New Member

    I had an old Logitech mouse from 2009 for the longest time and I figured by 2015 it was time for an upgrade, so I decided to go with a Razer Deathadder Chroma, and I was blown away at how I should've bought earlier, I've really come to love it over a span of about 2 years, and ever since I've been pretty set on getting Razer-only products, lol; rocking the BlackWidow Chroma v2, and Razer Seiren alongside the Deathadder Chroma.
  8. DuchessKaity

    DuchessKaity New Member

    Probably getting my first pair of headphones! I loved them so much and I can't wait to upgrade them and my keyboard to Razer products! :heart: :heart:
  9. Sammuller

    Sammuller New Member

    I remember going to a friends house and seeing his Razer Deathadder for the first time and thinking I had to get me one of those.
  10. Hypochondria

    Hypochondria New Member

    When I bought two Razer Nabu X's, I was so excited to be able to use them and when I finally got ahold of them I loved how well designed they were.
  11. dabaig

    dabaig New Member

    I was looking for top gaming mice on the internet because i was planning on building my own pc.
    I think i saw on IGN or PCGamer that the Razer Deathadder Chroma was one of the best mice to use to desktops/laptops. So that's what I got and i dont regret my decision at all.
  12. Foshy18

    Foshy18 New Member

    My Favorite Razer Memory was when I first bought my Blackwidow Chroma. I went to a local tech shop to try out some keyboards, went in think I was going to get a Logitech, Walked out with a Razer. They were honestly the best switches I had ever felt.
  13. My greatest Razer memory was when I discovered that Razer also has official wallpapers for mobile devices. Now Razer is always in my pocket in my day-to-day basis. Sorry if my english isn't the best, but I'm really tired at the moment I'm writing this because of, you know, long gaming sessions (with Razer Cortex). :wink_:
  14. Singh1199

    Singh1199 New Member

    Getting my hands on the max-upgraded Blade Pro 2014. Still love the trackpad. Very helpful for content creators. It's definitely lacking now-days (that 860m doesn't perform as well as I'd like it to), but I still love this beast, as it is my first and only personal computer.

    Also can't forget that helicopter headset (yes I'm looking at you BlackShark). First time using it in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on the PS4 was amazing. It was my first time using a surround sound headset, and I knew I would never switch to anything. But good things come to an end. Someone stole it a couple weeks ago... :slightly_sad:
  15. Y_Cubed

    Y_Cubed New Member

    My greatest memory HAS to be when I just received the Razer Blackwidow Chroma, Razer Mamba TE and Razer Firefly. I immediately set it up on my computer, and played for 4 hours straight. After that, I went out for dinner, and came back only to see my house has been broken in by a burglar. My dad's iMac was missing, along with my brother's laptop, but surprisingly, my computer and Razer equipment was left untouched.
  16. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    the moment i laid hands on the death adder
  17. Cygenus

    Cygenus New Member

    Have my first razer lycosa keyboard 8 years ago on ebay and dont even know is a razer just bought it because i love the design and later on i done some research and since then get hooked by razer until now ....
  18. Amazon Prime Black Friday. Got my deathadder mouse the same day I ordered...then the bkackwidow chroma followed. Literally the best part of my computer is these two!!!
  19. DivineDragon

    DivineDragon New Member

    Had to have been my first razer Deathadder. Was the best with the blue LEDs, which led me into buying the matching Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard. I was absolutely infatuated with them that I would just click all day just to type with them and hear the mechanical key sounds.
  20. I'd say when I got my first real gaming mouse, the razer deathadder :heart:
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