[Giveaway] We are 500K fans strong on Razer Insider!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. haada27

    haada27 New Member

    The day I saw the Razer Blade in person. That was a special day.
  2. LolDustin

    LolDustin New Member

    Honestly I haven't had the opportunity to purchase any of your products. But I first came across your company with your launch of the RazerGo application. Ever since then I have been watching your company grow and expand. I hope one day to own one of your sweet setups and make my introduction into the PC gaming community. Congrats on your milestone!
  3. jspark2600

    jspark2600 New Member

    Using my Razer Ouroboros along with my Wacom Intuos Pro for design. They are a great combo! I would really like a powerful ultrabook to produce better work!
  4. The first time I wore my new Razer Kraken Pro and experienced what it was like to wear something comfortable and quality... that was the most amazing feeling.

    I bought it 2 years ago now, and I still use it so much. It's not annoying like every other headset I've worn.

    So yeh, thanks Razer, for bringing comfort and nice sound to my ears.
  5. frontcampTan499

    frontcampTan499 New Member

    It all started when i got my first headset (Kraken Pro 7.1). Razer packaging is next to none when it comes down to it and to be that excited to rip open a box can't be competed with. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE PRODUCT
  6. BalluuG

    BalluuG New Member

    The day I ordered my Razer Blade - the wait for it to arrive was too intense - I had all the peripherals waiting before it arrived
  7. The greatest Razer memory I ever had would have to be when I got the Razer Krackens, BlackWidow Tournament Edition, Firefly mouse pad, and the mamba mouse on Chrismas morning. And setting it up with the chroma was literall the coolest feeling ever. If I were to win this Razer Blade it'd complete the Razer setup I have.
  8. Congrats on the 500k!
    Thank you so much for the giveaway. When I got my first razer naga mouse! Life-changing/Game-changing!! I never went back to anything else. Made my game experience so much better. :)
  9. my first gaming mouse was the razer deathadder. I fell in love with your product , so every time i need a new mouse , i always get a razer mouse ( i got the razer imperator now).
    And with your awesome sale event on razerinside for the fans, i finally could afford the razer blackwidow ultimate keyboard.
    Thank you for that :)
    With the razer blade stealth my gaming setup would be complete :)
  10. QeXDeeGM

    QeXDeeGM New Member

    Lemme tell you something about my VERY FIRST razer mouse i have ever bought back in 2015, the Razer Mamba TE. First of all i brought this mouse around in my school to use with my laptop, some of my classmate wanted to lend it too, and all of them said this mouse is so amazing, even my IT teacher said that xD. The mouse is no joke the best mouse i have used,i played csgo with it all the time and the amazing flick shots and one taps its just simple amazing all because of this mouse, all the screams and cheer of joy winning. It is really hard for me knowing some day i might just have to part with this mouse, but i will cherish every single day when i use it. [​IMG]

    Right now i just started college and i have a very rugged laptop [​IMG] and i was hoping to have an ultrabook, but when i saw this post i really need to try my best to win this. Thank you Razer, thank you Min for creating joy to all of us. As always Razer, For gamers By gamers [​IMG] peace out

  11. AntonarosGr

    AntonarosGr New Member

    The first Razer product I bought was the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014 Edition and it still is my current keyboard with. I am planning on getting the Firefly too and If I manage to do it I will get that fancy mug holder from the ZVault
  12. femshepN7

    femshepN7 New Member

    The first time I ever heard about Razer was through a gamer who would only wear Razer gear. I was in awe. Then after saving money I decided to buy myself a Razer Naga, the possibilities that mouse gave me in combat while playing "The Witcher 3" was amazing. Never ever have I felt so great playing a video game. Thank you guys for the awesome products.
  13. When i became pro among my mates in MMO and FPS games using Razer Mambaand the awesome sound experience with th Razer Kraken Pro. #razer4life
  14. Michiairi

    Michiairi New Member

    My best memory with Razer would be when I saved up little by little of my allowance daily in order to finally purchase the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2013!! I had always been in love with the keys of Razer keyboards since I was a little girl, and I felt so accomplished that I finally owned one with my own pocket money!

    4 years along and there are no regrets. The keyboard is still amazing and I enjoy using it (both for games and for work/studies). The clicking sounds are so calming and therapeutic for me! I've tried other people's mechanical keyboards but none even come close to the satisfaction of using this.

    I have since added the beautiful DeathAdder Chroma to my collection! Absolutely loving all the thought and consideration that goes into the designing of your products. Congratulations on your well-deserved 500k fans (pretty sure there are more than just 500k)!
  15. gabvalto

    gabvalto New Member

    I think i just have to say my very first gaming keyboard and headphones were by razer, and I still have both. I' ll never forget my first match with those. Now i upgraded to kraken pro v2 and a blackwidow chroma v2, but i still love my good old razer barracuda and razer lycosa...
  16. Devonface

    Devonface New Member

    My greatest Razor memory would have to be the first time I used a black widow keyboard. The sound of the keys was amazing and I knew right then and there I could never use a different keyboard style again.
  17. Truenidad

    Truenidad New Member

    I first got into razer because of my brother when his girlfriend got him the naga. I've tested it out by playing league of legends and CS:GO and I gotta say I like the design and way it feels, but I wanted something more for me, so I've done some searching and got the deathadder chroma. Some friends of mine has the regular deathadder and it gave me a chance to know if I wanted it or not. I've gotta say it was great, also the chroma feature is a plus I didn't mind getting due to the color swapping. Then after buying that I got the black widow ultimate 2016 and then the razer krakens. Your guy's products are great to make a gamer feel awesome!
  18. agentbadboy028

    agentbadboy028 New Member

    My best experience with razer is when CEO Min visited our country for the opening of razer store here in the philippines.. i wasnt able to attend that day but i joined the online giveaway. And i won the contest i got the hoody cap shirt and the hammerhead ear phone. That is my first razer product. And that moment i became a believer of razer's gaming prowess
  19. Porgey

    Porgey New Member

    My favourite memory with Razer is when I got my first Razer Naga along with a Goliuthus mousepad and a Black widow Ultimate keyboard!
  20. chartman

    chartman New Member

    Have loved every Razer product i've purchased but my coolest experience was launching in to Overwatch and my keyboard Chroma lighting switching to the character I was playing. Straight Magic!
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