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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Elite_Ricky88

    Elite_Ricky88 New Member

    I first bought the Razer Naga and I loved it to death, ever since then I haven't went with any other gaming company. Thank you all for the amazing quality. My Naga has lasted me 4 years.
  2. CreamyG31337

    CreamyG31337 New Member

    when i got the razer edge tablet, coolest toy ever
  3. My first contact with razer products when it was all the craze with its thin and light razerblade but i couldnt actually afford it so i opted for the next best thing which was the razer kraken neon that i saw pewdiepie wear and it was actually what i was trying to find all along :D
  4. MrW00D10_no_id

    MrW00D10_no_id New Member

    I'm new to Razer products and PC gaming in general, so my best moment had to be when I purchased my Razer NAGA Chroma mouse about a month ago. I instantly feel in love with the new mouse and it helped out my gameplay a lot having my number keys right on the mouse. I'm so happy my friends recommended Razer to me and I definitely do the same now to anyone I talk to. To many more years of using Razer products, cheers!
    And hey, June 23rd, is my birthday! What better way than to make a loyal customer happy! :D
  5. KireiS

    KireiS New Member

    Got a free Razer Deathadder from a friend, never regretted using it nor meeting that friend on that sunny day :)
  6. Xharso

    Xharso New Member

    My first good headset was my beloved Tiamat 7.1, which died after about 3 years of use a couple months ago. Many a good memory was had with that one.

    Oh well, now i'll just grab a kraken v2 and be good.
  7. Jevnaker

    Jevnaker New Member

    waking up in the morning after falling asleep the night before with my razer kraken pro v1 on my head and found them under my back when i woke up and found that they werent damaged in any way. and i weighed 150kg at the time. 150kg sleeping on headphones withouth damaging them that is what convinced me of the quality of razer products.
  8. AaqibArain

    AaqibArain New Member

    Those were the days when mouse pad used to be more important the mouse itself. I bought this Razer Mantis Control about 9 YEARS back and it is still as good as it was on the first day. 9 YEARS for something known to be so delicate and vulnerable. The power and durability of Razer!

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  9. Dayveethe

    Dayveethe New Member

    Well it was just recently when I bought OverWatch and turned it on. I was surprised that my DeatAdder (that I configured to be breathing and glowing only in red) changed color. I was so excited! Even my gf knew that the color will change when switching from hero to hero.
  10. Hellraiser_no_id

    Hellraiser_no_id New Member

    Still have my first Razer product... the Naga when World of Warcraft came out... still using it now! very reliable mouse and has severed me through many MMO's.
  11. Memessiah

    Memessiah New Member

    When I did my first build I bought a lycosa mirror and an OG naga logged into WoW and used my next level gear the
    become the blood god in goldshire.
  12. UndeadWaffle123

    UndeadWaffle123 New Member

    My favourite Razer memory is the introduction of Paid to Play. It allows people like me who just don't have the money for Razer gear to still get some. I have been saving up for a few months to get the Firefly and I have about 30,000 zSilver. I currently do not own any Razer products so winning this giveaway would make the wonderful Blade Stealth my introduction to the cult of Razer
  13. Maurin3

    Maurin3 New Member

    The day I bought my Kraken Pro and listening to music with it!
  14. Kudamu

    Kudamu New Member

    First piece of razer gear I brought was a deathadder for my progressive set up, now I have a near full chroma set up and it got me further into keybinding. I plan to be a customer for life, thank you for the great standard of equipment Razer!
  15. 4444911

    4444911 New Member

    Meine Bestellung razer Moment was. i was playing overwatch And I lose every game and the Came my mom in the Room with my Order Razer Death Adder And i won every Game
  16. Dayne_K3

    Dayne_K3 New Member

    I haven't had the excitement of owning anything Razer yet, so I can't really share a memory, but I am extremely excited for the day and moment I have my very own razer laptop, keyboard, mouse, or pad... That will be the day I have a memory.
  17. TrapperGwynne

    TrapperGwynne New Member

    Best razor memory, must be first time i got a my deathadder and I thought it would be a great idea to max the dpi setting and then had to try turn it down since moving a inch crossed both screens.
  18. SilentSubscriber

    SilentSubscriber New Member

    I think it would have to be the time where I kept pranking the Microsoft and Apple store near me by changing the background a Razer background, editing the computer's name to make it called "Razer Blade Pro" or "Razer Blade Stealth". And when there was a color-changing keyboard, I made it Razer green. I came in at random times because they reset it at the end of the day, but it was funny to see an entire store look like a razer store I wish existed in real life
  19. average_gamer42

    average_gamer42 New Member

    I think my greatest razor moment is when I bought your classic bundle. The Kraken headset, deathadder mouse, and the kickass keyboard. All an awesome blue, like my PC I recently built. All three work amazing when I'm exploring the depths of Subnautica, or getting into some awesome battles on Paladins.
  20. My first razer product was my keyboard, black widow chroma tournament edition(2015), from that time i grew up and evolved to gaming i was amazed by the tactile feel of mechanical keyboard(when i was younger i usually played on laptop and computer cafe) so i'am used to membrane keys, so when i got my first gaming keyboard i choose razer(it is not cheap for someone like me who is still in college and no job) so when i got enough money to buy a new keyboard i rushed to buy this beauty, and i dont have any regrets buying it, i still used it in gaming for almost 2years yet it feels like new, clicky and tactile, so later on i have saved money to buy a new mouse, i choose Deathadder chroma but bad news for it the left click is malfunctioning now, maybe because everyday i used it in FPS game, so after i haved bought the mouse, i have planned to buy the razer Firefly to complete my gaming gears, so now my deathadder passed away i bought the new razer Lancehead to replace my defect deathadder, now i'm loving my new mouse(hopefully it won't worn out early just like the deathadder) but overall Razer makes excellent gaming products your money will be worth it. I bleed green! Keep it up Razer Company!
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